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  1. I hope once the summer comes, the Encore will have Hard Seltzer.
  2. Thank you (and Sue) for the full review with all the details. I very much appreciate all the work you put into it. It is very difficult and I appreciate it.
  3. Thank you so much! Love reading your review!
  4. I'm so sorry this happened to you but you choose not to get insurance. My dd and her boyfriend are both attorneys with very demanding schedules and I had them take out Cancel For Any Reason Insurance in case a case comes up and they cannot go, which was about another $800 on top of their cruise fare. It sure would have been a nice thing to do if you could prove your illness and they give you back your money, but then why would anyone bother to get insurance. Hope you are on the mend or getting there shortly.
  5. Thank you very much for your review. I loved spending the week on the Encore LOL We are booked for August 2020 since we didn't want to have to fly since there are seven of us in the Haven. Is the Guns and Rojas band a cover band that plays Guns and Roses? I will be in my glory! Thanks.
  6. I really didn't have an opinion about this, although the ones on the Away ships are much nicer, but when I saw a picture of it in red, it almost made me sick looking at it and maybe I have a disgusting mind, but it shouldn't be turned red. Sorry LOL
  7. If they are coming in on Sunday, for NY, they have great weather (I live here). I have 51 but anything 50 or above I would consider a positive in the middle of November 🙂 Love all the pictures, cannot wait until August!
  8. Thanks. I checked this morning and back on and my YC cabin is $1000+ more than what I paid, yey me.
  9. Aren't you in the Haven? I only drink black iced coffee. Each night the bulter would bring in a small pressed coffee still in the machine and leave out for me to put in my fridge (sometimes it was hot when they bring so we let it cool off first). I would start each day with a cold pressed coffee over ice, so yummy. Otherwise, they would take regular coffee and put over ice, which just is not good. Go enjoy a great iced coffee tomorrow and get the pressed tonight for your fridge! Thank you again for all the pictures!
  10. Thank you. I didn't see anything on here about a glitch and appreciate your letting me know.
  11. I'd take that offer and be happy about it. We sail February 22, 2020 and have an ocean view cabana rented in the YC area but thinking that won't happen and I would be very fine if I had that compensation. Even not, I would use the day to relax onboard, better than getting up and going to work!
  12. Hi. For the third time I will be sailing on the Seaside in YC in February 2020 for a week-long cruise. When I go onto the MSC site to check prices, the only option now for my sailing is a two week cruise. Why can't I price it out for the week that I booked? I am sailing MSC Seaside in YC on February 22, 2020. Thank you.
  13. I forgot Clarense was going to be on Encore and I thought someone mentioned that Bong was going to be in Haven bar but don't remember. I cannot wait until I sail in August and hoping Chocolate Cowboy, Bong and Adrian will still be on and not on vacation. Thank you SO much for taking the time to post and for the pictures while you are on your vacation. I really appreciate it and love all the trival pictures as hairdryers, outlets, etc. THANK YOU. If you are taking requests, can you please find out if the rowers that are in with the spinning bikes can be used at any time? I only saw one rower in the regular gym area but someone else posted a bunch of them in the spinning room saying they would have rowing classes but if they can be used when class isn't in session, I wouldn't have to always feel stressed on my way to the gym hoping the one or two there are available since it's a big part of my workout. Thanks so much!
  14. Sorry you weren't too happy on your honeymoon cruise. We sailed the Seaside YC last two years in February with the next trip coming up this February. Anytime I see fried on a menu with a food item such as fish or chicken, on land or sea, I request grilled and it has never been a problem. Did the menu state fried or was it a surprise when it came out, I wouldn't like that surprise. When we sailed in February, I too noticed there was only one YC bartender and he was never pleasant or a very good mixologist. My margaritas or mojitos never came out very good and it was unfortunate that I usually ended up ordering a beer not to be annoyed. Not so much on the pool deck, that was hit or miss depending on who was making my drink and I learned to wait for a specific bartender up there that I knew could make them well, they shouldn't be too hard to do correctly. Everything else in the YC, for us, was fabulous. If I had to choose my biggest complaint of the YC, is that it doesn't seem to have experienced bartenders. For instance, on NCL Haven, the bartenders are fabulous, know how to mix drinks well and even will make you something special with your tastes in mind. That all said, cannot wait to sail in February and sorry your cruise had more cons than positives.
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