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  1. They were indeed supposed to be March 2. They were also supposed to be in December and November of last year. I now believe the Summer 2021 short Caribbean cruises will be released in roughly 2023.
  2. Which of these areas allows cigar smoking, and which only allow cigarette smoking?
  3. Howdy. We are sailing on the Enchantment this Summer in an Owner's Suite. That means we have plenty of space, but my 12 and 14 year olds don't feel like sharing the pull out couch. Two questions, then: If we bring an air mattress, will the security people object to bringing the motor with which we inflate it? I know they object to things like blow dryers, power strips, etc. If we don't bring an air mattress, will they be able to provide a rollaway bed? Thanks very much!
  4. Miller's Seawall Grill is right next door, and it is excellent. The on-property restaurant at the Galvez is also very good, if pricey. If you go in that direction, the bar bites menu is a lot of fun.
  5. So, yeah, staying in Galveston costs more than staying on the mainland. I am willing to do that, however, because I very much enjoy a day or two in Galveston as part of the vacation. I do not know of any Galveston hotels which run shuttles to the Houston airports. While Uber works just fine in Galveston if, say, you want to go to dinner, I had a buddy have to wait a couple of hours to get an Uber to the cruise pier. Being a classy guy, I texted him pictures of how much I was enjoying my embarkation drinks while he figured out a ride. So for the part of your question which is getting to Galveston I have two options. Z Limo and Super Shuttle both offer large group options from the Houston airport at reasonable prices. As for what happens once you get to the island, the Hotel Galvez is gorgeous and offers a shuttle to the pier. Sign up for the shuttle while you check in. The Tremont House and the Harbor House are both within walking distance of the cruise pier. Both have a number of excellent nearby restaurant and entertainment options. Enjoy your cruise!
  6. I am increasingly getting the feeling that Galveston may not be getting a second ship for 4-5 day runs to Mexico. I'll love the Allure, of course, but would love to have the second option. It seems like most of those options have now been assigned to other places. There was a chart several pages suggesting that maybe the Adventure comes back after it leaves; perhaps. So.... most of the options are assigned elsewhere, but Royal is building that fancy new pier (admittedly for Fall 2021, not Summer). My guess is that wouldn't have happened if something wasn't filling the perfectly useful existing berthing space. I wonder if it is Royal that will be using it.
  7. I can't comment intelligently on the Family Harbor lounge. However, I have sailed several times in a suite on Royal Caribbean. There is one principal from those cruises which I think would apply here-- I tremendously enjoy having access to someone who can help me with the range of things which would normally cause me to go to guest services (reservations, bill questions, etc.). I understand that there is sometimes a concierge posted to the Family Harbor lounge. If that is true, it would add a great deal of value to the experience for me over the regular suite in which I sailed on the Carnival Dream last month.
  8. For me, yes. The Grand Suite gets you access to the Suite Lounge and a concierge. I love the quiet space to be, the extra food offerings, and the concierge to help if something goes wrong or I gave a question that would otherwise go to guest services. With a small one, you might also enjoy free room service from the MDR. Either way, happy sailing!
  9. I love Galveston, and I write quite a bit about what we do while we are there. My favorite spot of all is the Hotel Galvez. It is a great pool, great bar, great location, and amazing spa.
  10. I used Z limo last month in the other direction. I know they do returns, and they seemed quite flexible. It is worth checking in with them on their pricing. As others have said, though, that flight time strikes me as awfully early.
  11. That makes sense, and they (who aren't on Cruise Critic) didn't book it expecting suite benefits. They expected enough space for their family. But, sure enough, it says "suite" when they log in. Their teenager really liked the suite lounge when we sailed on the Liberty last year, and we would like to be able to tell her she will have access to it again. However, again, Royal Caribbean and wild inconsistencies. What we are hoping for is some sort of recent policy change.
  12. Howdy, folks. We are sailing on the Enchantment this Summer. My family of 4 is in Owner's Suite 8014. When we log in to our reservation, it says, "Suite." We are traveling with a family of 6 who is staying next to us in cabin 8012. This is an ultra spacious ocean view. It also says "suite" when they log in. That would be excellent, because it would let them have all of the perks that come with it. Here's the problem, though. Sometimes Royal's website and customer service is... inconsistent. We didn't think they were booking a suite when they did it. We know that other balcony-free cabins on other ships have been converted to suites, but we can't find any clear documentation on this one. Has anyone actually sailed in Ultra Spacious Ocean View stateroom 8012 on the Enchantment, and can you tell me if suite perks came with it?
  13. Absolutely. The porters have always been quite helpful to me in Galveston. Happy travels!
  14. Petroplex


    We did it, briefly, when we got there in July. Expect to be met immediately on leaving the gates by someone volunteering to act as a tour guide. We kept saying no, and they kept following us. Once we found one specific person we liked and agreed to his services, all of the other prospective guides fell away. I felt perfectly safe, but I did not feel free to explore on my own. We then went back to the pier area and waited for the trip we had booked with Jamaica Culinary Tours. In addition to some delicious food, that provided me with someone who could give me and our group a much better sense of what we were looking at. I would do that again in a heartbeat. If you would prefer to just stay inside the pier area, there is a Margaritaville and a good bit of shopping and eating. I actually found some splendid patties there-- think of a meat pie. My teenager also had some excellent iced coffee. If you want to see a video of the pier area, I have one here. Happy sailing!
  15. Sadly, I have got lost in the thread. Where are they going, and how do we know?
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