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  1. And with this, Cruise Critic has truly outlived its usefulness
  2. Unfortunately, no - that does not leave you enough time. I'm assuming you're a UK citizen coming from the UK. Assuming your flight arrives on time, 90 minutes is not enough to clear passport control, get your checked bags, and go back through security and board the flight to MIA. Stay the night in MCO and get the 10am AA flight to MIA on 21 April. There's an 821am flight, but it's very expensive. The alternative would be to fly Saturday night from MCO to FLL, stay overnight in FLL. then get to PoM Sunday morning.
  3. Yes to both questions. You will emerge from Trunk and exit past the ranger booth. Often, there are taxis parked to the left and to the right. The taxis to the left are usually for people who specifically booked cruise ship excursions. The taxis to the right are for general use. You may have to wait a bit until the taxi fills up. Just ask. You really can't go wrong. As far as food goes, you could walk to North Shore Deli at Mongoose Junction and get sandwiches prior to departing for Trunk, but then you'd have to double back to the ferry dock to get a taxi, and you may have to wait to find someone to take you to Trunk.
  4. Total Cost: $84.60 Taxi from Havensight to Red Hook is $13pp one way. Ferry from Red Hook to Cruz Bay. Ferries leave on the hour. Cost is $8.15pp one way. Taxi from Cruz to Trunk Bay is $6pp one way. The ship excursion is convenient, but costs more and reduces your flexibility, especially since you are in port so late. DIY. Spend the afternoon at at Trunk then stop in Cruz Bay for happy hour before going back to STT and the ship.
  5. Ferry from Red Hook to Cruz Bay is $8.15pp. Taxi from Cruz to Trunk is $6pp
  6. Not on Pullman or Turbus. You have to change at Alameda Station.
  7. Yes - there;s a food truck and a bar. News of St John posted an update on this today. http://newsofstjohn.com/2019/01/27/great-news-from-trunk-bay-2/?fbclid=IwAR2aIYDSe0ueb_Q99EDx4v4dzs7XQxtNZO7jSDZV_WLQHzwjukUF5TGztEo
  8. > It will be tough for you to make the 9am ferry from Red Hook to Cruz Bay. > If you have time before the 10am ferry leaves, walk across the street to Moe's Fresh Market and buy drinks / snacks. > When you disembark the ferry in Cruz Bay, approach the taxi "loader" and let me know you'd like to go to Trunk Bay. > As an alternative to Trunk, consider Honeymoon Bay. You can hike in or take a zodiac from Cruz Bay. > You should arrive at Trunk by 10:45am. > At Christmas, the NPS was not staffed, so there was no need to pay the entry fee. > The bar and food truck accept credit cards. > For the return trip from Trunk to Cruz Bay, don't expect to just jump in a taxi and go. The driver will wait to fill the taxi. > To make a 530pm all aboard, the absolute latest ferry you can take departing Cruz Bay is 4pm. There will be traffic as you get closer to Charlotte Amalie.
  9. Crown Bay to Red Hook Taxi: I believe the cost is $15pp. Red Hook to Cruz Bay Ferry: I know the cost is $8.15pp. I think the threshold to use a credit card is $16. Cruz Bay to Trunk Bay Taxi: I know the cost is $6pp.
  10. I spent 2 weeks on STJ at Christmas. These beaches are the best options that fit your criteria. Keep in mind that you have to hike into Honeymoon, or take the zodiac ride from Cruz Bay. Shade can be tough to come by, especially if you aren't on the beach early, but generally you can find some as provided you are flexible on location. Based on your criteria, I'd give a slight advantage to Honeymoon. I found it to have a bit more shade, and slightly better food offerings.
  11. The trip is very easy. Buses run frequently and are a popular option in Chile. There is very little difference between the 2 companies in terms of price and bus type. Just go with whatever one best fits your schedule.
  12. Consider Honeymoon. I know it meets all of your criteria with the exception of umbrellas.
  13. My experience from last year... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2482947-data-points-departing-harmony-16-dec-2017-in-fll-terminal-18/?tab=comments#comment-53497574
  14. Not really sure. The sign is still out, and there’s construction going on next door, but nothing looks imminent or even close.
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