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  1. Got our refund for our Bahamas cruise that was due to sail on October 1st ten days after submitting the online form
  2. We were looking at a cruise out of Mobile in January so I panicked a little when you posted this so I got on the Carnival website and I was able to go all the way through the booking. On my IPad on Safari.
  3. This is the first I have gotten in a week but saw posts that I should have been notified of and did not.
  4. Can’t speak to Uber as we have never used them. Our pre-cruise hotel was close enough that we walked to the port. We dropped off our luggage early, went back to the hotel to park our vehicle in a good safe spot and walked in for check in. I am sure someone will be able to help you with your question.
  5. Agree with all of the other posts We have a cruise in October out of Jacksonville 🙏 and just booked our hotel with a park and cruise package, pay at check in and can cancel up to the day before Our experience has been that the best deals tend to go fast the closer to the sail date so right now we have better choices
  6. Your experience is so refreshing to hear! Seems like all we get are negatives anymore. Thanks for sharing and I will also hope the best for your Thanksgiving Cruise.
  7. Baby sea turtle rescues in Cozumel. Digging the babies out of the sand knowing we were directly instrumental in their rescue and hopefully survival was by far the most rewarding experience we have had.
  8. Since first posting this thread I had several weeks without any notifications and in the meantime I had changed my email to my husband’s, started getting notifications and then recently changed my email back to mine and am now getting notifications. It is great 😁 but not sure what or why this is now working for me.
  9. Thanks for that advice. I have never thought about checking my reservations. I do keep an eye on pricing and have need able to score a couple of price cuts on some of our cruises with the best one so far being $500 off our cruise to the Western Mediterranean on NCL Epic for next year. I will definitely be checking our reservations from now on. Had no idea to do that.
  10. Thanks for the info! We booked direct with Carnival and have already received a couple of emails about our booking so hopefully a reasonable upgrade offer will be in our future.
  11. So happy for you 😁 We just booked the Ecstasy for October 1 out of Jacksonville. Could not believe the low price for a porthole room so we took the chance that this will sail. How do you get an upgrade offer.? We have never gotten one as I recall. Does Carnival email you? And can you get an upgrade offer without having made final payment yet?
  12. We usually stay at the Malaga Inn which has a park and cruise deal, does cost $7 per day to park but that is a lot cheaper than what the port charges and you can literally walk to the terminal. We drive to the terminal early drop off luggage go back to the hotel and park. Then walk in. Of course only works that way if the weather cooperates. We have also stayed at the Microtel in Saraland which, when we did this a couple of years ago, let us park for free and shuttled us in to the terminal no charge. Lots of fellow cruisers at that hotel.
  13. According to AL.com Carnival won’t be sailing out of Mobile until September. But if your cruise does indeed sail, the port of Mobile is easy to navigate and parking decks do fill up fast but overflow is across the highway. We always go in a day or two early and get a park and cruise package simply because we love Mobile and always use this time pre-cruise to enjoy all the stuff to do in and around Mobile. Price to park at the terminal is pricey in our opinion which is another reason we add on a couple of vacation days, hang out in Mobile and park at our hotel for free.
  14. We have sailed from Mobile a few times, as recently as last October. What do you want to know?
  15. Wow, this was so easy and the Delta representative was super nice. Non refundable tickets and no more than 8 minutes total on the phone got my refund processed without any questions asked. Way to go Delta!!!!!!!
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