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  1. Merion_Mom

    Travel kettle

    WJ is NOT open anywhere near 24 hours a day.
  2. Merion_Mom

    Teens of Mixed Ages

    Just curious - how do you know that there were 18 year olds there?
  3. Merion_Mom

    Balcony doors open all night?

    If you had the birds AND the bugs, at least the birds could eat the bugs. 😉
  4. Merion_Mom

    Balcony doors open all night?

    There is a sign right by the balcony door telling you to CLOSE it. It impacts the air conditioning of the cabins around you, too.
  5. Merion_Mom

    Symphony and Hairspray

    Absolutely zero chance.
  6. Merion_Mom

    Specialty restaurant discount

    I'm on the Vision. Someone was walking around the other day offering 30% off Chops.
  7. Merion_Mom

    Bionic Bar needs to GO....

    Are you referring to ME? The Hotel Director on the Quantum told me that.
  8. Merion_Mom

    Past Guest Party on Allure?

    or as I like to say: Everyone but Gold and newbies. 😉
  9. Merion_Mom

    Anthem of the seas on Current 12 day Feb 3-15

    Simply out of curiosity...………..how close to sail date did you book, that they released this suite to 3 people?
  10. Merion_Mom

    Anthem of the seas on Current 12 day Feb 3-15

    Ha! Mike Price came from you directly to us on the Vision! 😄
  11. Merion_Mom

    I just cancelled 3 booked cruises...

    Congratulations for what I assume is a new wonderful job!
  12. Merion_Mom

    Newbie Questions

    And the requirement is to be checked in 90 minutes before sailing, not two hours.
  13. Merion_Mom

    Bionic Bar needs to GO....

    It goes into the Crew Welfare Fund.
  14. I am 100% sure that EMBFlyer meant that what is said/posted/advised about "Haiti" does not apply to "Labadee". S/He meant that it is so separate and well-protected that a warning about "Haiti" simply doesn't have anything to do with RC's visits to the peninsula of Labadee and the private compound.