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  1. She seemed healthy. She left for her new gig on CocoCay.
  2. …………….and MOST people cruise without a beverage package. Just buy and pay for a drink when you feel like a drink.
  3. You have been told half a dozen times on this thread, but here it is again: The 55% off description is NOT 55% off the previous (or any) UDP price. It is "up to" 55% off THE REGULAR, INDIVIDUALLY BOOKED RESTAURANTS. SO, give it up. You are just seriously misguided and uneducable.
  4. Unfortunately for your hypothesis, the information on the internet says otherwise. It was not just the Anthem that made this change this month. Several other ships sent out these notices (D+ barred from CL), including some Vision and Radiance class ships, not on "longer" cruises.
  5. What is happening on the Majesty is, I think, irrelevant to the rest of the fleet. She was always unique in the current fleet, with no Lounges and using the VCL for a substitute nightly event. That is what is going away.
  6. It is one o'clock across the fleet, with the occasional variant of 1:30.
  7. There is a family covered pool. Solarium is 16 and older. There is a toddler splash area. Swim diapers allowed. Adventure Ocean does not have a charge for regular hours. There are times in the evenings when there is a charge. There are plenty of high chairs. With a group of your size and makeup, I strongly suggest main traditional dining. (5:30) I am currently on the Anthem, and it is very friendly to all ages. 🙂
  8. Go on the Empress. Seven night cruises, Cape Liberty to St Georges and Hamilton, not the manufactured port of Royal Dockyards.
  9. So you haven't been there yet? I was a skeptic pre-visit, too. But I am VERY impressed with the renovations and think that it is now a wonderful port of call. I really like the facilities, the new food offerings, and the many different things to do.
  10. The OP is unhappy. He wants to never sail with Royal Caribbean again. I say, let him make that personal choice. Let this discussion end.
  11. On those factors, there is no clear “winner”, IMO. Now, at Cococay you have a pool option, which does not exist at labadee
  12. I do not judge people by what they wear. I judge them by their spelling and grammar.
  13. @exactorman51 I agree with trying social media. Post on RC's FB page: https://www.facebook.com/royalcaribbean/
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