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  1. Have a great cruise! We will be on the Harmony next month. It wii be the first time on that ship.
  2. John - do they now charge extra for back to backers? I remember you could park for 2 weeks but pay for 8 days. Thanks
  3. James. I would probably also choose the CPV. I was wondering if that room would also be larger than the inside Promenade room?
  4. Last week, our daughter received an email from RCL stating she could do her set sail pass on a reservation number that is mine for a Sept cruise. She was never on this reservation.
  5. Frankly, I would have been livid! The Concierge has supposedly been trained in relating to others and solving problems. How hard would it have been for her to discreetly ask if there was a problem since her photo did not show up on her list of those that can use the lounge?! Just unbelievable treatment to a guest and no respect either!
  6. John - I believe on the Serenade that the spacious balcony has a 3 seater sofa and the other is only a 2 seater.
  7. I was hoping for the same class as Serenade or going up to Voyager class!
  8. Any idea which ship will take over for the Serenade doing 10 and 11 nights to the Southern Caribbean in 2021?
  9. Are you asking about the Panoramic View rooms? I believe those rooms do have the fridge or cooler.
  10. Bob We lived near near Gatun Locks in the 1960’s and it was always called the Atlantic side.
  11. John. Lucky you! Will La La be with you? Have a great cruise.
  12. Thanks for the info John. I had not heard of the skypad! I loved the trampoline sailing out of a port! Haven’t done it since the ship left Baltimore.
  13. I believe the Enchantment is the only ship with a trampoline. And it is fun!
  14. Rude pinnacles were rude way before they made Pinnacle. Rude Zenniths were rude way before they made Zennith. Rude Suite guests were rude way before they set foot on the ship. Some folks just feel entitled no matter where they are! However for me, the majority of cruisers I have met are kind, friendly and helpful no matter the status.
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