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  1. Because it makes it easier on cruisers - Viking should have done that from day one.
  2. On a topic of concern to some - those who decide to cancel for personal reasons using the "Risk-Free Guarantee" - I offer my experience with doing that. My usual travel agent was on vacation so I called the firm's main number and spoke with Elise, the agent on duty. She initiated the cancellation process on that day, Tuesday, 29 June. The next day I noted that our Bermuda Welcome Back cruise was no longer available via MVJ, and by Friday, 2 July, we received our vouchers for the entire cost of the cruise. Of course, my intent is not to encourage people to cancel, but to give those who mus
  3. And now my FF can access MVJ without a problem. My thanks go to the Viking website team for fixing this problem.
  4. I sent an inquiry to Viking Social (TellUs@vikingcruises.com) this morning just to be certain there was not something I was doing rong, and received this nice reply: "Thank you for reaching out to us here and for your patience as we looked into your inquiry. While we understand your initial concern, at this time we can confirm that regrettably, Firefox is not a supported browser. To continue accessing your account we encourage you to follow the message on the screen upon visiting MyVikingJourney.com, which provides a list of currently supported browsers and, for your convenience, lin
  5. Still not working this morning. I cleared FF cache and windows file cache (and dns cache) but still not working. I will report this to Viking today. Using Chrome in the meantime.
  6. After using FF to access MVJ for the past two years (and up until an hour or so ago) I now get the following when I try to log in: Unsupported Browser Oops, it looks like the browser you are trying to use is no longer supported. In order to ensure the best My Viking Journey experience please use one of the below supported browsers. Supported browsers include: Chrome Version 80 or higher Edge Version 80 or higher Safari Version 13.0.4 or higher What the Heck?
  7. I have yet to see any reportage on-line about Viking's "successful" restart with the Bermuda cruises.
  8. I’m afraid I’m with you, Ragnar. We are canceling our 20 July cruise because of the low probability of satisfying all the “requirements” - whatever they will be when that cruise sails - and avoiding the constantly-changing hurdles and land mines on the get-to-Bermuda obstacle course. I remember the “good old days” when we just had to be concerned with keeping ourselves safe.
  9. I guess this brings home the implications of "collateral damage."
  10. Grotto Bay - a nice enough place, but only if you can enjoy the amenities. Steve and Sally are confined to their room.
  11. I "assume" that Bermuda still requires masking in taxis and buses - I remember reading that in the past two days but don't remember where...
  12. That's where we are too. Responsibility and consequences I can handle, consequences thru no fault of our own - pass.
  13. Is this a second instance? And did he announce how many were removed with them?
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