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  1. This is one of the reasons I have an excellent PVP with Carnival. This has happened numerous times to us and by simply calling him, he will changes the rate over in seconds and sends me a new confirmation. The only time he could not do it was when there was not a room available in the category I booked however he made a call to the Ocean Players club for me and took care of it. If you don't have a PVP, I would suggest calling the Players club and they should be able to handle for you. You should not loose your deposit.
  2. Never had a problem with this, I do the same, OBC can be used for everything
  3. No problems I have had hip replaced and have screws and plate in my neck. Except for always having to go through the x-ray machine at the airport not a problem
  4. My understanding is the same - sister ships like Horizon and Vista
  5. The Protocol for Alaska is that we will be turned away at the terminal if we can not supply proof of vaccination, interesting to see how this will be turn out because it has an effect on Alaska cruises if De Santas wins the law suit
  6. Thank-You so very much, we have had 4 cruises cancelled on her so hope our October 2nd is a go. Again Thank-you
  7. I've had so many cancelled I lost count however it looks like our Alaska cruise is a go and I'm working hard at containing my excitement.
  8. It has been on their site for a little while now since they informed the public what ships will be starting to cruise.
  9. We made Diamond for this cruise to Alaska and priority is gone but my granddaughters FTTF is still on her luggage tags
  10. he said in the Channel around 5:30am and along side at 7:30
  11. Actually we have been very fortunate and our luggage has been delivered soon after we boarded with priority
  12. On our Alaskan cruise we are staying in Ketchikan longer since Victoria port is closed to cruise ships
  13. Probably will not be allowed to sail Carnival again as well as above
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