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  1. Price policies are different for Australians. You should ask this on the Australia forum. Australia & New Zealand Cruisers - Cruise Critic Community
  2. Current Captains Continued - Royal Caribbean International - Cruise Critic Community
  3. Am I allowed to bring alcohol onboard a cruise ship? | Royal Caribbean Cruises
  4. There is a listed corkage fee, but it "never" happens.
  5. Let's read her posts before you jump down her throat. NOWHERE does it say that she BID on a Spacious Ocean View Balcony. It says that she GOT a Spacious Ocean View Balcony. She says that she bid on JS, FS, and OS. I would be furious. But @SunnyDrea, please tell us the ship name, original and new cabin numbers. Some of us will try to help.
  6. On Quantum class ships, the sofabed makes into two beds. It's a trundle style pull-out. So although they are "sharing" a sofabed, they are actually separate beds, just sidebyside.
  7. Depends on the ship. On some, it was December 2019.
  8. Not so much. ๐Ÿ˜ž Because no one wants to pay the inflated prices.
  9. It's the last cabin. The one wall abuts the mezzanine of Two70. Can we say LOUD MUSIC FOR MANY MANY HOURS EVERY DAY AND NIGHT? And obstructed? Even more than the lifeboat hanging in front of the balcony, the aforementioned wall encroaches A LOT on your view. I only had this cabin because ONE TIME I decided to do a guarantee. Never again.
  10. I have read all of the reponses, and here is my input. I once had 6310, the last cabin aft on that hallway. HORRIBLE. But YOUR cabin? No problem. I would book that in a heartbeat. Cafe 270 has rather restricted hours. No problem there. And you are over it, not under it. And the "secret door" is now a very poorly kept secret. A great back door onto the mezzanine level of Two70. You come into the area next to the handicapped elevator and the library.
  11. In general, Vision class ships sail with lower numbers of top tier cruisers than the other classes.
  12. Depends on when you booked. Mine was cheap.
  13. Sometimes the BW balcony cabin is a higher price than the CP balcony cabin. Sometimes the CP balcony cabin is a higher price than the BW balcony cabin. ๐Ÿ™‚
  14. "It's illegal to feed crocs in Costa Rica however, over the years, the Government has turned a blind eye to the feeding on these tours as it is not seen as detrimental as it is, to some extent, controlled."
  15. Things that attract people to book Hideaway Beach: Adults Only!!! Things that repel people from booking Hideaway Beach: Loud non-stop DJ music!
  16. You can even punch a HOLE in it without harming it. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  17. @CSHS1979 Tell John that these are for him, from Regina Iguanarum. ๐Ÿ˜„ IMG_3221.HEIC IMG_3222.HEIC IMG_3223.HEIC IMG_3224.HEIC IMG_3225.HEIC
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