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  1. ^^^This, this, a thousand times this.
  2. And if you do traditional dining, you eat in the same restaurant for dinner 14 times. 😊
  3. I think that most experienced cruisers would be very happy if this happened, but it doesn't. Those who are late throw off the service for all the tables that these servers have.
  4. Actually, that would PROVE their liability. If they KNOW how much you have been served, and didn't cut you off, they are responsible.
  5. I can tell you "when". My son is 31, and the change happened RIGHT BEFORE he turned 18. He was SEETHING. LOL
  6. It was offered on my 9 night Anthem cruise that just ended. I don't remember what day, but it was late in the cruise. Three days left? Sounds about right. And I could easily have missed the notice in the Cruise Compass. I just happened to see it.
  7. Any obstruction applies only to looking straight down, which you can't really do through a window anyway. These cabins are really not particularly obstructed. The prices are insanely cheap right now, thanks to the cancellation of Cuba.
  8. If you read your replies carefully, foz, you will see that Americans are replying to you without acknowledging or understanding that you are asking a UK question. Evaluate their responses accordingly. 😉 🙂
  9. Oasis and Quantum class have Sea, Sky and Star class. No other ships do.
  10. That link takes you to all the food that you can order, including chocolate covered strawberries.
  11. You made me go look, and you are right! I was on Vision in November-December and in February, and Jewel February-April, and the days in the Compass were not numbered! And I never noticed!
  12. You can't go wrong either way. How different is the Solstice's itinerary from the Ovation's? Price difference? You would not be bored on Ovation in Alaska doing the same cruise. Plus, you'll have different company.
  13. https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/royalgifts/onboard-delivery/culinary
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