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  1. As it turned out the UK lost it’s lead position as our greatest concern about this trip. pour plan was to go directly from the airport to the ship by entering London as in transit passengers. We would then avoid the quarantine and second day shot requirements. Today’s announcement just makes spending a bit of time enjoying London prior to embarkation a possibility. Since we recently cancelled this cruise this is interesting but academic to us. Besides the excursion requirements, the necessary mask requirements and the recent Delta variant surge in the countries we were scheduled to visit, the
  2. For us there are just too many questions/negatives about these two cruises to go ahead with them. Despite the great itinerary combo which I don’t see repeated in the next eighteen months and all of the perks Windstar has included, the danger of flunking one of the required tests and quarantining is just too great. Windstar has six ships sailing 52 weeks a year. We should be able to find something among those 300 plus itineraries that gets us excited. If not there are other cruise lines but hopefully it doesn’t come to that, we love Windstar
  3. Mocamps You may be taking our place on the London start. With all of the other concerns we have about this cruise, now I’m dreading the possibility of flunking one of the many COVID tests despite being fully vaccinated. I’m confident we wouldn’t be really sick but being denied boarding on any of the flights or the ship or shore excursions would be a nightmare.
  4. No choice, book WS excursions or stay on board. We booked for about half of the days on board but that is one of the negatives about this cruise which may cause us to cancel. We would only transit in the UK so we should be ok boarding but the Delta in Portugal and Spain is a concern. Conflicted
  5. Thanks Mocamps. Passengers on the Caribbean sailings said that Amphora was seldom used since the ship was at half capacity. That’s about the case on my cruise so hopefully that will not be the determining factor for Amphora openings.
  6. We have long London/Athens cruise scheduled for September and an equally long list of questions and reservations about Windstar’s ability to manage all of the aspects of port calls in six different countries. We just got a promotional email assuring us that Windstar is aware of the current complexity of this Mediterranean itinerary and that they are working on dealing with the issues involved with each country and port. Let’s hope. Besides the various countries entry issue, the restricted excursion issue, the mask issue, and the cost issue, now there is a new potential problem. Part of th
  7. Not only is the ability to enter the UK a bit involved but I checked the entry requirements for France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Morocco. Many of the countries on the itinerary have fairly liberal policies for Americans coming from America. Where it gets complicated is when you have been in another country, not the US, prior to entering the country in question. Some require PCR or antigen tests not longer than 72 hours prior to arrival in the case of PCR tests. The test you needed to get on the plane to London probably doesn’t apply, it was too long ago. I wish I was more comfortable w
  8. Here is some information about transiting through the UK. It appears that entry is allowed if you follow this procedure. On July 19 the UK plans to go to Plan #4 which hopefully will relax restrictions. FROM U K WEBSITE Transiting through England There are different rules for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Passing through an airport in England while on the way to another country is called ‘transiting’. Some travellers call it a ‘layover’. There are 2 types of transiting: ‘airside’ - you do not pass through UK border control before you leave on your c
  9. Mocamps We MAY be allowed into the UK as in transit passengers if we go directly from the airport to the ship. You might look into this possibility if you just change planes in Miami. Just a suggestion
  10. There are a series of Legend departures from London starting on September 4 for a London London cruise and on to our 29 day London to Athens cruise an September 16. Lots of uncertainty still regarding when/if the UK will open to American tourists and under what conditions and our final payment is looming. We have a few people chatting on a Roll Call but I would like to hear from anyone else who is planning on going on any of these London based cruises. Hopefully we can share any information on entry requirements, boarding information and some other thoughts on options for ground
  11. sail to day PLEASE, give it a break. You got your cancellation notice one week ago and even if Windstar put your check in the mail on the 21st you would still be waiting. News flash, there are other people dealing with cancellations and refunds. Don’t worry they will get to you, please.
  12. Sail2day In what sense of proportion is getting a free cruise, albeit an abbreviated cruise, are the 90 passengers on board the Breeze already not being “comped”? Free WiFi, open bar, how about laundry, ask for free shoe shining, why not? Yes Windstar screwed up big time but they took 90 people on a cruise with no revenue and cancelled two subsequent cruises. I think they have paid handsomely for their stupidity. Windstar was not obliged to compensate the Breeze passengers with a free cruise, they could have offered less. Then the “never satisfied “ group would really have had somet
  13. Metaphysics on Cruise Critic. Jazz always raises the bar, thanks
  14. YES HOORAY....BUT No one would like the good old days of free roaming around town and booking independent land tours return more than I do. We have a 28 day European cruise booked for this fall and we recently booked thirteen different Windstar excursions for that trip. Those thirteen excursions cost me more than we are paying for an eighteen day Tahiti cruise next year, crazy I know BUT. If the Windstar bubble keeps us safe, as ridiculous as some of the recent examples are, it might be worth it. It’s great news that Windstar now allows roaming in Greece but only 25% of the people in Gree
  15. MRMAC ASKS WHY I'm not necessarily happy about it but there are valid reasons to Windstar’s continuing limitation on shore excursions. Correction, all of he crew will not necessarily be vaccinated. Windstar’s policy is that they want the crew to be vaccinated when the vaccine is available to them. It doesn’t appear to be a requirement. Secondly, the crew is allowed to go ashore at port unsupervised. Currently about 17% of the FP population has been fully vaccinated. That’s a potentially unvaccinated crew member having a drink on shore with a member of 80% of the local population
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