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  1. The lesson learned for me from this thread is: Even if I have a known medical situation that will definitely prevent me from taking the cruise, I should not cancel till close to the the required must-cancel-by date deadline. ex: several days before that date Because there are many possible reasons why Viking would need to cancel the cruise. Right?
  2. Do your rights disappear if you don’t file the dispute within 60 days?
  3. really? Can you post the email or link?
  4. @Dukefan, the next once-in-a-Decade event I'm looking forward to after Dubai is Amsterdam's 2022 Floriade https://floriade.com/en/at-the-expo/ https://tulipsinholland.com/floriade/ "The Floriade is an international garden festival and exhibition that is held every ten years in the Netherlands." Yes there are a ton of stunning tulips in beautiful fields. But it's so much more... really like a horticultural World Fair of it's own. I went to the one in 2002 - one of my fave experiences ever. Missed 2012. I must see 2022 Floriade. You can email me at TravelInsuranceCompared@gmail.comthough I've paused my spreadsheet comparison for now...
  5. Exactly. True at any age, but more impactful with each year. Then there are the truly Once-in-a-lifetime events. Example: the Dubai World Fair. (aka "Expo 2020 Dubai") I went to Dubai to speak at a conference in 2017, and LOVED it. Was SO looking forward to this as a Christmas vacation: https://www.expo2020dubai.com/ You can email me at TravelInsuranceCompared@gmail.com though I've paused my spreadsheet comparison for now...
  6. Agreed. In addition, people may want smaller ships going forward. This favors Viking. @Dukefan, as someone who camped overnight in K-ville for 4 awesome seasons of bball, March Madness cancellation was another emotion destroyer this week. Between 'small things' like that cancellation, SXSW cancellation, cruise news, and the scale of the 'big things' like the human tragedy unfolding and economic value destroyed, this does seem worse than 9-11. You can email me at TravelInsuranceCompared@gmail.com though I've paused my spreadsheet comparison for now...
  7. 100% agree, given how infectious it is. That thought is exactly what is hurting my brain today. However, I'm mainly replying to say THANKS for this thread. In a very difficult week, it makes me happy.
  8. i'm thinking about doing this too. Glad to know it's possible. My TA is lame. No comms without repeated emails for existing bookings. Thanks to this forum and being research oriented, I'm not too... high maintenance. But sometimes I really need a question answered. Maybe 2-3 q's total for a current booking. I have to wait a week then re-prompt. Prompter when it involves a new booking. Imagine that... Email me at TravelInsuranceCompared@gmail.com Working on a sheet comparing CC vs Ins
  9. Exactly. The other big unknowns: - Risk of being quarantined - Risk of receiving adequate medical care on the ship should your condition turn bad quickly. I want to know what are the "underlying conditions" being referred to of people who became very ill or died. Ex: Would my need to take Synthroid (replacement thyroid hormone) be considered an underlying condition? Ex: Several friends take blood pressure medicine but they tell me it's well controlled. Would that be considered an underlying condition?
  10. @CA_Cruzing, you quoted Dr. Fauci's statement on Meet The Press. I quoted a New York Times article that included what he said on Fox News Sunday. The paragraph above the quote in yellow was the broader context.
  11. Strong words from Dr. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases... https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/08/us/politics/cruise-ship-warning.html?searchResultPosition=2 According to an official with knowledge of the task force talks, at least four members of the group pushed for the State Department to caution Americans against cruises: [...]
  12. Thanks for starting this thread @MaryBethV I came to this forum hoping to find a topic like this. I have only cruised once on HAL but am booked on several.
  13. My worry about keeping meds in checked luggage: What is the effect on the meds of high heat exposure that would occur while traveling? ( I live in TX. How hot does the luggage area get in spring - summer - fall? ) Despite this worry, for the "if I lose my carry-on where my 'fresh' meds are" scenario: I still keep - Old thyroid meds in my suitcase as a hopefully BTN solution (Better Than Nothing), fully realizing that they might be barely BTN. - OTC meds like Advil in caplet form not liquid form since I perceive this would be more stable in extreme temps 100% agree with the 1 month supply. That's exactly what I am trying to do.
  14. Agreed. I'd add one key HAL-related aspect to @cruisemom42's excellent post: "[...] The DEATH rate of a guest in the typical HAL customers age bracket is at least double that of a guest in the Carnival customer age bracket. This makes it *especially* important for HAL to adopt a similar policy."
  15. Thanks @Alphen! That wasn't what I expected. I was visualizing something that included the HAL logo.
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