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  1. The answer is - yes we would love to cruise Regent again and "double yes" with you and Herb. But the only cruises I think we would consider would be from and to Italian ports. Then we just drive or take the train...or at the worst have someone drop us off and pick us up!
  2. As of this morning (28 July) we have received complete reimbursement from Regent not only for the cruise fare which came in over a month ago but also for the "reasonable reimbursement" of the expenses we had to incur to get back to Switzerland from San Diego on 14 March. To say I am relieved is a large understatement but I also think that very probably few other cruise companies would have reimbursed our expenses to this extent. Yes - they asked for a LOT of back up. Which was provided. But not only did we get home to the (relative) safety of Switzerland but now we are no longer "out of pocket" for having had to do so. In these times it is nice to know that there is a company one can rely on to do the right thing.
  3. An update on our request for reimbursement of the emergency travel expenses incurred to get us back to Switzerland when the Splendor 14 March cruise was cancelled. I have received a total refund of the MIA/ZRH flight from Swiss. Regent is well on the way to refunding what we spent to get back from San Diego to ZRH via Toronto. My request has been approved at Regent and yesterday I heard from NCLCorp. finance asking for bank account information to be filed regarding this refund. Apparently they (Corporate Finance) refund via transfer from Western Union. So that has been done and I hope to be able to say how much they refunded of the outstanding $11.5k soon. I also know that GOARMY was refunded his out-of-pocket costs for his return to his home. I am impressed and more than pleased to hear that Regent has stuck to its end of the bargain and just about everyone now has their refunds. Gerry
  4. Pam - that is how they refunded us - deposit, upgrade deposit and final payment. And to the same CCs as we made the original payments to them. (Two of which were no longer valid and that was complicated! But we have the $$). All we are waiting for now is the reimbursement of our out-of-pocket expenses to get back to Switzerland from San Diego. I am told it has been approved (as of 15 June) but still no sign of the money.
  5. Do you have any idea, Pcardad, when Regent starts processing approved refunds for extraordinary expenses incurred in getting home when a cruise was cancelled within 24 hours of boarding? I heard about a week ago from Customer Service that our request for reimbursment has been approved. But so far - no sign of the actual money nor the amount they are refunding. I suppose the request went from Customer Service to Finance/Accounting.
  6. OK - I understand. And certainly my TA has been more than helpful in helping with the refund for the cruise fare AND my additional expenses to get home. She is very very responsive.
  7. I still don't get it ... if I don't/can't travel why should an agent be given a commission?
  8. OK - then I don't understand about what happens in the US.
  9. The "gov.uk" regulations apply only to packages/cruises booked with UK travel agents. Not to cruises etc booked with US or other country agents.
  10. Sheila - the first thing I did when our cruise was cancelled was to refund the "rebate" to my TA. Travel Agents don't get paid until the ship sails. Rebate comes from the TA commission. Ship doesn't sail - no commission. I have been using my TA for at least 12 or more years. And would certainly book with them again. Gerry
  11. Susie - you are doing such a great job with this spreadsheet which was hugely helpful to me in "guestimating" the time taken for the refund that being one or two days off in the count is really not important. I appreciate so much what you have done and continue to do! All we are waiting for now is the refund of our extraordinary travel expenses incurred when our cruise was cancelled and we were "stranded" in San Diego. Regent has told me that this will come soon. Meantime I am happy to report that Swiss refunded us 100% of the unused portion of our flights. That really helps too.
  12. Thanks Dave - what you say makes sense to me as long as the CC is still active...
  13. Would be worse here Dave! Switzerland hasn't used cheques for well over 30 years now and banks don't know what to do with them. Last time I took a cheque to my bank here they spent an hour studying the document and then trying to figure out what to do with it! I think there was a lengthy phone call with Zürich as well... E-banking or wire transfer is our only option.
  14. Luckily for us we paid by wire transfer to our TA for the final payment. But we had made the initial deposit on a card linked to a brokerage account that my husband no longer has. His broker sorted that one out and got that credit transfered to his current brokerage account. The rest was a smaller (under $500) payment that I made to a Citi Visa card. Since then Citi discontinued issuing credit cards to people living outside the USA. So the money went into a sort of limbo. Luckily I remembered the user name and password for that card and located the credit. Our bankers then got it transferred to our current account and that took 4 days. I don't understand why, when making refunds, Regent (and others) don't ask the client where they would like the money sent? Seems that a lot of people have CCs that are no longer working after a few years.
  15. I have been told by Regent that my request for reimbursement for the (substantial) cost of getting from San Diego to Switzerland has been approved and that they will contact me to set up a wire transfer of the funds. (No cheques in Switzerland and haven't been for well over 30 years now...). I do not as yet know how much they will reimburse but will post once I do. Swiss has also told me that I can expect full reimbursement for the flight from MIA to ZRH that I could not take (Swiss cancelled this route around 12 March...). So all that is good news. All we could do to celebrate our 55th anniversary on 20 March was to have a pizza delivered but we made up for it as soon as restaurants re-opened on 11 May by going to what we consider the best restaurant in the Valais (1 star Michelin, 17/20 G-M points) for a "splendid" lunch. Still would rather have had that celebration on the Splendor.
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