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  1. Disagree. I'm not sure about Bayley's email, but I've emailed other execs and have received returned emails and actually a pohone call. So there's that.
  2. I just read four pages of this thread and unfortunately I think some of y'all shouldn't be on a cruise much less in the Windjammer. I also think that due to Covid, many people now are actually more concerned and therefore have become more aware of their surroundings and the things that can potentially spread diseases.
  3. It's more than enough & here's another one to cheer you up! 🤣
  4. What's next pay toilets? Why should I have to pay for someone to urinate at the pool deck restroom? Pay or go to yout cabin! 😉 Some of y'all need to get a grip.
  5. We've done Indy and Liberty twice. One day soon we hope to do Freedom as we really like this class of ship that Royal offers. They are our favs. Nice review! Thank you.
  6. With cruisers like yourself, they'll continue to go up, up, and away w/ prices. Firiggnin' ice cream? Hell yes, your cruise fare should pay for your ice cream. And my cruise fare pays for mine. i like chocolate. And Johnny & Sue's cruise fare in cabin 12916 pays for their ice cream. It is what it is...stop this non-sense.
  7. Ya'll still think that Soranto's pizza sold by the slice was a mistake? LOL
  8. I don't even care or worry about why a rule is a rule. I don't set the rules and I don't try to even understand the why behind them .I just either accept them or I don't. For example, I didn't believe in the segregating of the passengers when they re-opened... so I boycotted and stayed away for a few years and that practice stopped. I encourage you to follow your beliefs. Whatever they are. If you don't like something that Royal is doing or not doing, then put your wallet away until such time that you feel comfortable.
  9. Actually, if you call into Royal direct, you can buy just one DBP, and the spouse can buy the Refreshment Package. But you do have to call in.
  10. But most do use these the by products of the DBP. Fresh Squeezed OJ is an uncharge, as is the Bottled water, and the Specialty Coffees. To not count them as part of the package is silliness.
  11. Regarding DBP... my experience tells me the following... 1. Caribbean cruises vs European Cruises cost more but Caribbean cruises do include island/resorts owned by RCL such CocoCay etc 2. The more ports per a 7 day cruise, the cost is less... example 4 or 5 day vs 3 day on a 7 day cruise. Or in other words, the more sea days, the higher the cost. 3. Smaller ships cost less than larger ships. Destination vs Ship experience.
  12. My take.... Between 1-2pm cabins should be available. Yes, one can get specialty coffees other than Starbucks. But not sure of the location on Navigator but I think in the Windjammer at the bar. I'm not sure of the pricing for soft drinks and bottled water as we always get the Deluxe Bev Package. But the alcoholic drink prices are $14/day, Beer $10/day. @ $77.95/day + 18% gratuity, you'll split even @ 6 drinks/day, not counting fresh OJ, bottled water, soft drinks, & specialty coffees. Welcome to Royal and enjoy your cruise.
  13. Actually... even counting the 18% gratuity, it would be 6.5 drinks per day @ $14/drink. And that's not counting any other beverages such as bottled water, fresh squeezed OJ, and specialty coffees prepared by RCL.
  14. Common sense. Actually... I paid to have everyone tested of course. 😉
  15. This is good news for you & the family. I wish you the best and an enjoyable cruise. The reason I suggested to cancel is from our most recent experiences. Both my wife & I got sick on our last cruise. (Aug 6th) She on day 5, me on day 6. So someone got on that cruise ship knowingly they had a bug and it of course spread. In fact, after reading some of the posts from our FB page it appears that many got sick. The wife has lost 9 lbs and she still can't eat well & is still pretty weak.
  16. You asked for advice, I delievered. You booked an expensive cruise w/ insurance. Which is a good thing. But you don't know what you policy covers? Then read the policy. The answer will be in the policy.
  17. This. Use the insurance. All he is going to do is get others sick. Don't do it.
  18. Lots of golf cart rentals happening in Galveston. It very well maybe your best option.
  19. Depending on the hotel you stay at, they may offer a free shuttle/van service. Otherwise, Uber is about your best bet unless you rent a car.
  20. From Sabor is the Cucumber, Jalepeno Margarita. 1800, muddled cucumbers & jalepenos, w/ chili pepper seasonong on the rim. Most excellent summer drink.
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