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  1. Thanks! We are on a B2B on Splendor starting 28 Nov and first part is waitlisted in advance of cancellation; was just curious as to whether they would cancel the whole trip or give us the option to stay on second half. Again, thanks, Marc
  2. When Regent recently cancelled the first segment of this cruise, did they cancel your entire booking or leave you booked on last three segments? thanks, Marc
  3. According to someone onboard reporting on the roll call they were all supposed to be on yesterday's ATN flight to LAX. edited to add: Saw the report from FP tourism that said they were to remain a week; so. now I am confused.
  4. I agree, the reported amount increased by about 9,000 on Monday covering the three days.
  5. Remember the HAL ship, I believe the Zaandam, that was sailing in Asia and no one would let them dock. Then Cambodia let them dock and fly home. In Malaysia, one passenger tested positive while in transit and the whole evacuation came to a screeching halt. Everyone that hadn't already left was stuck in Cambodia and tested negative. The passenger in Malaysia also later tested negative. Great expense and great turmoil was placed on HAL, the government of Cambodia, and all the passengers. There are false positives. Marc edited to add: All of those passengers coming back to USA had to test negative prior to getting on flight. Who is to say that they are not positive with just too few virus to show up YET? This is an inexact science so we cannot expect black and white results.
  6. Spain and France do not report over the weekend; on Monday they report separately Saturday, Sunday, and Monday numbers.
  7. Thought I would link here a short blog post from a crew member (don't know which line but Regatta is currently only ship in LA) regarding new procedures for crew. http://crew-center.com/signing-new-normal-adapting-new-life-working-board Marc
  8. And what happens if it turns out to be a "false" positive? Do Ponant and each of the cruisers have legal rights against the lab?
  9. Only seven 2020 cruises had not already reached final payment date; in addition, two of the seven are the Voyager cruises that have been on waitlist for quite a while in preparation for canceling. Not much of an offer. Marc
  10. Kitty, don't know the answers to your questions but I am always amused when people confuse GRT with "weight." 😄
  11. Anyone know why Riviera and Sirena (along with Regent Explorer and multiple NCL ships) are heading to Gibraltar? thanks, Marc
  12. https://eresearch.fidelity.com/eresearch/evaluate/news/basicNewsStory.jhtml?symbols=NCLH&storyid=202007301630PRIMZONEFULLFEED7978022&provider=PRIMZONE&product=FULLFEED&sb=1
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