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  1. Are you asking why check in two months early vs. two weeks? Probably no advantage. Other than once it's done, it's done.
  2. Going back to Econ 101, they are measuring the price elasticity of the drink package as an option.
  3. Keep on calling them every hour until you get what you want. Don't let us down.
  4. To add another anecdote to this... not specific to the ship's medical. My spouse got the bends while diving in Belize. The dive center she was staying at tried to tell her she had the flu; she had to be emergency evacuated to the mainland by helicopter, and spent the next three days being treated in a bariatric chamber. Her travel buddy had to find lodging on her own. The bill for the helicopter alone was $15,000 and quickly appeared on our credit card. The insurance eventually paid for all of it; she had substantial coverage. Coverage through her DAN membership plus travel insurance plus primary medical. Everything had to be filed in order. Primary insurance first. They negotiated a lot down, but a lot was left on deductible. DAN insurance second, took care of most of the rest. Travel insurance last, they paid on the lodging and some of the helicopter. But it took months, and it's not simply bureaucracy. A lot of money and proof of loss is required. You have to be patient.
  5. Thanks you both for the directions. Getting ready to see Spif go Poof.
  6. LOL Classic Cruise Critic bickerer. Escape launched 2015 Breakaway 2013 Getaway 2014 Escape is new than Breakway Class. Get over yourself.
  7. Rooms are similar. Entertainment is similar. Pool deck activities are similar. I like RCL's food a little better but NCL is fine. NCL sells more booze packages. Different bells and whistles on the ships. RCL bigger ships have things like flowrider, NCL has ropes course. Just different. I like both and find better deals on NCL more often. Both will try to sell you "stuff" day and night.
  8. My experience (one time) was that the charge was similar to an urgent care center without insurance. A couple of years ago, examined by the doctor, received some antibiotics (which worked), about $150.
  9. Our driver was a photographer (she did morning excursions specifically for photographers) and we made stops by a waterfall and a "Welcome to Alaska" sign that people wanted to pose in front of along the highway. I think we were up higher than the train tracks as well.
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