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  1. Being reported that the meeting was postponed indefinitely and doesn’t look likely to happen now prior to the election. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23596-cruise-lines-white-house-meeting-postponed.html Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. While a vaccine may be successfully created in the near term, it appears long lasting immunity is still a huge question. From a recent San Francisco Chronicle article, “I just don’t see a vaccine coming anytime soon,” said Nevan Krogan, a molecular biologist and director of UCSF’s Quantitative Biosciences Institute, which works in partnership with 100 research laboratories. “People do have antibodies, but the antibodies are waning quickly.” And if antibodies diminish, “then there is a good chance the immunity from a vaccine would wane too.” The latest bad news came from scientists at King’s
  3. I know that thankfully Dorian is long gone by now, but I'm curious if Dorian's track after it's abrupt tack to the north after passing over St Lucia affected the Fasciantion's itinerary. I've not seen any cruise comments on the boards by anyone on the Fascination that left San Juan on August 25th. At the time Dorian reformed to the west of Martinique, the Fascination was in St Maarten and then headed towards Dorian's path when it left to be in St Kitts on the 28th. I figure at some point they had to have passed each other if the Fascination kept to it's itinerary. If so, was wondering what
  4. I'm going to be a parasite and attach my question to the original poster's. What can I expect to pay for a Taxi from Havensight to Sapphire? Seems like it would be a little closer than Crown Bay.
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