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  1. Thanks so much. That is exactly what they said to me.
  2. Hi. If I have pre purchased OBC, given to me as a gift, and I cancel a cruise prior to final payment, where does that OBC sit? It is not the OBC that NCL is giving to all, it is OBC that someone went in on their site, spent money and purchased for my cruise. Thank you.
  3. Also, if you cancel a cruise prior to final payment, where does purchased OBC go? My sister purchased OBC for my daughter and right now it is sitting on her reservation. Thank you.
  4. Thank you. This is what I am trying to confirm.
  5. Correct. I am looking for feedback and experience. I have not paid final payment yet, as mentioned above, so what you posted is not what I thought. I am not asking about canceling 48 hours prior, I am confirming I can cancel now, before final payment and get everything back, as in keeping with the old policy and asking for those that have recently done what their experience was when doing so. I have been lucky enough to never have to cancel before so I am just making sure all is correct before I move forward. I also wanted to make sure about my FCC and as we all know, yes, a lot of times members on CC are more knowledgeable than those answering phones at NCL so I wanted to be prepared. Thanks.
  6. Thank you. That is why I said Im going to cancel now. Do you know the answers to the question. Thanks.
  7. HI. My final payment for my August Encore cruise is April 11. I have two Haven cabins booked. One using a combo of two FCCs and an extra monetary deposit and another with a regular deposit. If I cancel this week, before final payment, is it correct I can get my deposits and prepaid gratuities back to my credit card and my two FCCs back to my account? If August ends up being a go, I am just going to rebook since I dont think its smart right now for NCL to have almost $15k. Even if they canceled, I was going to take the refund since Im paying and didnt want all to have an FCC since not sure when my kids could all go together with us again and reading how long it takes, made the decision for me. Thank you.
  8. Have people received their credits back to their cards?
  9. Thank you. So, this means that no one has actually received a credit back Im guessing.
  10. A good gage is what the Carolinas weather is like that time of year but google can also give you an estimate.
  11. Hi. Can anyone please let me know if I have above correct? If so, I will just proceed as cruising and take a full refund for both cabins on my card since I paid for both if this in fact can be done if NCL cancels. Thanks.
  12. If we kept the cruise and NCL canceled for August 9, what I have been reading is that the full amount of the cruise can be put back on the credit card that paid for the cruise. I can opt for this instead of the FCC? Is this correct? People that have taken the option of full refund and not FCC are actually seeing refunds back to their card? If above is correct, I will just do above rather than cancel since either way I will get my money back, is this also correct? Also, if I opt for this, I should take off my pre paid gratuities before making final payment in case my cruise gets canceled. Is this also correct? Thank you.
  13. Thank you all. I agree. If I am paying the full $14K+, there is no reason all should get the FCC. My final payment is April 11. I think I am going to cancel August and move my cruise to February. If August seems to be a go, I will cancel February and book August. I will move the two FCCs I had over to February for one cabin and move OBC for my dd’s cabin that was given to her by my sister for Christmas. I prepaid gratuities so will get that back and will ask the deposits get rolled over to February sailing (and back to August if ends up sailing) along with the OBC given to my dd for her and her cabin at Christmas. Would above work? Thank you.
  14. Hi. I just read on FB that if your cruise is canceled, each person in the cabin gets the FCC, not the person that paid for the cruise. I wasnt aware this is how the FCC is distributed. What would happen if a person couldnt go if booked a new date? Could the FCC be used with the same cabin with other people? I have four in an H4 two bedroom and two in an H5 for August 9 but if canceled my son may not be able to go on a new date since he will be starting a job after the summer. My final payment is April 11 for my August 9 Encore Haven sailing and not sure what to do about the two cabins. I was originally thinking perhaps I would cancel before final payment and move to February and if August stayed open, move my cruise back. If I cancel and then August is a go, I am sure NCL will double the prices since many will want to get away especially in the summer. I also used two FCCs for deposit on one of the cabins. Will I get that back too?
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