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  1. This question is directed to iPhone users who a) routinely access a good number of docs offline while traveling, or b) are just now starting to do this for your Alaska trip What app do you use to do this? I have found these 2 apps invaluable for keeping offline access to either small chunks of data or big PDFs. - Awesome Note by Brid - NoteMaster by Kabuki Systems Awesome Note syncs my Evernote docs. > 4000 Evernote docs in 150 MB NoteMaster syncs my Google Drive account used for family / extended family collaboration on projects and my travel itineraries. > 15 GB of Google doc and sheet files, PDFs, etc. I find them both invaluable tools for making it easy and fun to be organized. I do realize printing everything out might work for some people. I do print out some docs. But that's not what I'm asking about here. I'm curious what apps or procedures works / worked for you to keep your Alaska trip files offline on your iPhone.
  2. It's so awesome how they show, in plain-speak, the "strengths & quibbles" for the insurance plans they sell ex: http://www.annualtravelinsurance.ws/roamright-multi-trip-annual-trip-cancellation-insurance/
  3. @kwb101, what do you mean by "we had to pay for the air on the spot," ?
  4. $2100 on board credit !?! For transferring 2 bookings? Wow.
  5. @ChinaShrek thanks for your feedback on recent experiences. Just curious - what were the perks you enjoyed with the transfer to a TA ?
  6. WOW ! Congrats! Did you call HAL directly or a travel agent?
  7. Ha! @Crew News if you included superlatives and exclamation marks we might all think someone had hijacked your account! 😂
  8. EXACTLY !! One my 1 cruise eons ago with Carnival, that was exactly what I said out loud when there was some situation of extreme disorganization with how they were handling a situation that affected a lot of passengers. I didn't continue cruising (till my current Alaska booking in August which I'm very excited about!) for that main reason - It just didn't make sense to pay someone else to try to organize travel for me via a cruise when I knew I could create a better overall experience via air, land, etc.
  9. @VennDiagram, I also bring Starbucks Via as my emergency backup in suitcase + 1 spare Starbucks Via in my purse. It's quite decent. Q: What is the ratio you liked re: espresso + water on your last cruise? ps: Ruta Maya https://rutamayacoffee.com/ " EST. 1990 | Chiapas, MX - Austin, TX" is my current overall fave. I've had to switch to decaf coffee and coke zero. Ruta Maya is by far the best decaf I've ever tried. With shipping, Costco becomes the best way for me to order. https://www.costco.com/CatalogSearch?dept=All&keyword=Ruta+Maya+Whole+Bean+Coffee If you're in New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania, they will be coming to a road show near you with samples. https://rutamayacoffee.com/pages/ruta-road-shows
  10. @Crew News Congrats on completing your Great Alaskan Adventure 2019 ! I know others have said it but thanks again for the great reviews and informative supplemental materials. Question: After I click through these menus below, I only see the Lido Lunch menu. For example on Embarkation Day, I see a page 1 and then a blank page 2. Are you in the process of uploading these, or is that a bug?
  11. @Crew News I'm so happy for you ! Look forward to seeing your pics. You were on a plane, not a helicopter, right?
  12. Congrats on reverse engineering how to take a shower! What amazes me about situations like that: You know the people before you who stayed in that room had experienced same thing. Did they not complain? Was the complaint not fixed?
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