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  1. There are 2 cruises before the 4 day cruise as well. So Apex will arrive in Southampton on 27th March (I think)
  2. Daft question - if you use OBC to play the slots (either beforehand from planner or once onboard), what do you actually play with? Cash, your key or something else? How does it work? (not a big casino visitor......)
  3. note that Apex currently isn't part of this scheme. Or wasn't last time I checked.....
  4. just make sure that when you put your credit card into the booking to pay for any extras you do not allow Celebrity to convert the charges to GBP. Either swallow the 3% charge made by your credit card company or ideally use a 0% FX card. Personally I use Curve and then recharge that to my Mastercard. If you allow Celebrity to convert to GBP you will pay a poor exchange rate. Of course this is usually true of all foreign transactions - always ask to be billed in the local currency.
  5. Thanks for the tips. We have an awful lot to use so the casino might be an option. if as a suite guest we can get cash out to play the slots even better......
  6. of course it will affect the opening of the door - that is science. As to it affecting other cabins - nonsense as the aircon would be off. Don't believe everything you read on forums haha
  7. Why would that affect another cabin? Crazy idea. A lot of people leave their cabin doors open and very often at night.
  8. Could you explain what you mean by the captain unlocking the door???
  9. This has now been improved it seems.... Ideal for guests with later flights, Extend Your Stay lets you enjoy more vacation time on board-right up to 90 minutes before the ship sails for its next cruise. Let us store your luggage while you grab a bite with a dining credit at Sushi on 5/Le Grand Bistro. Relax by the pool and sip on a cocktail from your Classic Beverage package. Relax with a massage at the spa. There's so much more you can do. So, there's no need to rush to leave the ship. With Extend Your Stay, you can take your time and return home completely rejuvenated. Highlights Extend Your Stay program: Relax, get a bite to eat and take your time on departure day. Classic Beverage Package for the day $30 Credit for use on Sushi on 5/Le Grand Bistro (on Edge series) Cost is now $49.99 I think (converted for me to GBP) Now whether suite guests can use the suite facilities still, I'm not sure.
  10. The suite concierge email for the older ships is shipcode_michaelsclub etc. But what is it for the newer ships or those without Michaels Club? Anyone know?
  11. might not matter to you, but I track all my flights on a couple of sites, so I thought it would be nice to look back at previous cruises where possible. I do not really have a list apart from on each cruise line, so didn't know if a site existed like flightradar24 etc. Thanks.
  12. Just curious as to the thinking here.... If you registered a complaint at customer relations, would you expect a follow up? Just curious.....
  13. Anyone know of a site to log and track previous cruises? Several exist for airlines, but not aware of a site for cruises apart from individual cruise websites. Thanks!
  14. Wasn't aware of a separate entrance last week. We had to queue with everyone else. But then it was 10am so not so bad.....
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