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  1. Not sure which side is best... we enjoyed our aft balcony though! It was really nice. As far as the re-booking, if you decide to re-book from a Jr.Ste. to a Balcony, chances are very great that you'll most likely will be re-quired to re-book at the then current price of the balcony, thus not saving any monies.
  2. If I'm doing this correctly, this particular cruise is not showing up on the RCL website.
  3. A serious question... Was you happy and comfortable at the price at the time of booking? If your answer is yes, then sail on brother. Enjoy the cruise.
  4. Don't mind some of these posters. Some are rude and are so into their own little Diamond world that they don't even recognize it. In fact, I would like to think that most are really great poeple that just occasionally get wrapped up into this board a tad too much. Enjoy your Suite Lounge, and not to worry as most of these posters never travel in suites. 😉
  5. We have until June 20th (final due date) to decide what to do...by then hopefully there will be a much cleaerer picture of which way this thing is going.
  6. As of this moment, this has not effected the pricing for our Sept 9 day cruise out of Rome to Greece. But something tells me it might eventually. Thanks for the update. Due to a fu & busy weekend schedule, I had not read or heard of this yet.
  7. There has been nothing 'slow' about the US news cycle lately. I do think this thread may be a tad premature though. If the CV keeps spreading as it is, I do think the cruiselines will be forced to drop pricing to keep cabins filled. When the 'scrare' reaches Europe I'll be on the sidelines waiting.
  8. ok... cool. But I don’t. If I can save money I want to know. If it’s a fear factor it doesn’t matter to me. In fact... why are even reading & posting on this thread if you find it inappropriate? LOL
  9. Our Greek Isle Cruise has actually gone up. All suites of every size are booked too. So far the Corona virus has not effected this cruise pricing yet
  10. I honestly don't know. Meaning, I only drink vodka w/ Bloody's and that would be in the AM.
  11. I must be very very charming. Not. Seriously, I haven't had issues.
  12. This only occurs if you order/drink in the Diamond Lounge. If you order at a bar w/ your three free drinks that are issued on the seapass, you can order Tito's or other top shelf liquors.
  13. The fact is plastic can be recycled as well. If they placed a deposit on plastic bottles there wouldn’t be a plastic bottle issue. But they don’t. Instead they bow to the Save the Planet peeps as it’s easier than being labeled.
  14. It’s not a game. It’s also not new. Look, I can only speak for myself but I purchase the Bev pkg, the wife doesn’t. She doesn’t drink as much as I do. So... we call into RCL. They make the exception where the website doesn’t. We’re both Diamond. Between the happy hour perk and/or the three drinks placed on her SeaPass, she’s good to go. And if she wants a drink outside of the Happy Hour perk she pays. Try it. It works. Or at least it has on our last four or five cruises.
  15. I've always just called RCL direct instread of buying online. RCL does require my wife to purchase the refreshment package though, which she does. We've never used any reason such as 'medical' etc.
  16. If an automatic charge for a UDP showed up on my credit statement, I'd refuse to pay it. I'd object and demand an investigation & refund.
  17. Well if this is your really position on the subject... just stop cruising. For you are admitting that you're persnally contribuitng to man made climate change.
  18. 2021seems to be the date for us and Australia & NZ seems to be the location! So we're definitely following and learning! Look forward to your updates.
  19. Get a Suite. Not to sound too harsh but it's your only re-course. I mean industry wide, cruise operators are now clearly dividing and seperating the passengers based on the cabins that are being paid for a particular cruise. RCL is either keeping up or setting the standard. But Suite passengers should be able to enjoy a private lounge from passengers that don't have like ammenities.
  20. Been there, done that. So two of things I would suggest. SIAP. 1. I'm not sure of how many plan to attend the crawl but 15 min is not enough time to get drinks for all. 2. Contact the Bar Manager when you arrive on the ship. Give her/him this schedule. This is important as the bars in most cases will not be able to handle a crowd of 30-40 peeps walking in at one time. They'll move bartenders w/ the crawl if planned. Have a great time. They are very fun.
  21. For us.... $55/day on Wednesday to $51/day now. This after the so called 50% off sale! 9 days x $4 = $36 x 2 people = $72 savings. It isn't much but it is something. We took it.
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