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  1. So sorry to hear this cruise wasn't the best ever!! Very glad to hear your DH is feeling better. 6 weeks and then you are off again??!!??!! I have a feeling you will have the BEST CRUISE EVER!!
  2. Very interested in what you think on your first MSC cruise. We go in Feb 2020 on our first MSC cruise...
  3. Not sure how I would have felt being extended to Wednesday, but safety first. It's not the cruise line or captain's fault, so I guess we would blame Mother Nature. And everyone knows what a total ***** Mother Nature can be...Lol...
  4. Enjoying your review. Glad you guys kept a good attitude with all the changes...
  5. May I jump onto this thread and ask...What discount does active military (US Navy) get on MSC Seaside?
  6. Noreen... Just found this review and liked it so much I went back and read the Reflection review. Just love your attitude and style of writing your reviews. We are so similar...I do mani/pedi's before our trips, I like taking bunch of pictures, I'm a light weight as it comes to drinking, enjoy the casino, and I'm easily amused by the little things (butter made into shapes, etc...). I especially like your husbands shirts - so colorful. Can't wait till your next review. Maybe 2/20?? We also cruise again in 2/20, but trying MSC out for the first time (fingers crossed). Until your next review...
  7. Love the review... Still haven't made it to Bermuda, but it's on the list...
  8. I can't help you, but there is a topic thread below by the name: Skier 52 - Cabin Question This guys is a huge help on answering questions about different cabins. You might want to post on that thread and see if he can help.
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