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  1. Thank you for taking the time to specifically post pros and cons. We are tied to that date since my husband will be sailing with us and he needs to go by the school calendar. So my choices are 7 nights Meraviglia or B2B 4 and 3 night Seaside. My mom loves the Seaside and loves to be in the cabana on the pool deck most of the week well usually all week lol. I wont give final payment in November if cruises arent sailing or we dont have a cabin assignment but wondering if I should just book Seaside 4 and night since we love the YC experience there. Im not keen on the short b2b but that and the unknown of Mera are my only two choices. What would you do?
  2. Hi. I was originally booked in two YC cabins on Seaside for February 2021 and that was changed to Mera. We specifically chose our cabins together since my dh and I are sailing with my mom and she barely ventures our of the YC, even on port days since we purchase the cabana on the pool deck for he week. Now, as many know Seaside was switched to Mera but we still do not have cabin assignments, only showing still Guarantee. Ports do not matter. We love Seaside YC and now wondering if I should move us to the 4 and 3 night Seaside sailing. I would only do so if I can get the same cabins for both sailings so we will not have to move. I am aware we will need to get off the ship in Port Canaveral but can we get right back on or do we have to re-wait again? Is it a big hassle? Does it not feel like a week-long vacation? We would much prefer the Seaside since we have sailed it three times but if the Mera is just as nice I will keep it but if not too much a hassle for the back to back, I may look into that too. Any comments or suggestions I would appreciate hearing. Thank you very much.
  3. Thank you. I thought when I looked at the deck plans, Deck 16 started YC proper.
  4. I had two cabins in YC Seaside for a February sailing changed to Mera. Both balcony cabins in YC. It shows both of my cabins getting $50 OBC not the $100 others are getting. Both cabins are Diamond members. Really wanted to do Seaside for our fourth time and my dh was finally coming since I usually just sail MSC with my mom. If we dont get Deck 16, I may cancel. My mom doesnt venture out of the YC so the location is very important to us. We love the second cabin in from the Seaside YC lounge “secret” door and book in advance to get our exact cabins. I do not want Deck 14 and not be in the YC proper.
  5. Sorry it should say both my February Seaside YC cabins are now showing Guarantee cabins on Mera.
  6. Both of my February YC Seaside cabins are now showing Guarantee cabins. My TA called MSC yesterday and was told they cannot assign me cabins yet and he also sent them an email. My husband and I are sailing with my mom and she really doesnt venture out of the YC so our locations is important to us. I want Deck 16. I also wanted my TA to see if there is a Royal Suite available. Also, the last three Seaside sailings we book a cabana for the week since my mom rather stay on the ship most port days and I see there is only one available for the whole YC to try to grab. So, is it correct that I seem to be the only one that doesnt have an actual cabin assignments yet. Thanks.
  7. That is the same message I get for my two YC balcony cabins.
  8. Is this correct that Mera is an older ship? When I looked them (Seaside/Mera) up yesterday, it looked like both started sailing in 2017.
  9. Hi. It was posted on FB to check your future bookings on Seaside. I checked and MSC changed my Seaside February 13, 2021 Caribbean booking to the Meraviglia, with NO NOTICE or communication. I had two cabins in the YC and it shows Im in YC on Meraviglia but with no cabin assignment. My mom and I have sailed YC on Seaside three times and was excited that my dh could finally go with us in February. Has anyone else seen a change? I dont know anything about the Meraviglia, only sailed Seaside and it has been everything we have needed. I sent an email to my TA and hoping this is all a glitch but thinking for sure its not. Thanks.
  10. I had a final payment date for two Haven cabins of April 11 for an Encore August cruise. I canceled with my TA on April 1 since I didnt want to tie up over $15k. My two FCCs were returned the next day. Today, April 21, I had one cabin deposit returned along with the prepurchased OBC of $300. I am hoping tomorrow or next week the other cabin deposit will be refunded. For me, it took, 3 weeks, not three months. Does anyone think going through a TA makes any difference?
  11. Beer plus gratuity under $3 in 1993:
  12. August Encore cruises from NY to Bermuda still showing. I was on the August 9 cruise with two Haven cabins but didnt give final payment and requested my deposits and prepurchased OBC be refunded. I check the cruise multiple times a day to watch prices, which have stayed the same for months for my two cabins H4 and H5.
  13. js

    November cruise

    Thank you for this information on MSC YC. I wasnt aware of this and now need to go see how much downpayment I gave. My cruise in February 2021 on Seaside in YC. Just canceled my August NCL Haven cruise and hoping I dont have to cancel our two cabins in YC.
  14. Happy to hear and thanks for posting. My final payment for our two Haven suites for August 9 on Encore was to be April 11. I was going to roll the dice figuring I would just rebook if they canceled, but like you, handing over more than $15K for a cruise Im not sure will be sailing didnt seem too responsible. I canceled on Tuesday and on Friday my two FCCs were back in my account. I am now waiting on pre purchased OBC and my deposit to be credited. Im preparing for it to be a few months, and anything sooner Ill be happy. I was happy to see my FCCs. If the cruises start sailing, Ill just rebook for August. Hope you find a new cruise to sail. Im booked on MSC Seaside in YC for February and would like to move our two cabins but the YC is almost sold out. Stay safe from New York!
  15. We live in New York and I canceled my Encore August cruise to Bermuda on Tuesday since my final payment would have been April 11. I figure if they start sailing Ill just rebook. My dd told me she thinks it will be “the summer that never was”. Hoping she is wrong but Im starting to even now question my September Disney trip.
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