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  1. I did speak to Entertainment Manager Benne a few years ago about Sea Screen. Managed to catch her after Azura TV but at the time she said she knew of the problem but there was no timescale on when it would ever be fixed. Meanwhile P&O continued to advertise Azura with its Sea Screen even though the screen was almost completely knackered. I did complain to Reception about the TV issue but told it was due to satellite issues. But other people were told other things on the ship and it became a bit of talking point between passengers as people were getting different excuses. Granted though, never complained about the sewage smell. But I have no doubt P&O are already well aware. There is no way they couldnt be. I dont expect to have to complain to get my voice heard on issues that are obvious. The problem is as Docco says in her OP, why is the issue taking so long to get sorted out? Sometimes P&O need to be more honest and upfront about issues so that customers are more informed and aware that P&O are taking it seriously. Such as "We know there is a smell on Deck XXX. Unfortunately we need to wait until XXX for it to be resolved because of XXX reason". Rather than just let it stink and people assuming (like I am) that P&O isnt really bothered.
  2. Had the same smell on midship when walking around promenade deck. Been on Azura a few times and definitely concur that the smell wasnt there in Azura's early days but I think its been there for the last three years! Its also really strong in the area near Malabar, especially by the stairs from what I can remember. I expect something is broken but P&O like to take their time fixing things.. like the awful SeaScreen broken for many years, the burnt down pizzeria etc etc. It'll be fixed eventually. No point asking P&O as they cover up almost everything!
  3. On this same cruise.. in Super Deluxe Cabin.. we have hot water but no TV. Allegedly satellite issues but the murmurings on the ship are as Docco says that it is service provider issue and not satellite. In Oasis pool it was nice and warm so I guess hot water is a cabin issue? Stuck in Tenerife at the moment, Azura has done sort of technical issue.
  4. I'm cruising in few weeks so will check to see if there is any documentation on this in the cabin book. If this is just on the website then that is obviously insufficient. If there is a plug and P&O want to limit what can be plugged into it, more information should be published. I know others that packed them and honestly, assumed most people did! Can't be doing with limited amount of sockets in the cabin.
  5. Hmm. Never heard of this rule. Have always taken extension leads on board, and surge protected for about 10 cruises! In full view of cabin staff and no one ever said it was against the rules and no signage.
  6. Difficult one. P&O doesn't typically deal with customer satisfaction issues and campaign would need to be very large to gain traction but wouldn't of thought there'd be enough people. 😞
  7. Interesting indeed. P&O are not a customer service centric company that for sure. Customer care post booking is almost non-existent. Not sure if this is a Carnival brand wide thing, or just P&O.
  8. Thats quite poor - the original itinerary was very much about the overnight in Amsterdam and being able to walk off into the city. Surprised there is no goodwill!
  9. Your post made me think and I see there is a 3 nighter cruise preceding our Canaries cruise next year too.. wonder if we should do the same! Did you get any additional discount for the second cruise being B2B?
  10. My parents were on this cruise and equally disappointed about the d day landing cancellation. They were booked on that excursion, very surprised it was cancelled for lack of interest !
  11. Cant go wrong with either ship, both are excellent and both family friendly. How many nights are you looking at?
  12. Oceana Azura Britannia Ventura For some reason, just dont get along with Ventura as much as the others, Azura despite being similar feels much nicer when on board.
  13. This is excellent news indeed, and I completely agree with this comment. It will attract younger cruisers, next to go will be the formal dress code and then P&O should be able to fill its new ships much easier. My guess is that the marketing for Iona might be a little different than previous ships.
  14. I'm sure I read somewhere either on here or Facebook that an engineer on Azura said it cannot be fixed. Something about the manufacturer not making the parts any more... I think P&O should just remove it from all marketing brochures, because it is in totally unacceptable condition. Expect it will be replaced entirely when ship enters dry dock, or maybe removed.
  15. I think they should just remove it from marketing at this point. Its beyond terrible.
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