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  1. Thank you. Looks great! So happy they fixed the "C" 🙂
  2. Or chair hogging LOL I keep checking here too. Can't wait to see inside pictures!
  3. This is perfect! Thank you. That sounds like good news. I have an Ocean Front so thinking it may be closer to the water. When you are getting pictures set for your review, would you mind taking pictures of the ocean front vs. ocean view and give your opinion of what cabanas you would choose in each category? Can't wait to see pictures!! So happy you have one and can report back :) Enjoy!
  4. LOL but if I wasn't in the Haven, I WOULD pay for this and for those that want to pay to have a lounger, I guess it's the Vibe.
  5. Hi all. I have been away for about two weeks on vacation and looked but it doesn't seem to have been any updates regarding the YC Cabanas at Ocean Cay. Is that correct? We are on the February 22 sailing and hoping they are up and running. Thank you.
  6. Thank you SO much! I just uploaded and saved to my Encore file. I also took a picture of it and sent to my dh and two "kids" 21 and 25. My 21 is at school so hasn't answered yet but my 25 year old texted back to count her in LOL I'm up for the challenge. Thank you, this will be a fun family thing for my family hahahahahahaha 🙂
  7. Thank you again for all the updates! I was away at the Happiest Place on Earth the last nine nights and just came back to the cruise boards 🙂 Have MSC Seaside YC in February and NCL Encore Haven in August and cannot wait for both but really looking forward to the Encore since I will also be sailing with my family! Cannot wait until the first sailing and I appreciate all the updates.
  8. Enjoy! The Escape has been my favorite Haven out of all the Away ships. Hoping the Encore will be even better but I LOVED the Escape Haven! We were also on Deck 17 🙂
  9. I'll be on the Encore but in August 2020. I can tell you I have been on a lot of new ships and read how awful they are going to be prior to getting on (or even prior to them being built) and take everything that is important to me into consideration. This even includes when CCL first built the outside promenade on their ship the Dream (I think that was the name, about 9 years ago). Everyone on the CCL hated the idea, hated that cabins could look down on the area, etc. and look now, a lot of the NCL ships (and other lines) have it and it is a favorite to most. That CCL trip was for my dd's Sweet 16 and I didn't tell anyone in my family any of the negative reviews and we had one of our best cruises, really! I don't sit by the pool but I do enjoy being outside. My family of older "kids", 25 and 21 enjoy hanging there though. You are booked and past final payment so get spa passes, Vibe or find a place for all to enjoy the day and go with an open mind and remember you are on vacation. Nothing in life, not one day ever is perfect, so it won't be on vacation but you can make it pretty darn close. Enjoy and come back and let us know how you enjoyed your trip.
  10. I agree with you. I am sailing on Seaside YC in February and booked a while ago and paying just under $4,000 (although not $5000) for two people for a YC1 (balcony) cabin. That was the third sailing I booked for the week after President's week under $4,000 but you don't see those prices any longer. We are also all booked in the Haven next year, August 2020. My dd and her bf are in a Haven Cabin in the actual Haven and paying just about $8,000. It was about $1500 less or so for the spa Haven but they wanted to be in the actual Haven (which we all prefer). Haven prices are very high buy my family much prefers the nightlife of NCL. When I sail YC, I sail with my mom and not my family.
  11. Hi. Once you purchase insurance, can you cancel it? i know the pros of having it, just wondering. Thank you.
  12. WOW, that is a fabulous price. Escape is my favorite Haven. I cruise, too, every February but I go with my mom and not my family. About three years ago, we were booking the Haven on I think Getaway and started reading about MSC YC. It was thousands less than Haven (still is but prices are starting to creep up). We ended up booking that and now every February we sail MSC Yacht Club. We paid right under $4,000 total for the two of us in the Yacht Club in a balcony cabin, with the drinks and spa included. IMO the YC far surpasses the Haven but my family much prefers the nightlife on NCL so I just sail MSC with my mom (although I would sail with my dh if our adult kids weren't always coming along LOL).
  13. Thank you. I wonder if I should purchase a "regular" cabana too if the YC area won't be completed February 2020 and then cancel one once we get on the ship or a week prior when we know more. I'm with my mom on this cruise and leaving my family at home so it's important to her to have the cabana and relax in the shade, but if the YC area is open February 2020, I'll just rent umbrellas and some beach mats for the ocean and hang in the YC area. I know, first world problems but lucky to have them.
  14. I sail the week prior to you and I purchased one but I do not want it if not in the YC area. I could just purchase a "regular" cabana in the area. I would prefer to be in the YC section of the island so I guess it is just wait and see and can always cancel if they are in another area.
  15. Just FYI, this post was my first ever "like" on CC.
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