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  1. Sunshine!?! On the last day of September in the rain forest of Ketchikan?!? We can’t believe it but it’s been amazing!! Did the cheesy but fun Lumberjack show and walked around a bit. So thankful and grateful for the good weather. 🥰
  2. We had a great day yesterday in Glacier Bay! The forecast was wrong again and we enjoyed a day free of rain and with some peeks of the sun! The split pea soup was great, the scenery glorious and saw lots of sea otters, a mountain goat high on the slopes and of course lots of birds. All in all a wonderful day!
  3. Our day in Skagway was awesome! The forecast was rain off and on but it ended up not raining all day! We left the ship about 11 am with no excursions planned because the weather had seemed uncertain.. But the sun came out and we decided to try to get on the White Pass and Yukon railway. They had seats available on the 1 o’clock train so we went for it. So glad we did! It was a beautiful trip, so much amazing scenery. I highly recommend it! When we got off the train an icy wind had come up and by the time we got back to the ship I was chilled to the bone! So I grabbed some hot chocolate and we went straight to the hot tub! Another fabulous dinner tonight in the Lido. We looked at the MDR menu and it just wasn’t that appealing and they had the same herb crusted prime rib in the Lido so here we are. We have really been enjoying the food! Glacier Bay tomorrow and we’re really looking forward to that and the split pea soup!
  4. You’re welcome! Here’s tonight’s. We opted for the Lido again. They had a lot of the same things including the prime rib.
  5. It’s been a smooth sailing so far, folks! We got into Stevens passage this morning and it was foggy and a bit drizzly so unfortunately not much to see. We’ve been in Juneau since 1:00 and it’s been raining steadily all day. We talked to a couple who ventured out and they said not much was open. No surprise but it’s fine, we really enjoying just being on a ship again! We had breakfast in the main dining room this morning and it was very good as well as lunch in the Lido. So many great options. We’ve been hanging out a lot in the Crow’s Nest or Ocean Bar, playing games and reading and just now enjoying the hot tub a bit before dinner. Skagway tomorrow, more rain expected but it’s raining at home too! 😂
  6. Not sure. I know there were some classes yesterday. We haven’t been out too much for the night life.
  7. We’re on our way! Embarkation was very smooth. Lunch at the Lido was outstanding. We haven’t sailed HAL in about six years and weren’t quite sure what to expect based on mixed reviews. But the food was fabulous. Very fresh, lots of selections and great service. Dinner in the main dining room last night was also superb. Beautiful presentation, great food and service. Shortly after boarding the captain announced that due to a storm we would be skipping Sitka and go to Skagway instead. We were pleasantly surprised to wake to fairly calm seas this morning. Just gentle motion. After hearing about all the storms and rough seas out in the open ocean the last few weeks, we were a bit nervous. But it’s been great! We’ve heard that ships are being kept around 60% capacity and that’s about what it feels like. It doesn’t feel too crowded at all and lots of places to find a secluded nook to read and people watch. Most people remove masks when seated away from others in these areas so that’s been nice not to be masked up constantly. So great to be sailing again!
  8. We have done 4 TA’s and love it. I don’t do well with long distance flights due to health issues and we’re retired with nothing but time so ... it’s the perfect way to travel to Europe. We get there rested, no jet lag and ready to hit the ground running. After a month of exploring, mostly by train, we do another TA back, arriving home rested and again no jet leg. We enjoy the sea days and just relaxing with books by a big window, playing cards, people watching. We can’t wait to do it again!
  9. We took our test in Portland, Oregon. But as I stated they have locations nationwide so a simple Google search should tell you if there is a location close by. Covidclinic dot org
  10. Finding a test was so stressful and I wasn’t sure what we were going to end up doing. I couldn’t get one through my doctor, there weren’t any places locally that would get it back in time. Walgreens had no appointments for weeks. I finally found Covid Clinic through a Google search and they had drive up appointments available. We went up yesterday and took the rapid antigen test and had results back in an hour. They had recommended an appointment but there were literally only two people ahead of us in the line and there was a ‘no appointment’ drive up line next to us. The look to have locations all over the country so if you’re having trouble finding testing I would check them out. We sail tomorrow! Can’t wait!!
  11. We tested yesterday through Covid Clinic in Portland, Oregon. I know they have locations all over the country. We sail on Saturday. I couldn’t find any test availability at any Walgreens near us but this turned out to be a great option. It was a drive-through, and we had results from the rapid antigen test in one hour. They recommended an appointment but there were literally only two people in line when we got there and they did have a no appt line as well. I would Google Covid Clinic and see what you come up with in that area.
  12. Can someone tell me how late lunch is served on embarkation day? Our boarding time is 2:00 pm. When we arrived on our last Cunard cruise we were starving and stunned to find there was no food available at all until dinner. I haven’t sailed HAL in about 6 years and don’t remember what they offered or for how long. Thanks!
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