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  1. Hmm, I'm thinking I should stick to an April 2020 cruise just to ensure a Feb 2020 one wouldn't get cancelled!
  2. What if you bring a bottle that's already been opened...I don't need someone to open and serve me my wine :)
  3. Seems like most of the cancelled / chartered cruises happen during January / February. I'll remember to keep booking in April so it doesn't (hopefully!) ever happen to me...
  4. Wait...you can bring more on at ports? I thought it was just at embarking the ship...
  5. I'm interested in booking Oasis in February 2020. I feel like I had read January/February is prime charter months. Is this because it's generally a slow vacation time?
  6. Sorry to hijack the thread, but do kids have to check-in for the 7-10pm slot by a certain time? Was just thinking DD11 would likely want to come to some of the shows with us and then pop over to AO for a while later. I guess the part of the answer to that might have something to with capacity / # of kids on board...
  7. How old is your son? Just curious as to when folks let their kids stay in the cabins at night by themselves. I have a strong case of FOMO, so missing Quest or the Silent Disco wouldn't sit well with me :)
  8. So soorrrry, to make another thread on this. I actually searched through the others, but couldn't find my answer! I did a mock booking, right through to choosing Refundable Deposit, which was $210 CDN. Are the prices on the website all non-refundable? The additional $210... would that normally have been worked into the actual website price prior to the refundable / non-refundable days? $210 doesn't seem like that big of an amount TBH. Is that a good amount for that type of additional deposit?
  9. This might be just me, but could you add a space or two in between your photos? It's kinda hard to scroll through them...
  10. Could I expect to see another KSF for April 2020 dates in February 2020, same as this year? Or is there typically KSF in the fall, offering spring dates?
  11. Will those still be for 2019? When would they have April 2020 sailings available? Next February?
  12. I believe I read that the splash park is free as well.
  13. I wish there was an easier way on the website to identify the cruises that have KSF.
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