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  1. We usually spend our extra days before boarding for several reasons. One is to get over jet lag. Another one is that when we do get on board we can get laundry done the first couple of days. We can easily pack any souvenirs where ever we want since we are getting on the ship. (Can spend extra time on board figuring how to pack things that may need to be checked.) After jet lag, we have plenty of energy to go sight seeing for a couple days, after 2 weeks on the ship and being pampered it is just hard to make it to the airport and through security.
  2. We have never had an issue with any laundry we send out while cruising Regent.. Every so often we will use the laundry to wash whites, but also send them out. All clothes come back nicely folded or hung up and no damage. The picture of the crew that Wes posted was nice to see.
  3. As has been mentioned, the way things are going to be done in the future due to COVID are not known. I have some added information about White Night that I wish I would have realized before our first cruise. We have been on one Azamara cruise and we have another one booked because of their great intensive itinerary for destinations. So we have been to one White Night. It is a very large buffet on the deck with lots of buffet stations, lots of tables set up and people saving tables early. DH and I are not fans of large buffets. This one had such long lines that we really di
  4. It is great to see people booked on upcoming river cruises. Please, post some information etc about your cruise when you return. It is great to read about others trips.
  5. It seems all the cancellations because of the pandemic, resulted in many cruises moving to the Caribbean. Looking at the December and January Caribbean cruises, there are so many that are waitlisted. During the active days of the pandemic this meant that the cruise would probably be canceled. I’m not sure of what waitlisted means in the case of these Caribbean schedules. Any thoughts?
  6. I have heard many issues about this. When I went to book excursions for my after the pandemic cruise, I did one or two excursions at a time, and checked out and after I got the email of the "purchase" I went back in and did another one. Yes, it takes quite a bit of time, but better than losing everything multiple times.
  7. DH and I have been through the Canal 2 1/2 time, but not on Regent. But looking at some of my pictures, here are a couple of things that should still offered as an excursion. Out of Porto Limon in costa Rica - we visited a sloth sanctuary which was very interesting. One stop we went up a lookout where you got a great over view of the canal. If you get a chance to visit a lock, that is very interesting. The lock outside of Panama City has a museum and a simulator of driving a ship through the canal. If you haven't already, I would highly recommend reading the book by David
  8. Every month we are getting more information as the scientists have more data to analyze. They say that a vaccinated person who should get COVID will not get seriously ill. But I haven’t heard of any data of vaccinated seniors getting COVID. I am all for reducing the risk as much as possible. If unvaccinated people are on a cruise, there will then be talk of wearing masks.
  9. No matter what the outcome of this (and I believe the cruise lines will require vaccinations for boarding) like it or not, the Florida governor is getting plenty of national press, which has nothing to do with the needs of Florida. Sailing on a ship without 100% vaccinated crew and passengers is not something I want to do.
  10. Our Black Sea cruise for 2021 was of course cancelled. Looking at the new one to the Black Sea, it is slightly shorter and in the summer rather than the fall. And the Russian ports aren't there. Calculating the cost for the two of us seems to be really a lot cheaper per night, than the one that was cancelled. Am I missing something?
  11. Also, you should have in mind if you want to have a special celebration one day/evening for your daughter. It could be as simple as cabin decorations or a cake one dinner.
  12. If unsure, one way to test that you are getting a book downloaded to read without wifi is to checkout a book. The next day put your phone in airplane mode (no wifi) and open the book. If opens correctly, you are set to go.
  13. I am also interested in this. A few questions that I am asking for selecting a river cruise is Options for evening dining, Is main dining room open for you to be seated for say 60-90 minutes, What other options are there for a light meal in the evening. Also, how many passengers, and what kind of laundry service. Any, all information will be appreciated.
  14. I checkout library books on my IPhone. They end up getting returned automatically at 14 days (my only complaint) but when you recheck it out the book will open where you left off. I check out a couple right before we get on the ship because the wifi on the ship might be sporadic. If new to checking out make sure you are checking them out completely so you do not need wifi to read them (from past experience)
  15. Our nice lunch at the pool grill after boarding is not a buffet. They have always offered a small menu of sandwiches and I believe a salad and is serve to you at your table. We arrive sit down at a table get served a drink and order a meal
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