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  1. I checked. I thought I saw PV and above. Mmmmmm. Checked again. You're right. My bad. 🙄 Didn't know about the kettle. Nice to know.
  2. If your cabin has a coffee maker - it can be used to just dispense hot water to make tea (herbal and regular). If all you want is tea just tell your cabin stewards and they will supply you with just tea bags and the kind you want. Also - the coffee/tea station in the World Cafe has a large selection of teas you can make. And.. lest I forget - tea (various kinds) are served at the Viking Bar on Deck 1. You can also bring your own tea bags and then use the hot water dispenser in the world cafe or in your cabin. Coffe brewers are In PV cabins and above; however, I'm quite sure that
  3. Happier topic - Full size Viking River and Viking Ocean (Inc Expeditions) catalogs arrived over the past 2 days. Even tho I know the Viking site provides way more info than these catalogs - I like having them. Sometimes the catalogs actually present the info that's on the site better. I know - sounds silly but hey! What's wrong with silly?😁
  4. I looked at Bermuda's procedures and found them too much. Scant allowance for fully vaxxed pax. Fooey!
  5. I can't imagine how much stuff I'd pack if we were to do a World Cruise. Doubtful we ever would. DH wouldn't consider it. I might.
  6. I'm the DW. And I don't start packing for real until the day before. I start gathering things to be packed about a week or two before - tossing things on the bed in our daughter's old bedroom. But the actual packing?? Day before. Ditto for DH. We pack separately btw. 😊
  7. More changes today that have posted. 4 new cruises all starting in 2022 with all mysteriously shown as completely SOLD OUT in 2022 (partly or totally) but not in 2023 (if scheduled then). Not sure if SOLD OUT in this case simply means they're not accepting bookings yet or they really are SOLD OUT. Am leaning towards the former; that Viking is hedging their bets on when the associated countries will open up to travelers. New cruises are: Australia, New Zealand & Indonesia (Orion - SOLD OUT early 2022), Scandinavia & the British Isles (Venus - SOLD OUT), Viking Homelands & Majest
  8. as I've written before, you and others who are doing the welcome back cruises this Summer are the brave ones. Chickenhearts like me salute your bravery and willingness to deal with the unavoidable uncertainties of this period of re-start.
  9. i based what I wrote regarding 4-6 wks from pre-covid days. no idea what the experience will be for the welcome back cruises this summer. I still stand by the dates given on the guest statement.
  10. Thanks. Will leave ship scheduling to real experts. One of my cousins lives near Vancouver on Bowen Island. When we visited with him a while ago - he was still living in Vancouver (his house on Bowen Island was under construction) so we got treated to many ferry trips including one to Victoria . We returned to the States using the car ferry from Sidney to Anacortes. When we did the Inner Passage from Ketchikan, part was during the day but a good chunk was after sunset and overnight (have to dig back in my records to find out exactly). We arrived in Vancouver early -- 6am.
  11. To add to Peregrina's reply, there's a lot of info provided in the Guest Statement (aka Invoice) that you won't find anywhere in the MVJ (just checked mine to confirm). In addition to the financial part (inc final payment date) it provides: a detailed cruise itinerary (port arrival and departure, whether the port is a "tender port" -- little red anchor means it is), earliest embarkation time, the dates when reservations for specialty dining and main dining are open (the MVJ onboard experience section displays the exact date and time when reservations for the main dining open), and date when
  12. thanks! my idea was that a way to avoid docking in Vancouver and still catch the inner pasaage would be to do a 2 day loop from Ketchikan down the Inner Passage and then around the west side of Vancouber Island back to Ketchikan but in a way doing that made no sense. what do you do afterwards?? Where's the final port? near an airport? our first ocean cruise together was Alaska & the Inside Passage on HAL's Statendam. So I agree it is a sight not to be missed. anyway - I guess folks will have to be patient and be respectful of the measures countries choose to prot
  13. So much for the idea I started to include after my "Yikes!" comment -- doing the inner passage by sailing around Vancouver from Ketchikan! And I also thought about Seattle .. oh well... so much for that idea!
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