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  1. Magical!! And I'm happy to see the view out of your balcony is not too 'obstructed'. I would be happy with it. Have a great rest of your cruise...
  2. Try to ignore the snark post/replies. Unfortunately those are becoming more and more common. Congrats on your anniversary and your RoyalUp!!!
  3. If it changes, you have to look for this store. Employees so nice. And the chocolate...mmm mmm. Dang drooling again... Entrance was a few steps down from street. And I think it's down one of the streets near one of the squares where they were showing films outside on a building for the international film festival.
  4. Also in Malta...On one of those streets you just wander around on. There is a CHOCOLATE store, but they serve the chocolate warm in a shot glass. A must stop if you love chocolate. I think the store also sells teas (not sure). OMG...I'm drooling at my desk at work...
  5. Report post #303 Posted Monday at 09:23 PM Thanks so much. I haven't heard of Cook Islands. What port would that be? The Cook Islands are South/West of Hawaii. As far as I know, no cruise ship goes there. Only flights from LA or New Zealand or Australia. 10 hour flight from LA, but the islands...the water...the snorkeling...OMG. Best I've seen anywhere.
  6. Sorry to hear about the disappointment with the DJ's. Last time I was on Celebrity we did the 'Silent Party' and LOVED it. The was only 1 DJ but he did three types of music. 80's music on one channel, Oldies on one channel, and then music from 90's to now. He would flip back and forth between the 3 channels and talk/joke. He had everyone going. Party was so popular, they ran out of head phones the first night. The second night they had the party they brought extra headphones out and had to move the party to the pool deck - previous space was way too small. You have to try the Silent Party again if you can. It really is a blast...
  7. That's a sign of a great bartender...Drinks made off menu that tasted good!!!
  8. Thank you for the review!! It looks like you had a wonderful trip!! And I love this last paragraph...Nothing is usually perfect, but with the right attitude it can be pretty damn great!!!
  9. I really like how they have the bed off set into the wall. Seems to give the room a little extra room (or at least it looks like it).
  10. Love your review!! I'm like you, I love snorkeling... Have you made it to the Cook Islands in the South Pacific? Harder to get to, but amazing snorkeling...
  11. Final thoughts Overall, purchasing the Key wasn’t really worth it to me and I doubt very much that I’d get it again at the price Royal Caribbean asks for it. We bought it at $32 (Cdn) per person per day. If the internet is super important to you, (it wasn’t to us) then it has value since the on board price of the internet package alone is $20.00 (USD) per day per person. It’s just a few dollars extra for the other perks it offers when considering this. They still had the Key available on this sailing about a couple weeks before we cruised for $50 (Cdn) pppd. For what you get it's definitely not worth it at that price in my opinion . Lunch at one of the two specialty dining restaurants adds a small value, however, the choices are limited to the small selection they have on their lunch menus. Also, it doesn’t seem that the staff are well versed on the program yet considering the Key rolled out cruise wide last year. Again, I assumed perks like the carry on drop off to be on all the ships and was surprised that this ship removed that benefit. As many have said, purchasing the Key can be a benefit based on which features of it are important or attractive to you. ****************************************************************************************************** Newfie...Could you maybe copy and post your review on the 'Key Review' thread that is pinned to the front page of threads? I think your review is very detailed and to the point - it may help people decide on whether to get/keep the key. I'm still in the air. I'm on The Jewell in June. The girls and I paid $19.99 per day/per person. Since we were doing internet anyways, it's not a huge jump in price for us. BUT I'm not happy about the 'no drop off carry on luggage' once on board. So still deciding to keep or cancel.
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