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  1. Crystal has cancelled all ocean sailings until April. Silversea has cancelled all December sailings. RCG operations update tomorrow and we should learn more. NCLH would rather be a follower than a leader; it is hard being number three.
  2. Who cares about sailing from NYC in the winter. Port Canaveral, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Tampa, Galveston, Mobile, New Orleans, and maybe even some west coast ports can open.
  3. Form 8-K filing this morning: It would be interesting to know how many of the bookings are for 2023 wherein you are not allowed to use FCCs.
  4. On 6, 7, and 9 there are Seven Seas Aft Suites which have the wrap around balconies; on 8 and 10 there are no SSA. Marc
  5. Same size as D-H for a lot more money. No wrap around balcony. Vibration is in the eye of the beholder; I have never found Voyager too bad but my mother did not care for it one trip. As for Cat B, sailed in them once just due to a good price on an upsell. Not much larger but a nice configuration if one of you likes to sleep whilst the other watch TV; otherwise, not that great. Me, I would go with Cat G mid-ship deck 6; great cabin great value. Marc
  6. Is this just for the World Cruise and segments? I cancelled a Crystal River cruise eleven days ago and my paperwork said that credits are being processed against the two credit cards I used. If I had cancelled today, would I just get FCC? thanks for any info, Marc
  7. 217,000+ new cases in Europe on 22 October and they are still cruising; around 70,000+ in USA and we are not. Time to open USA ports. Marc
  8. There is absolutely nothing to talk about. I don't think folks are too interested in booking 2023 cruises right now with cash so not the usual new schedule excitement. Regent needs to let us know they have a plan then I am sure there will be a lot more discussion. I am hoping that Regent can put two and two together to realize no excitement is due to no plan.
  9. I'm not whining; I am just walking. Crystal and host countries can come up with whatever procedures they think best; then I have the choice whether I am going to give my hard earned money to live with those procedures. I have made a personal decision. Many others will make the opposite decision; so be it. No whining, no complaining here in the heart of Texas. Marc
  10. I came from another luxury line where I do take the ship's excursions in most ports; HOWEVER, for a river cruise, the ability to walk around town on your own is critical; especially as you spend so many evenings in town. I have over 200 nights booked on Regent; I am just not going to take a Crystal river cruise with these restrictions. Marc PS For your information I have over 500 nights on Regent and Silversea but only 21 on mass market lines.
  11. Any semblance of a plan has been thrown totally out the window; only December cruises are waitlisted. None of Voyager, Navigator, Explorer, or Splendour January cruises are now waitlisted. One step forward and two steps back; time to have a glass or bottle of wine. Marc PS Wine club tonight! 😄
  12. So, 100,000+ new cases per day in Europe and they are still cruising. Marc
  13. Over 30,000,000 people live within eight hour drive of Port Canaveral; that is a lot of potential passengers that do not need to take a flight. If cruising can start in Europe no reason it can't start here. Marc
  14. If you are on Voyager or Mariner it is best to be up on deck forward (11 on Mariner on the wings outside of observation lounge or 12 on Voyager). For Splendor and Explorer you are sort of out of luck; you can be on deck 12 and go back and forth. You can also sit outside La Verandah enjoying breakfast and watch as you go through Gatun Locks on all the ships.
  15. New schedules are out; be prepared for sticker shock.
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