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  1. You are not 'uncool'. Your excited is catching and I for one LOVE it. Keep your excitement going. You will love your cruise!!! I have no information on suite bathroom items. Sorry...Hopefully one day. Formal nights are a suggestion. But if you guys want to dress up, do it and love it. We don't go formal, but we do dress dressy. Flying over type ocean, we have to watch our luggage space. One last thing...You will love your cruise. Keep up the amazing attitude and you will have an amazing time!!!!
  2. Quick question...Do you have to be actively gambling for the $2 mimosas? Not an issue for me, but for my cousin.
  3. When does room service on the Jewel of the Sea begin on the first day? I'm interested in getting some light snacks (fruit/cheese) sent to our two adjoining rooms to make our first day/sail away special. Also...On a Greek Island cruise can we bring on a case of bottle water or some canned soft drinks? I've seen mixed reports. I know we are planning to bring on our bottle of wine each. 😄 Thank you!!!
  4. Thank you for you objective review. Less stress is very important.
  5. Amen!!! We don't get to cruise very often and when we do cruise, we want our cruise to be special. Our cruises are usually part of a week Europe vacation. That said we are seriously thinking about adding the key to our cruise to make our experience even more special. Can't wait till June 23!!!
  6. So sorry to hear MrCatLady isn't feeling well. That's just sucks. But glad you are able to find some good food that you can enjoy. Thanks for the review. Loving it!!
  7. Those drinks look amazing!! And those strawberries!!!! Mmm. Have an amazing trip!!!!
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