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  1. Love your review! Can't wait to read more! We sailed on the Seaside February 2018, February 2019 and have it booked for February 2020. Thank you for taking the time to share your family vacation!
  2. Thank you for your helpful posts. Did I miss any reference to YC in the article? Thank you.
  3. Thank you. I'm hoping all good for you. I suspect the printed material will stay the same since already printed, but the electronic version of the Ocean Cay map no longer is showing the YC area. From another member...craigncarol: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/20235-msc-cruises-to-offer-caribbean-paradise-at-ocean-cay-starting-nov-9.html says there will be a beach for Yacht Club. Like you said I couldn't find anything on MSC site now. The section on the west island on the map which said its north shore was the dedicated Yacht Club section has now been removed from the map.
  4. After reading on another thread that the YC area of Ocean Cay will not be open for the first few sailings, and actually the YC area is no longer listed on the Ocean Cay map, I am wondering if any of you that have paid for a cabana have been contacted by MSC and/or refunded your money or, possibly, if you will be placed in other cabanas on other parts of the beach. For now, I just rented a couple of umbrellas and mats but we sail February 22 and although I really want to rent a cabana in the YC area, still doesn't seem possible.
  5. Hi. I had a really good bottle of wine at Butcher's Cut last month and it was new to me and I should have taken a picture of the label. Will be having some drinks tonight with my friend and wanted to see if I can pick up a couple of bottles. Does anyone have a copy of Butcher's Cut Wine List? I did a search but I get all cruise lines and all different results that have the word Cut, List, etc. Thank you so much!
  6. Is this the Miami or FLL Embassy Suites? We just were at the Embassy Suites in Boca for my ds's college baseball tournaments and thought the hotel was nice enough if I had to do one night pre cruise in FLL or Miami. When I looked up Miami's Embassy Suites, it doesn't get as good reviews as FLL. Has anyone on this thread stayed in the one in Miami for one night? Thank you.
  7. I rented two umbrellas and two mats. When it gets closer to my sailing (February) and it looks like they are complimentary, I will cancel my order but for now, wanted to make sure I had them since we need the shade. Yes, let us know how that works out for you but I'm hoping there really will be a cabana there for you to enjoy! We, too, don't let things bother us on vacation but it is at least nice to know what we are getting ourselves into LOL The worse that will happen is that you will be in the YC area, without a cabana and just get that money refunded back to your card. Enjoy!
  8. For the Seaside and any other cruiseline where I used the spa area, I wear my bathing suit and a cover up. Enjoy!
  9. LOL I agree with you that I bet, although hope not, that the crew may not have any idea for the first month or so about what is included/not included in YC Ocean Cay but hope we can experience it either way.
  10. Thank you. Your reasoning above, is the exact reason I didn't want to get a cabana on another area of the island. I wanted to be in the YC area. I very much hope your sailing is able to enjoy the island and look forward to finding out more about the cabanas (and the YC area at Ocean Cay).
  11. Thank you for your helpful information. It would be great to find out the answer. For now, I just rented two umbrellas and two mats. I was thisclose to renting a cabana on another part of the island, wherever they are located, but I would rather be in the YC area, especially if food/drink may be included. Thank you and will wait to hear what you have been told. Thank you Bea. Nothing noted about the YC I see and it is too bad that we need to pay for food and drink packages cannot be used but this is the same thing that they started on NCLs new private island. We paid $600 or so for a cabana, was in the Haven, and still had to pay for food/drinks. Guess this is the new normal. Thank you.
  12. Enjoy the cabin! We loved the location! Yes, any cabin on a cruise ship is enjoyable, but this will be even better LOL
  13. When you come out of your cabin, you will make a left and walk to concierge. You can then cross the concierge area (it is very small area) and then walk back down the "public YC" hall to the Lounge. If you want to go up to the pool or restaurant, you can take the elevator right at the concierge area or as you are walking down the hall towards Lounge, you can take the stairs up to the restaurant (which can also be done from the Lounge). Enjoy your trip!
  14. Thank you very much for this helpful information. I am sailing February 22 and hope they don't have concierge calling guests to book the cabanas since how will it be determined who is called first, second, third, etc.? I'm hoping we can eventually book online "if" they open up for February 22 and if not, perhaps I'll just rent two umbrellas now so I have in case they run out or whatever. Your email from the Manage of Ocean Cay operations at least explains why we are no longer seeing them show up in our Excursion offerings but I just don't understand how they won't be ready. I'm sure they are using the same/similar model as the other cabanas. I really would love a cabana, we always rent one on a cruise line's private island but if I have to choose between a cabana on another beach or being in the YC area at Ocean Cay, I'm going to choose the YC area with two umbrellas. Thank you again.
  15. Or even a place to sit 🙂 Happy planning!
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