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  1. OMG ! What exactly does that mean... you got “lava in a toe” IN your toe?
  2. Thanks for the pics @CharTrav! Palm's products were so awesome for the time. They succeeded because they did not try to replace your desktop (like Apple's Newton did at the time.) Palm simply tried to be better than paper. Did you use Palm's Graffiti? I filed my right index fingernail at a certain slant to make it easier to use the Graffiti shorthand. In the rare times I actually write, I occasionally will write a "T" like a Graffiti "T".
  3. @CharTrav and @Clay Clayton My 10 year old Microsoft foldable travel keyboard recently stopped working. It was so perfect for fast note taking while on a plane when dictation was not possible and with only a small tray table to use and non room for a laptop. I was looking at these reviews... FYI in case this helps you: https://toomanyadapters.com/best-portable-keyboards/
  4. If that works for you, cool! (re: Waiting in line at Guest Services after you board so that they can print you a docking schedule for all the ports) On the last part, ("Whatever you do beforehand is going to change somewhat in 4+ months, guaranteed.") I've not experienced that in real life. Example: To my Plan B list of possible things to do if Plan A changes in Rome, I added the San Callisto Catacombs. The Catacombs and people running it were still there and ready to welcome me 8 months later. Of course what DOES change all th
  5. @-Lew- Since you first mentioned DEVONthink here, I've heard about it no fewer than 3 times on podcasts! What are the main experience benefits you see of DEVONthink vs Evernote? Formerly I used Evernote as the general catch-all for bits of info I needed to keep track of while traveling for work. Then most of my "random info organization" needs shifted to Google Drive because it made it so easy to collaborate with family while planning vacations. (Like the way it looks when 2 people are editing the same doc while on the phone - kind of like playing Battleship how
  6. Your saying this made me curious ... I have BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) for US primary insurance via my employer GeoBlue is a "licensee" of BCBS. Which I s'pose does not imply that simplification that you have. It's probably still like dealing with 2 separate companies.
  7. To me the alternative is more complicated - not leveraging a way to organize details a beyond what a TA does for me. Using an online approach like Evernote or Google Drive creates unexpected advantages. Ex: I paste in Room Tips from TripAdvisor into my hotel checkin Google Doc for a trip 6 months out. Then, in the moment before checkin, I scan it and know what to request. More often than not, I have a much better hotel experience because of this, even when staying in the same class of room. If it weren't easy and fast to 1) Copy & paste bite-size piec
  8. Yep. I tried searching from: *.viking.com live with the latest rep on the phone. I found 1-2 emails from one Viking rep with Subj: "test #3" in Oct-Nov. Whatever he tried worked with the emails from last fall when I made a couple reservations. Problem is, I don't recall what he said he did differently. In fact it's worse. I thought I simply could set up the Yahoo account to auto-forward everything it received. (I did this before when I moved from Yahoo to Google.) Surprise: As of January, Yahoo now charges a fee to auto-forwa
  9. @Clay Clayton and @Heidi13, Do you use OneDrive to access your docs & spreadsheets while traveling?
  10. ** Recent Events: I just survived nearly freezing to death in the February Texas Freeze. No power, no heat for a week in my neighborhood. - 3 days earlier than the rest of Texas. A week in sub freezing temps. Nights at < 20 degrees. Then no running water for a week. Then natural gas co warned they might need to turn off gas. Survival tip in case you're ever in same situation: Warmest place to try to sleep is in a closet with every sleeping bag, comforter, and blanket thrown in there. I know I'm going to die at some point. I didn't think i
  11. How do you organize and keep visibility on 1) Your upcoming travel details Ex: - If you use a travel agent, do they provide an online dashboard to show you what cruises they are managing? - Do you use an app like TripIt? If yes do you supplement it with a free form document system like Google Drive or Evernote? Even if it's something basic that keeps. you from booking 2 overlapping trips :-), I'm interested in hearing what you do. 2) Remembering deadlines before a trip that require an action by you Ex: - Remembering the 14 or 21 day deadl
  12. Yep. Tried that first Original post >> I have tried: 1) First adding the specific sender agent at viking to my contacts.gmail.com 2) Of course checking my spam
  13. Nope - I have Google One and still have 50GB left. I get tons of email every day to that account. Odd.
  14. I can't reliably receive my invoice emails from Viking to Gmail ... I have tried: 1) First adding the specific sender agent at viking to my contacts.gmail.com 2) Of course checking my spam 3) Have Viking agent forward the invoice from their email inbox (not just trigger a send from an automated system) None worked. Anyone else had that experience? What was your solution? What I eventually did that worked with the very patient and kind Viking agent experimenting with me on the phone: Created a Yahoo! mail account, and ask
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