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  1. My cruise is coming up on Dec. 28 and I can't buy a restaurant package on line. Any ideas what I should do before I call MSC?
  2. Is the Grand Lucayan Resort open for "day passes" or is it being remodeled by RCCL?
  3. On Chill Beach, the Cabanas are located next to the Beach Beds. They have a roof and walls and a "L" shape sofa. It looked pretty much the same as the Beach Beds but more expensive. They both had a cooler with water and water mats. We had 2 floats. I don't know how many floats for the Cabana. The night before you are asked to fill up your choices for lunch and what time you want to eat. Truthfully, I don't know what the perks are for the Cabana. I think in the Cabana you can seat several people and in the Beach Bed, 2 people can lie down on the queen size bed, and 2 people on the 2 lounge chaises. So basically 4 people. There is also a small table. I'm pretty sure the price is per cabana not per person.
  4. One good thing about CocoCay is that there are a lot of beach umbrellas everywhere. If you don't want to book a bungalow you'll find shade for sure and free of charge.
  5. I booked a Beach Bed and was very happy. We had number 7, which was the last one. Very private and surrounded by nature. The bar was close by. They brought our lunch at the time we had asked for. It's basically a king size bed with a roof and curtains on the side "very Gatsby". No one in front of you, just the beach. Wear water shoes. The bottom is kind of slimy.
  6. Does anyone know if you are allowed to bring a beach umbrella to Princess Cays?
  7. With this big group of people I can only imagine how many pool chairs will be "hogged" at CocoCay.
  8. I'm on the Symphony stopping at CocoCay on May 26 and I don't see beach beds or clamshells being offered, only South Beach Cabanas. What's the difference between Beach Beds and Beach Cabanas?
  9. What a relief that Symphony will be the only ship at CocoCay that day! But still, those prices are intense...
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