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  1. Gary, I have to say, for the first time I'm very disappointed with you! I've been looking forward to your updates on your November cruise and just now realized that it's so close to mine (Dec 5th Epic but leaving a few days early to hang out in NY). Drat! Looks like I won't be able to take full advantage of your advice. I've been on Suites in the Jewel Class but this is my first experience with a Haven restaurant. Hope you have an amazing time and thank you again for all the time you've put into this.
  2. I'm so excited reading this. We're in a Haven 2 br in the Epic's first US departure in a couple of months.
  3. The British Virgin Islands instituted New Covid-19 requirements last week (roughly 10/15/21) It was a bit difficult to understand as my sources were 2 news articles and a YouTube Video but essentially visitors will be required to take a PCR test before being allowed to disembark. I have not seen details such as how many days/hours I'm advance or how NCL is handling it. I have a Dec 5th sailing with Tortolla on Day 5 so I'm also very much interested in the details. I was planning to explore the subject in about 2 or 3 weeks when I get closer to my date but will definitely share what I find.
  4. I bet the Aqua Viva ships will smell great 😁 Sorry, I know I added nothing meaningful
  5. I'm more concerned with who's in the bed than where it's located
  6. I think it's hilarious that you write this. You're 100% correct. However, as someone who flew 48 weeks/year for 20 years and has lifetime status, I tried to board an airplane last and get off asap. I've spent enough time on them!
  7. Actually, cool people don't care what someone else thinks. Nor have they used the term cool about themselves since the 70s. Clearly your comment was directed at me. If you truly read my post and think I'm going to be flashy and make tipping about me because I made a joke about a movie then there's obviously something else going on with you. I'm not going to make this personal and argue with you. Feel free to think what you want and judge me as you see fit. It's not going to change the fact that I plan to over tip people who lost their careers for 18 months through no fault of their own. If that makes me not cool, I'm okay. I live in Florida, I can take some heat. I wish you the happiest of cruises.
  8. I live in a tourist town that was completely devastated economically by Covid-19. My wife worked in Corporate Events for 25 years pre-Covid. My career (though I have a fun side job for a hobby) is in Entertainment Technology. Thankfully, we came through the pandemic much better than most in our industry or many others. I have a slight idea of what not being able to work in your career for 18 months feels like. For those reasons, I will be passing out tips on my next cruise like Rodney Dangerfield in Caddy Shack! You gave me a towel? Here's $20 to send home to your family. You poured a refill without me asking? Here's an extra $5 for your kids. After the way the world has been recently, I feel blessed to be healthy, have a job, afford my bills, have the opportunity to do something as frivolous as cruise in the Haven. I want to share a little piece of those blessings with people who work hard with a smile on their face. So forget the "guidelines". Tip what you can comfortably afford and brings a bit of magic to someone else.
  9. 100% spot on. I may know someone who works at the most magical place on Earth. Very similar situation. While employees are treated well, there's always the under lying reality that you can be replaced in a minute. Many people are scared to confront guests who are breaking the rules, even if they approach politely, because the guest will complain to management and share a perspective on the situation that might not exactly be what happened. It's simply easier sometimes to turn a blind eye. At the end of the day, can you blame the lowly guest facing crew member who's from a less fortunate country, working crazy hours with little of what we consider freedom of movement, not really empowered to do anything yet tasked with responsibility from management that they can't really carry out. I don't think it's fair to put the crew member into that type of situation. I implore everyone to not take your frustration out on them. Btw- Walt was famous for saying "A guest isn't always right but they're always a guest". And that's the foundation of everything the company does.
  10. I'm on that cruise. Upgraded from a Haven Penthouse to a Family Villa and saved $1,800!
  11. We're all thinking it so I'll just ask.... does he still have a gf?😁
  12. To be completely honest, I saw how much I'd save and then made the post. I truly wanted feedback BUT as you said, it really was a no brainer. 🙃😉
  13. This thread topic almost sounds like a Jimmy Buffett song! We had the same thing happen on the last 2 cruises we booked. It was corrected after a few days. We were told it's a common issue.
  14. I think it's going fairly well, considering it's the internet. I thought multiple people would have hit on her by now. While I've made a few jokes and some of us have groaned about the situation, I understand why she posted here. Quite simply, sharing a small room with someone who you suddenly don't trust can be scary and possibly even dangerous for a woman. For that reason alone, we should cut her a break and give some real advice (as some have) along with everything else.
  15. Long story short, wife and I are on the Epic this Dec. We're booked in a normal Haven room. I keep reading on our roll call how the prices (especially for singles) keep dropping so I've checked pretty much every day. My room type has gone up ny about $200. Low and behold, early this morning I'm looking and the 2 Bedroom has dropped like a rock! Clearly this is because kids under 12 can't sail as they're aren't yet eligible for the vaccine. When you swap out the promos and compare total costs between my original booking and the 2 Bedroom the overall savings is about $1,750. Am I a pig for thinking about taking a 2 Bedroom for 2 people? What would you do? Also, if you have a Haven booking for a sailing in the near future, check other cabin types!
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