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  1. Thanks. I knew that there was at least one more than I was forgetting. 🙂
  2. Various guesses: They couldn't find enough riggers. (the guys who manipulate the ropes for the aerialists). a. because they are using lots of riggers on the big ships b. there are too many versions of Cirque du Soleil around the globe using them. c. they were going to open a school to train their own riggers The viewing area was too small. Not enough passengers could see the show at one time. They were too expensive. I can't remember other guesses right now. Quarantine brain.
  3. Lots of ideas. Nothing whatsoever confirmed by RC.
  4. BEST WESTERN PLUS BALTIMORE CRUISEPORT 5625 O Donnell Street, Baltimore, MD, 21224
  5. That is REALLY far in the future. I'm not even sure that the Earth will be populated then.
  6. I had a heck of a time finding the SFW version - it was sent to me with a different word. 😄 😄 😄
  7. It's relatively new. Just since the last "update".
  8. Is your goal just to have a place to sleep and go to the cruise? Or do you want to visit Baltimore?
  9. I would not hesitate to book either one, but Symphony is not $1800 better than Oasis, IMO.
  10. Ken must be getting tired of posting that the travel agents ARE STILL BEING PAID BY ROYAL CARIBBEAN. They are receiving their full commissions for the cancelled cruises, and are receiving their full commissions when the customer uses the FCC the book a new cruise. It seems to me that there is little ethical justification for charging a cancellation fee.
  11. My son in law is a trademark attorney. 😄
  12. If you mean a regular cabin, booked with the 150% solo pricing, you get 75% of the OBC.
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