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  1. I was just going to post something similar. There are no Caribbean cruises in APRIL out of Florida? None?
  2. I think the OP is likely thinking of going for a dip to cool off then return to the solarium. Not go for "hours".
  3. But if she had needed medical attention, wouldn't you still need a letter of permission for the doctor to take care of emergencies?
  4. While not at Cococay, my family just returned from The Grand at Moon Palace in Cancun. They have a waterpark there with mat racers and tube slides. Tube slides were for 5'3" and taller. I'm 42 and 5'1" and I was denied riding. It definitely happens.
  5. Oh okay. I "thought" I had seen it in one of those show calendars. Good to know it's still there!
  6. What about the silent disco? I thought I had seen/read this was on the Symphony...
  7. OMG, I'm losing my mind LOL Can someone tell me which browser I should be doing mock bookings on? Every time I choose "Canada", it bumps me back to the US site. Or, if I try to add my province, it freezes and I have to completely close out. I guess they don't want Canadians on board LOL I've tried Firefox and Chrome. Is IE better?
  8. Royal - can bring 2 bottles per cabin? Carnival - can bring 2 bottles per cabin?
  9. On our last cruise, we chose the 3/4 sail free perk vs. UBP (we had our DD8 with us). We brought 8 bottles of wine and paid $15 for each bottle, but we were able to bring one to dinner every night, or Headliners, etc. O'Sheehan's ended up having a deal on 60oz pitchers of various draft beers for $13, so we had our share of drinks for the week. The cost difference between upgrading to an Oceanview or Balcony and then including the UBP 18% versus an inside with 3/4 sail free was HUGE!
  10. We brought 8 bottles with us (no UBP perk) and used a backpack cooler. It fit the 8 bottles perfectly. We just paid the $15US corkage at the desk just past the xray machine. She added a little sticker to each bottle with our cabin number. We took a bottle to dinner every night.
  11. Hmm, I'm thinking I should stick to an April 2020 cruise just to ensure a Feb 2020 one wouldn't get cancelled!
  12. What if you bring a bottle that's already been opened...I don't need someone to open and serve me my wine :)
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