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  1. Sorry about that! Sometimes I forget what I have already said. Yes, I loved the Connoisseur Club. However, Royal is clearly not paying as much attention to it as they did when I boarded the Navigator in 2015. It is a lovely place to drink and smoke, but there weren't a lot of great alcohol choices. The service also seemed inattentive on this trip.
  2. Have they made any sort of public announcement yet?
  3. Liberty of the Seas Bar Crawl.docx Sooooo...... I may have had a lot of free time one day in the office before our cruise on the Liberty this Summer. I then created the attached bar crawl, which we never got around to actually doing. It seems like we liked Boleros and Olive or Twist, and we camped out there. However, this may be useful as a map of which bars are where. Also, I have all of the bar menus from the Liberty to assist you in deciding what sounds delicious. Personal hint... they have Four Roses Single Barrel at the English pub, and the drink package covered it.
  4. You know, that name change makes *so* much sense with half of their inventory being surface Navy. Thanks for the update!
  5. I love Galveston, and I have written several times about places to eat and things to do there. Some particular favorites of mine: Go to La King's Confectionary. You can actually walk there from the cruise pier, although dealing with luggage would be a real pain. I get a kick out of watching them make their own candy. I like eating the candy even more. The American Undersea Warfare Center has a cool WW2 submarine you can walk around if you are physically able. Interestingly, this "undersea" place also has a surface destroyer from the same era for you to tour. The Hotel Galvez has a beautiful spa which is a nice way to pass part of your day. Enjoy your trip!
  6. I would be curious, though, to hear how this came out. Did the OP still get to sail in the original cabin? Was somebody denied boarding? What deal was ultimately accepted?
  7. I wrote about the Royal Caribbean gold benefits a couple of years ago. It was on a different ship, so the experience will be different. However, no, there is no private lounge unless you are in a suite. There is theoretically a private space of disembarkation, but I don't know how much value that provides. I do consistently see priority check-in lines that help significantly. Happy sailing!
  8. I have all of the bar menus from the Liberty of the Seas this Summer. I would expect them to be fairly close to what Brilliance has on offer. I tried to break the menus down by bar. One of the things which really surprised me is that the drink selection varied quite a bit from bar to bar. For example, I really enjoy Four Roses Single Barrel bourbon. They only had it at the Hoof and Claw pub... which I only discovered on my last night. If you are a wine and cocktail drinker, then the drink package becomes a good value quickly. The economics changes somewhat for beer. Even there, however, I put real value on having all of my bills paid before I step on the ship. I also wind up drinking some coffee drinks and club sodas. Those are also covered by the package, thus making it an even better deal.
  9. Are you on the July 10 or July 17 sailing? We are doing the Coco Cay run on the Enchantment July 10. I would love to see more runs in this direction.
  10. Is the existing terminal capable of handling an Oasis class ship for a few months if there are construction delays?
  11. Cool. I am still curious about Summer 2021. It is hard for me to imagine the Liberty being the only ship there for several months.
  12. This waiting is killing me. I'm the guy who books a cruise 18-20 months in advance so I can spend the time thinking about shore excursions and such. I always sail out of Galveston. It's close enough, and I like it. So far it is only the (by then amplified) Liberty in Summer 2021. She appears to leave at the end of October 2021. I'm guessing they add a second ship in the Summer and bring ,*something* in for the Fall, presumably to use Pier 3. I just wanna know what it is.
  13. Right now, if you search by ship, the Allure has one cruise open in September 2021. Nothing else after April of that year. The September cruise is leaving from Orlando.
  14. Huh. It looks like I posted on this topic a year before I sailed in that cabin. I have since sailed, and I have a video of the room as well as a text review of it on my blog. We noticed little noise in the hallway, and none from the deck above. Happy sailing!
  15. I have all of the bar menus from the Liberty of the Seas this Summer. I found pretty much everything to be included in my package. Hopefully, the menus can help you figure out if they have what you want. Sometimes you have to hunt for what you are looking for. For example, I didn't find Four Roses Single Barrel until the last night of the cruise. Prices may be slightly higher on some ships, although their drink packages tend to cover an extra dollar or two per drink.
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