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  1. Very nice lemonade! My family owned a campsite there while I was growing up. Happy Birthday to your wife. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for nice weather and no chair hogs.
  2. No, that only proves that some people took charters, but it does not prove that NO ONE took commercial flights which is what you are saying, right?
  3. Yes, that would be correct. Princess insurance must be added/purchased before final payment. However, if you have the Standard level insurance I believe that it has 75% coverage for cancel for ant reason. Reimbursement would be as future cruise credit.
  4. Just want to chime in with the view that Don is not biased for or against any cruise line. He does stories and videos (and sails) on all of them (he's a travel agent) and is very fair and measured. Despite the RCCL t-shirt he is very fair and neutral. As a fellow Canadian I'm going to go a bit tongue-in-cheek and joke that his Canadian-ish can go a little too far towards fair and neutral when perhaps it doesn't actually deserve it. He can be a bit long-winded sometimes, though. LOL!
  5. Great Beach Bay is the beach right by the cruise port. You can walk to it or you can take the water taxi from the port to the beach (I believe that round-trip is about $7.00 a person). Once there there many venders/restaurants renting beach chairs/umbrella's - usually about $20.00 for two loungers and an umbrella, though it can vary depending on who you rent from. You should come out cheaper if you just do it yourself and it's super close and easy.
  6. That sounds lovely. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.
  7. Thanks Bob. As much as we want to do a TA on the Oasis Class we'll give this a skip. We were victims of the crane incident on the Oasis 3 weeks before its' TA so we are still looking for a replacement. 🙂
  8. I am confused about the Harmony 2021 TA from Barcelona. It's the normal 2-week long TA but only has one port stop (Malaga, Spain) instead of the normal 3 or so. Is the ship just sailing back to North America really slooooowly, or has anyone ever seen seen a situation in these cases where port stops are added later? It just seems so odd.
  9. You guys are awesome. I'm sure one of those reasons is the explanation for his confusion. I appreciate the help.
  10. Thank you both so much! I had a feeling this had to be wrong. 🙂
  11. I am completely new to NCL and have a quick question on the free at sea Beverage Package. A co-worker has told me that while on his cruise he had the beverage package perk and paid the 20% gratuities/service fees when booking the cruise. And then also paid 20% gratuity on each drink he got onboard. That makes no sense to me at all and I was wondering if you experienced NCL'ers could clear this up for me on whether it's true or if my co-worker is just mistaken.
  12. LOL! I'm sorry, I know what you really meant by this but it still made me giggle. 🙂
  13. We stayed in cabin 1810 on the Freedom and loved it! And it's not even one of the big ones like you are looking at which would be even better. It was a great room and looking out the huge windows was amazing. We were on a back to back with a balcony for the first week and thought that we would miss it the second week, but really did not. It was so open and bright when the curtains were open.
  14. Yes, I'm pretty sure that that post was pure sarcasm.
  15. You can view the refundable rates by completely finishing a mock booking of a room, including filling out your passenger information. Once that is done there will be a option near the bottom of the page for choosing the refundable rate and it will tell you in dollars how much more it is adding to your reservation. I hope that this helps.
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