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  1. Four cabins were deposit only but mine was paid in full. I canceled on my own and within a couple of days my CN certs were deposited back in my account and then today the balance of just under $2K showed up in my credit card account. The other 4 cabins with deposit only were canceled a couple of days ago so since Canada remains closed through October and they are waiting for their cash deposit refunds.
  2. Was part of a 5 cabin group booking on Breakaway NYC-Canada Oct 5. I elected to cancel on May 5 and received full refund today. A success story.
  3. I and DW are over 70. I have yet to see any official word from NCL regarding said letter. Out TA also has not notified us of this requirement. Unless someone can point me to an actual definitive link to an official NCL statement we will continue to consider this, as our dear Commander in Chief might say, Fake News.
  4. I was SO very proud of myself when i bought my NCL stock when it dove down to $33. As we speak it is at $21.52! Well heck....
  5. Put a B4 cabin for Panama Canal cruise in 2021 on hold yesterday in order to see what the new promo would be. Cruise cost yesterday and today identical, but called NCL awhile ago and got all the same perks plus the $200 OBC from the new promo. Then, since NCLH stock is down to $33 a share (from $59 in January), I bought 100 shares today and will now get additional $250 OBC for our Epic TA in April, $100 for Breakaway New England in October and additional $250 for the Canal cruise next year.
  6. Just got off the ship on 12/8. As stated earlier, much is back to normal. We had aft balcony and coffee maker was not returned during our cruise. Sanitation efforts are beyond expectation! The crew is working overtime to wash, decontaminate and ensure the noro is conquered for now. I heard NO reports of noro during our cruise, and I asked officers repeatedly. We did pull into Cabo on the way South to drop off a medical emergency who was unable to be air lifted from the ship, and there was a code Alpha illness (heart or stroke?) when DW and I were in the theater one afternoon (the crew responded instantly and in force.....gave us a good feeling of their concern in these matters.) Still no salt/pepper/condiments on tables, but you only need ask and the staff will provide packets. Plates and sliver ware being handed to you by crew, but self-serve has returned in the buffet. Not at all inconvenient. Overall I would say that the cruise, and especially the crew, was fantastic and wish we were back on board. Do not fear the noro as I think it's likely gone for now, though I suspect the crew will stay busy cleaning and decontaminating for the next few cruises. It's a fantastic so enjoy your cruise!!
  7. Sitting in terminal boarding soon. Where do I go once on board to make dining reservation? I’ve been told before Teppanyaki and later someone said outside of Savor or Taste. Can anyone tell me ground truth? Thanks.
  8. Sorry, but I've forgotten....when boarding the Joy in San Pedro, where does one go to make dining reservations?
  9. Ok.... NCL said that once you book a cruise and put down an initial deposit you are assigned a latitude number which can then be used in a normal way I.e. CN certs may be transferred to the new cruiser to be used towards payment. Problem solved. Son and DIL will make their own booking, get a latitudes number and I will transfer 2 CN certs to them. Thanks to you all who assisted.
  10. Which brings up another point. Does anyone know when latitude numbers are assigned? At time of initial booking, or at the completion of the first NCL cruise?
  11. SeaShark...of course we've thought of that already. Trying to end up with cruise cards for the right people and the right cabin. I may call NCL to see what kind of answer I get (and how many different answers I get.)
  12. Thanks, but not sure I understand. "One of the couple had to call and book a cabin in their names." Do mean my son or his wife has to call and book a cabin? I intend to make the booking for both cabins at the same time and use 2 x CN certs for each balcony cabin using my and my wife's names on 1 cabin and my son's and his wife's name on the other cabin. . After the CN certs are used, my son and his wife will pay for the balance owed to NCL so in fact I am not "gifting" them a cabin. The main question is can 2 of my CN certs be used on my son's cabin even though they have never cruised and do not have lattitudes numbers?
  13. I have a few Cruise Next certificates. My son and his wife have never cruised before, so do not have latitudes numbers, though they will after their first cruise. Can I use my CN certs to reserve a cabin for them in their name as first time NCL Cruisers? Can any first time NCL Cruisers use CN certs from any source (I.e. EBay?)
  14. There was a thread on this some months ago, and I came away from it just as confused as I am now. I am cruising on Joy Dec 1-8 and have $250 NCL OBC which I intend to use in the casino. I will use $100 initially and then check my OBC account. I will find out ground truth and post it here upon return.
  15. Chatted with Jim at some length in January aboard Bliss. He sad he was moving to the Joy and would finish that contract around mid-Nov which is a shame as we're on Joy Dec 1st for Mexico! No idea where he'll be after Joy. Perhaps someone who recently sailed Joy or is about to might have more current info.
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