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  1. Which ports in Viking's Alaska cruises are tendered? Tender: Yes / No Valdez: Icy Straight Point: Skagway: Juneau: Sitka: Ketchikan: Are some ports definite tender ports, and in others, does it depend on what other ships are in port?
  2. If you saw a Viking cruise you wanted to purchase, but it was sold out, were you ever able to join the cruise by - Checking back - Joining a Waitlist - ?
  3. Something I've been curious about: What cost savings have you actually experienced in booking air travel with Viking vs on your own? Do you price it out or do you always book air with Viking for the convenience? My default thought has been - I would always self-book to keep flexibility for using mileage. - I am not inclined to trust my air travel booking responsibilities with someone else. I guess i feeI - it adds variables. Other things that could go wrong. from a different thread: Didn't realize cruise lines could charge a "deviation fee" for arriving early. Glad to hear Viking will waive it. I would always want to arrive at least 2 days before a cruise if at all possible exactly for that reason. I'm grateful my work situation allows that to be possible. Vacation is rare and precious enough that missing day 1 would be a bummer. (Context: I am new to both cruising and cruise air.)
  4. @Tommy Glynn, Whose reply do you think is more helpful to someone like me new to Viking? 1) @Travelingnonni99's description of her experience which could help set my expectations on a Viking cruise around booking excursions? Her first hand experience compared to other cruise lines? 2) Your put down? Could you demonstrate your reading comprehension and quote what made you believe @Travelingnonni99 implied that her life was completely ruined or at significantly impacted in any way? What made you feel the need to reply with such sarcasm?
  5. Do you print out and pack your Confirmation of Benefits and Explanation of Benefits?
  6. Which one did you purchase? a Google Home Mini + tiny travel router the size of a deck of cards are permanent residents in my suitcase. After connecting the router to the hotel wifi, all devices (laptop, iphone, phones) simply connect to the travel router, as easily as they connect to my home router when at home. It’s a big simplifier, more secure, and saves a ton of time re-connecting more than 1 device (laptop, phones, Ipad...) after enforced annoyingly frequent (12 hour!) time-outs in hotel wifi. I just plug in the google home mini. It auto-connects to my router, and then I can ask it allll the useful questions needed when traveling about commute times, weather, etc., and most importantly, play whatever music I ask it to. “Hey google play death cab for cutie” Or “hey google play tranquil day spa”
  7. Thank you! I have looked at Silversea but not Oceania. I crossed Oceania off my list of options based on solo travelers' trip report about Oceania policies with solos. I'm very interested in Regent. This year I socialized with a bunch of Australian Regent cruisers in the Langham, Hong Kong, club lounge each evening for 4 days or so. Australians have the best sense of humor. They told me how awesome Regent was, and I checked both Regent and Viking for this week but neither are sailing from London. Good to know, @Covepointcruiser. I did try to book in Azamara for 1 cruise early next year, but YC was full. Hi Hank, Neither of those are available in that week or even the next week (if I decided to stay an extra week and spend 1 week of hotel $ to save cruise $) If cruisetimetables.com is correct, my only other choices in the specific week where I am: already there in London (no flight cost) available to travel for a week vacation have less interesting itineraries (already visited many of the ports), except for a cruise line called "Cruise & Maritime Voyages". I don't know anything about them. Do you? My alternatives for that week are: - Don't vacation. Return home / back to work early. - Make that week totally a DIY land vacation. I've already done that a bunch of times when already there for work in England, Scotland, Ireland. Still lots of new places to see though. My next opportunity for vacation is already filled, so I can't move it to a different time. It would just be skipping that vacation slot next year. Hi @ wpgcycler, If you feel the need to snipe like an adolescent instead of discuss, at least demonstrate superior reading comprehension skills when you snipe. Can you process why your snipe is counter to my objection?
  8. It could not add up... for you. 3 aspects: 1) On my first cruise in August as an adult, having complimentary and careful laundry service anytime I wanted was a huge delighter. I felt pampered and more... care-free. It helped create the best zen . An insight that Marketing and User Experience professionals know well: When someone starts talking about how a product, policy, or experience makes them feel, that is your clue #1 that the decision making has transcended cost and data. 2) You speak in binary terms. There seem to be lots of other cruise lines to consider ; choices with maybe fewer friction points and similar room features at $3k less. (I say 'maybe' because I'm too new to cruising to know for sure. I just know there's no HAL ship doing same itinerary in that specific time frame, so I needed to look elsewhere when I originally booked. With limited time to research, the Apex looked beautiful and the exact time was right. ) 3) I would never have started looking seriously at other options beyond the Apex cruise had I not realized laundry was not complimentary, despite paying $12k for a sky suite. To me that is Celebrity saying, "you aren't paying us enough for this benefit" whereas I feel I am. It makes me wonder, "where else will I have unexpected surprises like that" . i.e. if Celebrity created that policy, what else won't I like in similar spirit? The final payment date is next year. Plenty of time to reschedule on a different cruise line. --------- ** Also there are 2 things with a big 'feeling' and experience impact: no complimentary Laundry and no loungers on Edge Sky Suites balconies. But I've read that the no-lounger situation might be corrected
  9. Hey, don't be sorry! Everyone has their own perspective. You said it almost correctly: Because I am spending nearly $2k / day, laundry should be complimentary.
  10. Yes - I'm actually considering rebooking on a different line, though I'd love to explore the Apex: 1 reason: No complimentary laundry for Sky Suites. After paying that much, and after seeing at the per-piece Laundry prices on Celebrity, ...it might become straw... camel... back. On my first cruise with HAL to Alaska in a Neptune Suite, their complimentary laundry services was amazing. Each item came back perfectly folded and tissue wrapped with a personal note. In a Neptune suite $5k less than a Sky Suite. Are there any packages to buy that include Laundry?
  11. Could you add a link to the specifics that you find ambiguous?
  12. What caused the fire? I am more fire paranoid than the average person.I travel with 2 portable smoke hoods, 1 in airplane carry-on, 1 in suitcase. If lucky it would give me 5 extra minutes in smoke before passing out.
  13. Psyched for your cruise @zelker !
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