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  1. Excellent point, Coral. A reminder for all to keep re-evaluating the value received, as change is inevitable - to say nothing of the promotional deals...
  2. I think it is reasonable to expect a consideration from a Travel Agent. The one we use offers a small amount of OBC, that varies over time, but for us the big payoff is we get extra airline miles, and often get bonus miles - double, triple, or more - for our booking. This amounts to quite a good value for us, as we are organized to maximize our miles. In fact, for our April Viking cruise booking we are receiving miles with a market value of over $1,500. In my opinion it is not necessarily all about OBC, but rather what value is offered to the particular traveler, so I encourage each to learn what considerations are available in the marketplace, and select the one of most value to them. And just to underscore my preference for miles - we have just returned from a trip to England, flying in business one way and first on the return, paid for with miles. And we are not globetrotters or high-rollers, we just have organized ourselves to maximize the miles we get from ordinary activities. Photo of my DW is from our return flight.
  3. OF COURSE I am over-thinking it. It's what I do! In truth, DW and I will manage with no problem, but my initial curiosity has been replaced by the desire to learn which ships have Veranda Suites configured as in the Viking 360-degree video, and which are like the videos I found. The cusp of the change appears to be in the 2014-2015 time-frame. "Inquiring minds want to know." Your advice to go with the flow is good, and much-appreciated. That is what we do. Thanks!
  4. EarlandJane, I am very intrigued by your review of your July 2019 cruise on the Viking LIF. The configuration of the AA cabins on some ships differs from what is shown on the Viking website. I wonder if you have any photos from that cruise of your Veranda Suite which shows the bedroom storage (closet & drawers). While it is still early days - we sail on the LIF in April 2020 - I would like to know what the storage situation is so that I am prepared when we embark. If anyone else has such photos, please jump right in. Thanks to all you helpful cruisers out there.
  5. Yeah - I did see the 360 degree tour on the Viking website, but other videos (see my other topic) show a different arrangement entirely. That is part of the reason for asking about the LIF - whether it is like the "old" Viking videos, or the "current" user videos.
  6. I just "dug these videos up" from my much earlier research notes, which show the Veranda Suites on the Viking Ve and the Viking Vilhjalm. Both of these were (apparently) built in 2015, while the Viking Lif was (apparently) built in 2014. It seems possible that the Viking Lif Veranda suites could be of the same design, unless a major design change was implemented in the intervening year. Does anyone have firsthand knowledge of this? I'm just curious...
  7. OK. If the rod is 66" from the floor, and the top of the drawers is 20" from the floor, that gives about 46" to play with. Lower rod or taller drawers would reduce that.
  8. Also a good point to keep in mind! I'll have to remind DW of that...
  9. In another post I asked about the number and placement of drawers in the Longships VS cabins, and found that there were few of them. So let me ask those of you who have traveled in this class of cabin how you coped with storage for stuff that normally goes in bureau drawers. I don't relish the idea of just piling things around the cabin, so maybe you already have the answers I am seeking?
  10. And the free-hanging distance from the closet rod to closet floor - or to the drawers.
  11. I'm thinking we might benefit from bringing one of those hanging organizers that I dislike, but I can't see putting all our underwear on the floor of the closet, or leaving it in our suitcases - that is not our style. Well, forewarned is forearmed. That's why I asked. Thanks for clearing that up. So the next question has to be "How wide are the closets?" so I don't bring an organizer that takes up all the space...
  12. Thanks for this, LeRenardRouge. Part of my reason for asking is that I see different layouts of these suites in various images and videos and on the Viking site. Some show the closet behind the door (like the image below from the Viking website), and show the bedroom door opening against a full-length mirror with the closet on the wall opposite the foot of the bed. And then there are assorted variations. Then there are some drawers in the living room, but some of the furniture panels with drawer pull handles conceal things that are not drawers. So, if anyone has a chance to examine and describe AA304 - or any of the Veranda Suites on the Viking LIF, I would appreciate it. A video tour would be nice, too. Am I asking too much?
  13. Thanks. I was just curious because I saw no beer handles in the photos on the Viking website. Although I generally drink an IPA - or Guinness if available on draft - 'Bitte, ein Bit!' works for me.
  14. We are booked on a BUD-AMS GE cruise departing 8 April 2020 on the Viking LIF in a Veranda Suite. Photos I have seen do not satisfactorily illustrate the number and placement of drawers we could use for stashing our clothes, etc. Would anyone have either photos or a description of the numbers and locations of bureau drawers in this type cabin? TIA.
  15. Is draft beer available aboard Viking Longships? Of course I mean the fresh-pulled kind, not the bottled "draft."
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