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  1. js

    Ocean Cay Cabanas

    Exactly! Thanks so much! I appreciate it.
  2. js

    Ocean Cay Cabanas

    Thank you. Did you see the numbers? I wasn't sure which way they had them arranged. I want to request that cabana when onboard. Thank you again.
  3. js

    Ocean Cay Cabanas

    Thank you so much for this thread. Does anyone know what number cabana this is by the rocks?
  4. There is not a minimum age on the YC. Although my children are adults, I have booked in the Haven on NCL without giving it a thought since we do parent and if they were getting too loud or misbehaving, we took them out of that situation. If you can book the YC, you should. If you can expose your children to all different experiences, why shouldn't you if you are following the rules? I am not familiar with Mera but if that cabin is next door to the YC lounge, I think it is a fabulous location. I can tell you on the Seaside, no one ever used that door, I'm not sure if the people on my side of the hall knew that is where it let and I didn't mention to anyone LOL
  5. I am honestly hoping I dont have a hot flash. I will also be with my mom and lugging two large suitcases since we have the cruise and the following week my dh meeting us and watching my son play ball in Florida since he pitches for his college teamso I have two different clothes trips. I honestly have been worried about my hot flashes and thinking although Im always cold I will not be wearing a sweater.
  6. See you onboard! We have an assigned cabin that I chose when we booked and I am also Type A so this would make me anxious too LOL
  7. js

    The Haven

    I always have the regular alcohol package in the Haven and never charged for the French Pressed. I only drink black iced coffee in the morning. So, each day/night, I would get a small French Press, put in my fridge once cooled and press and drink in the morning with my large cup I bring from home. I would bring the press back to the bar each day and they would replace with another press for my fridge. This would happen every morning when I got back from the gym so if the bar wasnt open yet (although they are usually there setting up) I would give to the restaurant to swap out.
  8. Thank you for your helpful posts. I am going to use our VC dinner in Butchers Club and dine the rest of nights in YC. Thanks so much for helping me figure it out.
  9. Thank you. I think Im going to use my free dinner in Butchers Cut and rest in YC. I dont read too much about Ocean Cay restaurant. Is it just as good as Butchers Cut? Thanks.
  10. Can anyone please tell me is there an actual restaurant called "Asian Market Kitchen by Roy Yamaguchi"? Book now two distinct Dining Experiences Composed of two distinct Dining Experiences at selected Restaurants: Asian Market Kitchen by Roy Yamaguchi: offers exquisite sushi, sashimi, tempura and much more at the raw bar Butchers' Cut: including 1 three-courses dinner to choose from the dining experience selections If I purchase above, do I have a choice of one of below restaurants: Sushi: 1 three course dinner to choose from the Dining Experience selection Pan Asian: 1 three course dinner to choose from the Dining Experience selection Teppanyaki: 1 dedicated menu I get a free meal, which I can use in Ocean Cay and then I can purchase the two dining but not sure what exactly Asian Market Kitchen is for us to choose from for our dinner. Thank you.
  11. Thank you SO much! Yes, we always prepay. Happy I have the receipt. Thank you very much!
  12. Hi. I am on the Seaside in two weeks and when printed out my Cruise Ticket, I show the following purchased: 1. Internet Usage (I didn't really purchase this but some comes with my booking and it clearly states that in the description). 2. Beachfront YC Cabana, it clearly states what this is in the description. 3. This is what I am not sure what this is. In the description it states: SCUS1920-South America, Caribbean, USA, Canada, China Japan and Korea cruises. (Could above be the alcohol package?) Thank you.
  13. Sorry, I got confused. I'm Platinum on NCL and Diamond on RCCL and couldn't remember which one was the new black on MSC, so it's Diamond, thanks. Thank you. Yes, I know you are correct. I guess I could purchase the two nights, the Roy and then Butchers Cut and then use my Diamond free meal for Ocean Cay. That would make three restaurants, which may be a good change. Four in YC and three outside. Will need to think about that this week. Thanks.
  14. This is 100% correct, since last year I had the second cabin in from the door and in two weeks have the same cabin again. It is, IMO, the absolute best location for the YC1 cabins.
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