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  1. Waited and waited on a different ship than Fascination to do the Southern Caribbean again. Seven years. Last time I believe was on Victory. Gave in and sailing next month on Fascination. I did not care for Fascination when I sailed before out of Jacksonville, but will love doing these ports again. Who knows? Maybe I will like the ship better this time. Will have fun no matter what!
  2. I don't know if it is still there since it was before the hurricane, but there was once a little market/grocery store across the street from the Doubletree and easy to walk to. I also recall we walked around a corner at the direction of the lobby agent and found a restaurant serving local cuisine for dinner.
  3. I drink more than my husband but not enough to warrant drink package unless included in a promotion like other lines. If I alone could buy it, would do for fun and convenience. That said, on Carnival I do as mentioned above. I purchase drink credits throughout the wait for our cruise time 😁 and have no worries ordering what I want when onboard. If you think you are going to drink full package worth, do it. If not, consider the credits. Personal choice.
  4. Thanks Ryndam for your experience. We will try again tomorrow and hope it was just the driver that day. 😎
  5. Uber question. Learning. Last time at FLL we ordered Uber and grumpy man told us we could not put three suitcases in his car with the two of us. They would have fit no doubt. Was this just a weird experience or do we need to order the bigger car next time? I looked at Uber site and it seemed with just two of use all should have been okay. Thank you.
  6. Got it and thanks again so much for all the clarifications so my brain gets it. 🙃😍
  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you. A challenge for me leaving my parent this long (10 days) but all say I have to live life and it is our 35th anniversary. 🙂 I called ATT yesterday to see if they could help and after a few pass arounds and one called their supervisor, was told to put in airplane mode or I would be charged through them. My phone says wi-fi calling on. Is that all I have to do until I get on the ship to be able to use? Am I using just like regular and make call like I normally do or do I go through Messenger or help me once more please... Really appreciate.
  8. I have searched and I cannot find an simple answer to my question regarding phone calls with an I-phone. Island is not full Medallion but does have only Medallionet available. I plan on getting the unlimited plan Will people be able to call me? Will I be able to call people only? Does phone need to be airplane mode? If so, how do people call me? We leave Thursday and I have to be able to call sitter who is staying with my dementia parent. Sorry if answer on here somewhere but I have looked for a good while now. Really appreciate your help at this crunch time.
  9. Love your big font! Will be on Island in November for partial transit. Enjoying all your comments and thank you for taking the time to do it. I do have question on the Falmouth one hour tour. Do they just go around port area or where do they go? A scenic or what? Thanks and have a wonderful and relaxing time.
  10. Have been able to use headphones with transmitter purchased online for less than $100 in the past on other ships so was kind of disappointing, but oh well. I survived. :)
  11. We sailed Royal and took dh headphones for separate tv in mini. Although we had received good info on here on how to do, either we were too stupid or it just didn't work. Going on Island soon and may try again. Trying to decide if worth the frustration and hauling along, but sure is when dh likes tv more than I do and louder than I do. 🙂
  12. Never mind. Found what I needed to know.
  13. Glad I found this and thanks for all the time it took to do it. Thoroughly enjoyed.
  14. Love EZ air. Just keep checking cost as you can get credit if price goes down with flexible air.
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