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  1. John - that sweater mistake did look good. There is a humorist Jeanne Robertson from N.C. that has a story about her black pashmina. She ran back to her room to get it and flung it over her shoulders. Found out later she had pulled out her black slacks instead! It’s not that funny written but so funny to watch on YouTube! i am so enjoying this thread. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I just got off the phone with my travel agent. I am cancelling my Non Refundable Sept cruises. I put $500 down for each and it is before final payment is due. So Royal takes $200 for each which I was expecting. She stated the other $300 for each cruise will be in the form of Future Cruise Credits. I thought I would get that money back. Is she correct?
  3. I believe my daughter and I did that. I think we got off in Playa del Carmen to go to the Ruins. Boarded busses for the trip there. We were there in August and it was blazing hot. We did take a dip in the ocean to cool off. Boarded buses back, then took a ferry to Cozumel Great memories.
  4. Another thought on all the ships sailing again. How are they going to get the crew back, quarantine them for 14 or more days and test all again? And I wonder what percentage of the crew will say - never again?
  5. We are also booked on this May cruise but have not received any notification. We will be cancelling this one. Even if it goes which I don’t think it will, we would cancel. Even though we are in good health, we are over 70! We are also booked on the 5 night before this and are hoping we get to cancel without getting more FCC’s!
  6. Ourusualbeach Ken - are you hearing anything about the doctor’s note for cruisers over 70? I am somewhat concerned about accruing so much in FCC’s. We already have 3 cruises cancelled an am looking at 4 more in April and May. And I am wondering about cancelling cruises in Sept that final payment has not been made. They are non refundable so I would take a loss on those. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Blizzard54 John - I am so sorry to hear of your brother’s passing. It is just so sad. He was trying to help. Take care.
  8. Do Doctors have a form they just fill out - kind of like a kid going back to school? Or is Royal supplying the form? And do we have to get a note for every cruise taken in a year? This really makes no sense to me. And if you are cruising in a week or two, as I would have been if not cancelled, how do you get a note if you are already on your way to the port? So many questions!
  9. We were on the Adventure a while back, and the coffee machine was closed down around 9:00 till the next morning.
  10. Thanks. We made our reservation for March.
  11. Does anyone have a copy of the menu at Tropicante? Thanks
  12. Yes. It was one of the aft elevators that was not working.
  13. We were on the 2 cruises prior to this one and that elevator did not work either week! I think I read on CC that it had not been working the week before our two either. It really needs to be fixed!
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