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  1. Thank you all! Yes, we pay "rack rate" too but my TA discounts over $1,000 on Haven cabins (depending on the cabin) so we do get a discount instead of OBC (I can choose either) but the discount comes from the posted NCL rate. Would love for a Guest 3-6 sail free, but don't remember if I'm getting that confused with RCCL LOL Like I said, misery loves company and while it stinks we are all paying the high prices, I'm happy I'm not the only one LOL
  2. Wow, thank you for your responses, which honestly, I wasn't expecting. It makes me feel better 🙂LOL We sail NCL in the summer since my dh can only sail at that time, so prices for the Haven are extremely high in the summer. My mom and I started sailing YC on MSC in winter and it is fabulous but my adult kids that come with us, much prefer the nightlife on NCL (so do my dh and I). While we don't sit by the pool we enjoy looking out to the ocean with shade and, especially on the Encore, think this request will be hard to fulfill. I enjoy reading your responses. Thank you.
  3. Hi. While we do balconies on RCCL, we sail Haven on NCL and are Platinum. I currently have an H5 and an H4 booked for an Encore August 2020 sailing and in reading the pages and pages of CC, wondering if I'm the only idiot that actually books and pays full price for the Haven? We love the Haven so yes, I guess it's my decision to be an idiot 🙂 or not but wondering if there are actually people, like me, that book the Haven when doing their initial booking. Misery loves company so just wondering LOL Thank you!
  4. I have only sailed in balconies or Haven, but I thought the mini suites were about the same size as a regular balcony room but the extra footage was in the bathroom, which includes a tub. I know others here are more knowledgeable so they will correct me if mistaken. All equal, I would do the large balcony. You get nothing extra being in in a mini suite, with exception of maybe a tub.
  5. Thank you very much for all your helpful posts. I very much appreciate it!!
  6. Hi. I am trying to figure out our specialty dining that comes with our booking as well as our Platinum vouchers. Is the first post in this thread all up to date? I see it started in 2018 so I want to make sure the information isn't outdated before I start to write things down. Thanks so much!
  7. Thank you all very much! I appreciate your taking the time to respond and give me (and others) hope LOL
  8. Saw that too. Was hoping my Encore or an Away ship was on there for August 2020 but no go for Caribbean. I'll stick with my Encore August 2020 sailing but would have been nice.
  9. Not sure can promise that so will need to look for other options LOL
  10. Thank you. Guess the waterfront seating area, if available, would be the best place after the balcony and forgot about the observation lounge, that too, if seating is available.
  11. See you in TopSail! Sailing with my mom and then my dh will fly into MIA, pick us up and then drive over to another area of Florida to watch my son play college ball (he pitches). Cannot wait!
  12. Thank you. That is clear as mud LOL but what I guess I expect with MSC communications.
  13. Hi. For those that have tried to get Vibe passes on Away ships, were you all successful? If you were successful, what time did you arrive at the ship? Were you in special boarding? Haven, Platinum, Platinum Plus, etc? What time did you arrive when you got the Vibe pass and what time did you arrive if you were not successful. I will be sailing on the Encore, and while I know the Vibe area will be two decks, just means more people will be trying to get the passes. Did all in your group need to be there to get the pass? I'm worried about that too since my mother will be left in the dust LOL but thinking I can take another family member to stand in her place and get the number. We are Platinum and not staying in the Haven, just a balcony room. Thank you.
  14. Hi and thank you for all your work! I LOVE seeing the pictures of the Encore, sailing August 2020 (had to move from July 2020). With the "free" three specialty restaurants that we get now for booking, will they be able to be used for any of the restaurants? I also have two Platinum but not sure what restaurants they will be able to be used and if different from the other three for free. I originally had Haven booked, then needed more cabins, so moved to regular balconies and now since our date changed, seeing what the price differences will be so hadn't really paid attention to the lack of deck space since in Haven, but now in balcony wondering besides the pool, are there other places to see the ocean without laying by pool or pool decks? I don't want the sun and I could care less looking at a pool, I can do that at my home. I want to see the ocean with an umbrella or overhang. Also, for those that have made a dash for Vibe passes, have you always gotten them or have many of you been disappointed? I know Vibe on Encore will be much larger but wondering if you were able to get passes in the past? I also read on this thread the balconies will be larger. Will all balconies be larger or just certain decks, I'm asking since I will be moving our cabins again this week since I need more cabins for my family. Thank you all so much and THANK YOU Doug for the pictures!
  15. Thank you all very much! I appreciate the time you take to give your opinions. While it isn't difficult for me to get up/down stairs, being a gym rat LOL, it is more difficult for my mom and easier to be right where the action is located but it is what it is. I just was looking at the deck plans and it looks like all those cabins, with the exception of the M6s, are triple and quads. I need two triples and 2 doubles (four cabins) and I'm not sure my TA will be able to book doubles in a triple room, although I just sent him an email to ask. If I can, I will have to then decide and if he can't, it made my decision for me and I'll book on Deck 9. Thank you all very much! I'll report back.
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