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  1. What a way to start the trip... Hoping the rest of the cruise goes amazingly...
  2. Looking forward to your review. Sounds like a great trip on a great ship. Have a great time!!
  3. Have a great cruise. Looking at a possible cruise from SJ.
  4. Looks like a great cruise is coming your way!! I also cruise with my younger sister (and sister-in-law & cousin) as my DH doesn't care for cruising. Have a great time and share any & all drinks!!
  5. One of my favorites!! Poker at the bar. I know it's not the smartest thing in the world to do, but it's enjoyable to do a little poker while drinking a few or 5 drinks. If you get a chance...Any keno machines?
  6. Parc Guell... Looks amazing!! Somewhere I'm hoping to get to visit!!
  7. I'm loving all the pictures of the QM!! Post more if you have any more. How many people (on average) stays on the QM? Yay me!! I remembered to delete the pictures! Have an amazing trip...
  8. Love the looks of this cruise. Very interested in hearing what you think of it... Have a drink and a dessert for us!!
  9. Following you cruise again. Your review of MSC Seaside is what finally convinced us to try the Seaside. Looking for a change and the price was right. February is our chance. Very neat that your parents were able to fly in for a family vacation. Have a great cruise!!
  10. I kept this picture in my comments, because you guys look absolutely so much in love!! Congratulations to you guys!!! Crystal and Nate!! Finally married!!
  11. For an inside cabin, that one looks pretty nice. What cabin number if I may ask?
  12. Have a great trip....85 days for us....
  13. What an ass!! Like these 2 officers have any control how the IV balconies are designed. All he did was show what an ass he is. Some people need to learn how to communicate!!
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