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  1. I really hope Crystal won't require a PCR test. It seems like overkill since we already have to be vaccinated. The only places I've found in South Florida that guarantee a two-day turnaround for the PCR test are more than 25 miles from me and the price was about $175 per person. These were specialty places primarily for travelers. CVS won't guarantee having PCR test results beyond "a few days" (my pharmacist told me he's seen it take five days) but CVS will do a same-day antigen test. If anyone has other information on places in South Florida that can guarantee the PCR test in the time we are
  2. Is it true that Crystal is doing Covid tests at embarkation? If so, why do we have to provide proof that we have had a Covid test prior to embarkation?
  3. Once I have my Bahamas travel health visa, which requires uploading a copy of my vaccination record, does anyone know if I need to bring the original card with me? Would a photocopy be sufficient? I would prefer not to travel with the original unless I have to.
  4. The Port of Miami has been vaccinating crew from other lines. I wonder if Crystal could swing by there for a technical call and get their crew vaccinated.
  5. Since the Bahamas is no longer requiring a COVID-19 test for fully vaccinated visitors, and the cruise is not going anywhere other than the Bahamas, do you think it's possible that Crystal will update this and only require proof of vaccination?
  6. Initially, DeSantis issued the "no proof of vaccination allowed" mandate as an executive order. If it was just an executive order, he could withdraw it or revise it to carve out an exception for cruise ships, if he was so inclined. But now that it's been passed as legislation, it's the law of the land in Florida. The legislature would have to pass new legislation undoing part or all of the law they just created. Politically, I'm not sure how many of the Republican politicians, who control Florida government, are going to be willing to step back from this position. This is especially unfortunat
  7. That sounds like the reasonable thing to do. I do feel bad that the cruise lines are unable to plan for the fall/winter Caribbean season given the recent legislation passed in Florida. If they can't work something out with the state of Florida (and any other states that pass similar legislation) in the next couple of months I imagine they will have to scramble to line up slots in Caribbean ports and/or in U.S. ports that don't prohibit proof of vaccination. St. Maarten, Antigua, Nassau, Barbados, etc., don't have the capacity and infrastructure to accommodate all the cruises and cruise passeng
  8. If I understand this correctly, it says they could cancel the cruise and not refund the passenger. That would mean they have the right to cancel a cruise, not substitute anything for it, and keep your money. Really?
  9. I have a Celebrity cruise scheduled for November out of Fort Lauderdale, which is where I live. Does anyone know if Celebrity has the right to change the embarkation port after final payment without issuing a refund? And I mean refund, not a future cruise credit. I might be willing to fly to another port, but I want to have the option to do so or to cancel. I know they can change the itinerary based on weather, etc., after the cruise begins, but this seems quite different.
  10. If Governor Desantis were to get his way, cruises would operate out of Florida with no vaccination requirement. From what I've read on these boards, most of us WANT there to be a vaccination requirement. I certainly do. I'd much rather be on a fully vaccinated cruise and not wear a mask than to be on a cruise without a vaccination requirement and then have to wear a mask indoors. I would gladly go on a fully vaccinated cruise today. The other option is a no go for me. I don't see that happening for a very long time, when--if--Covid is a distant memory. The CDC gave the cruise lines
  11. So much great advice here. I would recommend that if your TA charges a fee for anything, or a cancellation fee, look for another TA.
  12. I am contemplating a cruise on the Insignia that sails from Montreal to Bermuda to Fort Lauderdale (with other ports in between). I have never sailed on a cruise ship smaller than 2,000 passengers and 85,000 gross tonnage, and I wonder if there is significantly more ocean roll and the potential for motion sickness on a ship the size of the Insignia (700 passengers, 30,000 gross tonnage). We would be in the Atlantic in October when weather has the potential to be stormy and the seas rough. I have only been seasick once in my life, when I was on a whale-watching expedition boat that held about 4
  13. Thank you for the clarification. I've never done an aft-facing veranda. Often, they are terraced out so that there is little shade and the decks above you can see you on your veranda. Both are nonstarters for me, but I know that some people absolutely love the wake-facing verandas. I will look at photos and deck plans to see how these are configured on the Edge class ships.
  14. "Ascent" appears to refer to the direction of fares so it's apt.
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