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  1. My advice would be to check in with Woodwind about a week before your tour. We were all set for an afternoon tour, only to be told that they had little interest in the afternoon and would only be doing a morning tour. I have no idea when they would have told me, I reached out to them. We still plan on going, but now I'm scrambling a bit to change our day around.
  2. I reached out to them by email to double check all was set and was told they didn't have much interest in an afternoon tour and could we make the morning tour. I told them that if the ship arrived at 8am there was no way I would get to them by 8:15 for the 8:30 tour. They said everyone was from Freedom so not to worry. So, now my question is how early should we be lined up waiting to get off the ship? I purposely booked an afternoon so we wouldn't have to do this but I don't want to miss their tour.
  3. Thank you, I actually found her on both FB and Instagram. I've never seen info on her store before, again thank you so much! I can't wait to visit next week :)
  4. I'm SO GLAD I saw this! Can you tell me about how much one of the Skadey's would cost? I've been Googling but haven't really found much information. I'm definitely visiting this shop!
  5. We'll be doing this on Nov. 21st and I cannot wait!
  6. I've only been to Megan's & Coki but we chose to return to Coki. The fish literally ate out of your hand, it was amazing. We loved it.
  7. The sign is located in Queen Wilhelmina Park. You can Google map/image and see the area where the sign is. I'm going on Freedom in November and after the beach break excursion we plan to go back to ship to freshen up and head over there as well.
  8. Thank you for posting. After researching I have been following both Reflexions & Surfside on Facebook as we don't go until November. It's just hubby and I and honestly we aren't interested in a pool, just the beach and some food and drinks. Both places look awesome.
  9. Yes, I was perfectly okay with that price. Like I said, I'm still watching it to see how it all plays out but I like knowing we have good seats and it's DONE.
  10. I ended up booking with Jet Blue for $444 pp non-stop out of Newark. Once I got the alert from Hopper I went for it. I am still watching it just to see if it gets much lower. I was expecting to pay around $400 so knowing my flights are booked and we have decent seats makes me not worry so much. I'm not a fan of Frontier unless my dates are flexible. I've dealt with them thru my boss and I wasn't willing to take a chance with them when I have to be on my cruise a certain date. 3 years in a row his Florida flights were cancelled and moved less than a day out which was frustrating. Just 2 weeks ago the night before the flight they changed it from 6pm to 6am the next day. If that happened to us on our cruise we would be completely screwed.
  11. Going in November. Booked cruise this past November. Booked airfare end of last month. I used the Hopper app and originally flights from Newark/NYC area were almost $900 pp round trip (non-stop). The app kept telling me to wait. I finally got the alert once Jet Blue released their flights and we are paying $444 pp round trip (no-stop). It said to book now so I did. I don't normally fly but I kept the alert on the app just to see if it drops again. I know I can't change it, but knowing I have my flights booked at a decent price gives me peace of mind.
  12. I had the same questions and I booked the afternoon. Since both port days before this we will be up & out early for morning excursions I wanted to be able to sleep in a bit and have a nice sit down breakfast on the ship. I plan to walk over to Whilhelmina (sp?) park for some shopping, then go back to the ship and get dressed for the snorkeling trip and head over.
  13. We had no choice, the early seating was already full so I now have reservations for every evening on MTD. I like having that option instead of being forced to sit down to eat at 8pm in the dining room. I hope we don't have long waits every evening.
  14. Thank you so much. We're in Monmouth County & I haven't ruled out NYC completely, just prefer not to. Spirit is another option for us, hubby uses them from AC time to time. I won't fly Frontier, (Trenton) at least not if my dates aren't flexible, my boss uses them and has had several flights cancelled thru the years. I have the Hopper app and I'm watching 2 flights & it keeps saying to wait. Probably because the other airlines will add their flights by then. I'll make sure I check on Sunday's during that time frame though!
  15. I'm currently watching airfare for November. Although we are closest to Newark, so far it's about $600 cheaper to fly out of Philly on United, which is totally worth the drive for us. I'm anxiously awaiting JetBlue and SouthWest to release their flight info.
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