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  1. Just adding charges, he remains as president.
  2. Rich thanks for letting us tag along. This is a bucket list itinerary for me!
  3. Our Kdam tour dud the engine room during the port stop in Martinique. It gets cancelled if maintenance is ongoing or if running 4 engines iirc.
  4. Excited to follow along! Still need to take you to dinner in Baltimore one day to relay you for all these trips you’ve taken me on
  5. Just as a little beach erosion, nothing major. Will be ready for first shops in October.
  6. No issues at HMC from what I was told from a HAL senior employee. It was well south of Dorian thankfully. Abaca and Grand Bahana however, devastation.
  7. We don’t flush toilets if it’s just liquid usually anyway - water is too sacred to waste. Use the toilet as needed but flush when the system is back. This isn’t rocket science . It’s not too unusual. And it’s not a big deal at all,
  8. No tie necessary. He can not carry the jacket either. It’s not necessary.
  9. Doesn’t look promising. NHC is forecasting a 10-15’ storm surge for all of central and northern Bahamas.
  10. Veendam failed in 2012. We were embarking in NYC en route to Bermuda and delayed boarding for hours because they wouldn’t let her sail until some issues corrected. It was a terrible cruise, almost a mutiny, and I’ll never sail her again.
  11. If arrive around 10:30 - we did in May. Was onboard in 35 minutes. Best embarkation we’ve ever had actually,
  12. I believe reefs are an issue at GC, no? Of course being GC they might just drill pillars through the reef ....
  13. $80m for a pier installation isn’t much actually so the other changes will likely just be updates. But yes let us freak freak out because they’re adding something that on'y enhances the stop for both crew and customers.
  14. Increase the HSC. If you leave money behind and don’t do that, honestly shame.
  15. They still do. For instance: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/find-a-cruise/P1J20B/M110.html
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