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  1. Afterthought...…………… The original point I was trying to make is, through this whole ordeal, I was never contacted by Viking Air. I am disappointed that I was never contacted by them after the trip either, to advise me that I was probably entitled to compensation from the airline. The EU261 compensation is so common that BA actually has a link to it on their website. I believe there are other carriers who also have a link to a claim form.
  2. Of course, whether you want to file a claim or not is completely up to you. I only wanted to let you, and anyone else on this board with a similar circumstance, know that you may possibly have this option. By the way, I share your opinion about BA
  3. If your flight was delayed or cancelled due to mechanical or operational issues, there is a very good chance that you are entitled to compensation under the provisions of EC261. You probably have at least 5 years to make this claim from the date of the flight. If you still have copies of boarding passes, flight itinerary, etc. it should be easy to file a claim.
  4. Some time ago we were supposed to fly home from Paris (CDG) to Atlanta. Upon arriving at CDG we were advised that our flight to Atlanta had been cancelled due to a mechanical problem. They tried to find us alternate flights, but could not find anything that would get us home that day. So they booked us on the same flight for the next day, put us up in a hotel far from Paris and the airport, gave us a meal voucher, and drop off and pick up from the hotel. During this time I heard nothing or received any notifications from Viking Air (we had Viking Air Plus) We arrived home a day late. I did remember reading about EU261 some time ago, and an internet search gave me all the details. We made a claim to the airline, and eventually received nearly $1400 ($700 each) due to this cancellation/delay, which was classified as a non-extraordinary event. I now urge anyone I know flying to Europe with a European carrier, or flying back from Europe with ANY carrier, to familiarize themselves with this regulation for delays or cancellations.
  5. Just wondering if it was a delay that would have entitled you to compensation pursuant to EU 261. Aldo wondering if Viking Air mentioned that you may have a claim against BA
  6. What was the reason given for your BA flight delay?
  7. Please don’t take the “Critic” out of Cruise Critic. Of course criticism should always be done in a civil manner.
  8. I prefer flying a European carrier from the US on flights to Europe, and getting the extra protection that EU261 gives me on that leg of the trip.
  9. Those Dam Boat Guys was fun. Small boat, only about 10 people. Lasted about 90 minutes. People brought food, wine, beer, and herbs. Our guide was OK, but could have been a bit more informed. Liked the small boat.
  10. We would agree. On our previous 6 Viking Cruises, 3 ocean and 3 river, it was rare to notice anyone not adhering to the Viking dress code for dinner. However, on this cruise, although most dressed as requested, it was very noticeable that more than a few had no regard for any “recommended” dress code. It is not enforced because it is only recommended.
  11. How civilized and admirable. Best wishes for a great cruise. “Dressing well is a form of good manners”
  12. How about instead of sleeveless tee shirts with underarm hair sprouting out, no shirts at all in the dining. Is there anywhere you would draw the line?
  13. We have been on 3 previous Viking River Cruises, as well as 3 Viking Ocean cruises, and were also surprised. On previous cruises it was rare to see anyone dressed as inappropriately as quite a few people on this cruise. Inappropriately is only in my opinion, others obviously feel differently.
  14. Just back from Amsterdam to Basel river cruise on the Viking Einar. I was surprised that there was absolutely no dress code for the dining room. I wasn’t surprised that this was the case for breakfast and lunch, but it also held true for dinner. Although many people dressed “country club casual” for dinner, and looked very nice, cut-off shorts, men’s sleeveless tee shirts, running shorts, tee shirts with inappropriate language, torn blue jeans, and men’s caps were worn by more than a few every night. I’m sure this lack of a dress code for dinner will be welcome by some, and not so welcoming to others.
  15. We ended up going to Paradox in the Joordan neighborhood a couple of times. Small, laid back, very friendly. Good choice of herbs, also an “edible” Space cake. Smoked there, and also took a smoke with us to light up on our canal cruise with Those Dam Boat Guys . Paradox also makes a decent latte
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