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  1. I'm curious about this question too. Thanks for posting.
  2. @Kfrech, While you may be over estimating the impact or effects of motion, vibration, over hang on this particular cruise and ship, You are not "over-analyzing". You asked about 3 aspects that many people on various cruises mention as a factor in cruise comfort and enjoyment in their trip reports. No need to beat yourself up or apologize over analyzing. All of the research and prep I did for my Alaska cruise was tremendously helpful towards creating an awesome vacation, and yet I still had plenty of challenges to overcome ;-), mostly on the DIY pre-cruise part though.
  3. @MrsKC08, I can explain it to you since I love Clausthaler, the alcohol-free beer I linked to above. I drink beer for the taste, not the buzz. I enjoy the taste of Clausthaler original and dry hopped as much as any craft beer. I also enjoy wine and liquor. I also do not completely disregard the recommendations of researchers, and have 3 or fewer drinks per week. (I have more in these 2 weeks between Christmas and NewYears, less in any other month I'm not on vacation.) The huge upside of Clausthaler is it doesn't "count" against my self-imposed alcohol budget. I'm trying to minimize sodas, and I'm down to ~ twice a month of Coke Zero, breakfast of Champions 😉. Now when I get a serious carbonation craving, it's either Topo Chico which people in Austin are fanatical about, or Clausthaler. I have not found a non-alcoholic wine that I like. I've barely found an organic wine that I like. I am going to give this one a try which I heard about on this Bobby Parrish video simply because they actually have an ingredient label. A reason why I prefer any beer (alcohol free or otherwise) from Germany is their purity law means they can't, by law, put crap chemicals that American beer makers can include without a second thought... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reinheitsgebot I've developed an allergy to propylene glycol, an ingredient in anti-freeze and a chemical that apparently makes beer foam foamier. There are no ingredient labeling laws for alcohol, so I can't know for sure it doesn't contain that chemical unless I'm drinking a german beer. I wish there was something similar for wines. That Bobby Parrish video references "Mega Purple" , an ingredient in wines that amps the sugar content among other things... https://vinepair.com/articles/what-is-mega-purple-and-what-is-it-doing-in-my-wine/
  4. @MisterBill99 - the dinner part, not the last night part. On the Westerdam, there was a gap between the 2.
  5. Anyone remember which were the 4 cruises?
  6. @VennDiagram's good advice for land tours in a different topic reminded me of something that stymied me on my first Holland America cruise - opening and closing times. I thought when I was on the ship I could simply use the HAL iPhone app to check what was open when. Nope. When I asked where it was in the app, someone said it was on the daily print outs, not the app. Not helpful if I was on the ship not in my room. Really odd they don't just keep the venue times in the app. Examples I can remember: The Neptune Lounge closed earlier than I expected. The Lido buffet closed earlier than I needed. I thought it was closed from what I read somewhere heww, probably from @Crew News's site. However, my room attendant insisted it was still open even though, as I discovered, it was definitely closed. Although dinner service is still running, room service from the dinner menu closes after the first ?hour? of dinner service. I did not expect this at all. Does anyone more organized than I have a Google Doc of Holland America venues and their opening and closing times? Something to use as a template would be helpful. Or even a text list of all venues? I do realize that opening and closing times will change based on a) which cruise b) whether it's a port day, sea day, embarkation day, disembarkation day, etc.
  7. Unless... you can't. Ex: from 2pm - 3pm (or was it 3pm - 4pm...) on the Westerdam in Alaska.
  8. @scubacruiserx2, the compelling reason for me is not at all cost. It's: - Convenience - Time - Having the drink I prefer available to me I plan for this when I go on work trips so it's not a big deal. I have a Google sheet. I enter the # of days. It creates an Amazon Prime Now order list that someone in the hotel delivers directly to my room. Total time cost in advance ~ 10 minutes. However, if I weren't used to doing this all the time, it would seem like more of a big deal.
  9. What a clever idea @Peregrina651 ! Is this account at a completely separate bank from your main banking accounts?
  10. On Glacier Bay day, my room service lunch of chicken salad sandwich had at most 2 teaspoons of chicken salad. TEAspoons. Maybe they ran out or were closely budgeting their proteins. However, the french fries were awesome and sandwich bread was excellent. High carb lunch...
  11. My experience about this for the OP: Before my Alaska cruise, I decided to purchase everything non-alcoholic that I wanted to drink on board in advance and bring it on board at the embarkation port (Seward.) This turned out to be the right decision. 1) I had ZERO minutes to stop somewhere in ANY port before getting back on the ship after excursions and replenish 2) In the room, I could have what I wanted when I needed it. Just add ice. I budgeted and brought on board (per day) 1 small container of juice (rarely drink juice at home but for some reason like it when I travel) 1 brewed tea (love iced tea) 1 lemon-lime carbonated water to mix with the juice 0.5 Coke Zero (trying to not drink as much of this) 1 plain bottled water / day Before the trip, I thought I definitely would not use or need it all because I was staying in a Neptune Suite. However, the Neptune Lounge drinks were not just walk up and take the bottles away-type. They are in dispensers with very SMALL glasses near them. Not really convenient at all. No bottled sparkling water or regular water to have there or take away. So the plan worked well. I ended out using everything but some of the iced tea, which I left in the room. ...And immediately regretted leaving it because I definitely would have enjoyed it in my Vancouver hotel room. But had too much to carry when disembarking. Doing this is a variation of my philosophy of vacation time - it's rare and precious. I I'd rather spend 30 minutes doing something in advance if it will eliminate a 15 minute task while on vacation. I'd rather be chilling... I started a topic on tactics for carrying needed drinks on board, and someone's suggestion in that topic worked perfectly. (You can find it by searching threads started by me I think) Which one do you prefer? If you haven't tried Clausthaler, it's my total fave. To me - it tastes like an excellent craft beer. http://www.clausthaler.com/
  12. Thank you for linking to this @milolii Are those perks in the PDF unique to Princess Suites vs the category one level down? Or is it all lower category perks + Suite perks.
  13. I've been curious about the point you make here. Can you elaborate on why you prefer the Princess suite with better perks vs a ship within a ship concept?
  14. Agreed. When I posted this topic, I had heard from my TA that "MedJet could be purchased with optional insurance." To me that implies, "There is a version of MedJet that includes insurance as an option." So I wanted to hear from why people picked one vs the other for their specific situation. I think what he meant was "You can purchase MedJet and a completely separate policy that provides medical insurance." Sure. In fact, that is a valid response for just about any cruise or cruise preference question asked on Cruise Critic.
  15. Thanks @erdoran and @Jersey42 In this comparison, would you guess that the company on the right is MedJet? https://www.geobluetravelinsurance.com/mobile/public/docs/competitor-comparison/geoblue-multi-trip-trekker-competitor-comparison.pdf
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