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  1. I don't think that it's right to use the term "historically". The Oasis class has only been in existence for ten years. When Oasis went in for her first drydock, the Broadway show was switched from Hairspray to Cats. But when Symphony was launched last year, her Broadway show was...……...Hairspray. When Allure went in for her first drydock, the Broadway show was switched from Chicago to Mamma Mia. Harmony and Symphony haven't reached the five year mark. Not much "history" here.
  2. Not so high. There are four levels - choice is the lowest, and it just means that at some point in your cruising life, you walked into the casino and played, using your SeaPass card. Prime is just the next rung on the ladder. There are two levels above that.
  3. Just so. Prime members get FREE drinks in the casino. Anything that they stock is yours for the asking. Since those drinks are free, there is no way for the bartenders to get a tip except directly from the passenger. ALWAYS tip. It's the right thing to do. 🙂
  4. You have summarized the PVSA quite well. The thing is that RC COULD insert one of the ABC islands into these repositioning cruises and fix the entire problem. They did back in 2014, but not lately.
  5. I am sitting here drinking a screwdriver. The bartender put the straw in an hour and twenty minutes ago. The straw is doing just fine.
  6. Mariner is keeping its WJ open late. Navigator? I haven’t heard yet.
  7. I’m on the Jewel and the casino bartenders could not be more attentive!!! Did you tip?
  8. CATS - Oasis Grease - Harmony Hairspray - Symphony Mamma Mia - Allure 😄 😄 😄 😄
  9. Café Promenade is the only REALLY late night option. (and it should be called Café Esplanade 😄 ) Sorrento's is open pretty late, though.
  10. No. That is the ultimate rule on this site. And private messaging is disabled. You can only communicate like this. Welcome to Cruise Critic.
  11. That was for the CD conference of a couple of days, I believe.
  12. If this is because of what someone wrote on a FB page, I think that it was just poorly worded and doesn't mean this at all. 🙂
  13. It's not "diminished" on the Anthem. It's eliminated. The host/ess at the exterior podium is always there when the restaurant is open, and only s/he can send you in.
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