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  1. I have recently sailed Celebrity and we enjoyed the experience. We also sailed sailed HAL but that was in 2005 and we really like it. I think your parents would like either.
  2. I finally got caught up with your review. You covered a lot of ground miles. I wish I was young again so I could keep up your pace. Can't wait to hear the rest.
  3. Make sure you keep your cards after you use them. I had an issue and they wanted the gift card numbers, thankfully I hadn't thrown them away.
  4. Wow, my daughter lives in Palm Beach Gardens and is not sure where to go, at least you have a vacation planned. Unless the hurricane gains speed, I assume the kids will have school tomorrow. I think it was 2 years ago in September that they had to evacuate and miss a week of school.
  5. Nice start to your review. I do like the cheers package because I can always get a bottle of water without having to pay a ridiculous price for 1. I like your idea about water on HMC, at least have water stations.
  6. I wouldn't want to be the forecaster trying to decide what is best for 10,000's of people on cruise ships this weekend. The governor of Florida has already declared a state of emergency but no evacuation orders yet, I guess it is too far out at this point.
  7. Hopefully they will be posting some of the excursions soon since we are 10 months out. I think the passengers will be more experienced cruisers.
  8. Is it now a window instead of a door?
  9. Thank you, that is what I thought but couldn't find anything when I did a search on CC.
  10. I did know that sorry I added balcony to the post. I just wanted to know if the door still opened for the sea breeze.
  11. What type of cabin did you have? Any suggestions for a good cabin on the Pride.
  12. Did you count any bottles of water, soda or coffee? I am drink a lot of bottled water on a cruise and enjoy a good cup of coffee in the moring.
  13. Does the Pride still have the French door balcony cabins?
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