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  1. There is a rabies vaccine for humans. Here's the link to info from the CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/hcp/vis/vis-statements/rabies.html. It is not given routinely, but to those with the potential for contact with rabid animals. Vets or those working in vet practices are one example, but spelunkers are also advised to get the vaccine. The CDC also notes "International travelers who are likely to come in contact with animals in parts of the world where rabies is common and immediate access to appropriate care is limited" should consider the vaccine. I received mine many year
  2. Fascinating analysis. As a hoped-to-be new cruiser to Regent (two cruises cancelled so far), I'm always interested in reading Pcardad's insights based on his experience with many nights booked on Regent. My concern, however, is in the length of time Regent's leadership is taking in either making or announcing its decisions and changes. I'm still seeing cruises on its schedule for 2021--Alaska sailings, trips into and out of UK ports--that will not sail due to limitations put in place by national governments. Why hold those clients in suspense? Our next booked cruise on Regent--
  3. From your experience, could you provide additional details on what "taking responsibility" means, please? Does Regent hold the ship (if so, for how long?) Take care of making reservations to join the ship at the next port? What if that next port is several sea days away--does Regent compensate you for the missed days if you have their air program? Not trying to be argumentative, but as a new (hope to be new--two cruises cancelled by COVID-19 and thinking the third is iffy) cruiser with Regent, I'm also debating the merits of using Regent Air vice the potential savings of booking
  4. What does your crystal ball say about Voyager's 10-day, round-trip sailings out of Athens in mid-September? They seem to fit all of the criteria--out/into Athens, 10 days, and six weeks after Splendor re-start.
  5. I missed previous discussion on this topic. We are scheduled on Voyager round trip out of Piraeus in September. How certain is the news of Splendor taking over these itineraries? Will Regent offer a "lift and shift" to those already booked on similar itineraries?
  6. What are we to make of no Regent ship having completed progress toward crew transfer as mandated by the CDC--here's the link to the chart as provided in the Cruise Critic article: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/crew-disembarkations-commercial-travel.html NCL seems to have many fewer ships making progress than the other two large groups, Carnaval or RCG. I was intrigued to see Caroldoll's post as we are scheduled to be on Voyager in September. While I've been hopeful as Voyager's schedule had it outside U.S. waters and, thus, not needing to
  7. We are booked on Voyager for a Med cruise in mid-September 2021. We also booked an optional land package with Regent prior to the cruise. The land package notes it has a minimum passenger count to run. So--hoping that the cruise goes to make this question valid--what has been people's experience with Regent land packages meeting minimum numbers of guests to run? Has anyone had one cancelled due to not having enough signed up? If so, at what point were you notified of the cancellation? Sixty days prior? We have made alternative plans in case the pre-cruise land pack
  8. Crystal sent us an email that we would be required to have been fully vaccinated at least 14 days before boarding one of its river cruises this fall.
  9. Newbie question--what are "Regent points"? Thanks to all for insight into tipping on Regent. Hoping DH and I can put ideas into practice on our scheduled Voyager Med in Sep.
  10. Regent told us there needed to be 90 minutes between the scheduled end of an excursion and the scheduled start of another to book multiple excursions in a port. We have never been able to book two excursions in a port on Regent's on-line portal even when we met the 90-minute criteria. A call to Regent Guest Services--the one listed on the shorex portal for any changes to excursions--has resulted in being able to book a second excursion in a port. We have not tried to book three. This has likely also been addressed somewhere, but you can also call Regent to book a "back-up" excur
  11. We are still hoping the Voyager 10-night Greek and Turkey sailing in mid-September will be a go (after having what should have been our first two Regent cruises in 2020 cancelled.) Voyager does not touch the United States under its current schedule and, maybe, we here and those in the EU and area will have had vaccinations by then. (DH received his first dose last Friday. I fall square into Phase II, but still hope I will have had mine by September.) Of course, we just mainly want this vaccine to get out and to help all out of this horrible virus.
  12. We booked on Explorer (that was supposed to be sailing now) as a referral by my sister. The referral credit did transfer to our substitute booking. So, as SusieQft says "ask your TA."
  13. As they say "your mileage may vary." I've read reviews here where folks reported getting very little assistance from Regent Air when they had flight problems. Nothing is ever perfect, but I just found dealing with Regent Air and my TA to add extra layers without a huge gain. It is nice to have the option, however, and to be able to decide going forward which option looks best.
  14. First, thanks to all for their posts and insights into how this process works. This is our first sailing with Regent (well, we hope it will be--track record of two cancelled cruises in 2020) and our first time booking air through a cruise line. (We've sailed plenty of time with other lines, both from domestic and international ports, but always booked our air independently.) --Based on info here, I called the Regent Air Concierge a couple of weeks prior to the date we could make our flight reservations to ask who are the contract carriers out of Orlando (MCO) and Miami (MIA), the two cl
  15. Hi Pat. I'm probably an unreformed optimist, but I'm pretty confident our sailing in September will go. Our ship, Voyager, is sailing only European itineraries prior to our cruise and does not touch the United States until February 2022--three months after the CDC's Conditional Sail Order is due to expire. So, it may not be covered by the limitations of that order. I'm also cognizant that the Europeans figured out how to do some sailing in 2020, Most of all, of course, I'm hopeful most of us in the United States and Europe will have received vaccinations by mid-2021, a couple of months pr
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