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  1. Have you been on Splendor? The P&O ships are much nicer, in my opinion. Especially the two ex-Princess ships. I was quite fond of Carnival until a 3 nighter on Splendor, it put me off the brand completely. The ship itself, the food, the service, the passengers, all unpleasant.
  2. I agree with social media it's difficult to go back and see what's already been said, people drop in with a question rather than continuing a conversation in the way CC roll calls do. For the same reason the social media groups become quite tedious in the lead-up to the cruise because the same questions are asked over and over again, often multiple times a day.
  3. That's great news @Luigi G. Thanks to the others for advice too - we are well acquainted with Singapore/Malaysia and its food, and will be making the most of all port stops. We travel to Asia a lot and prefer to eat Asian food more or less exclusively while away - it just seems suit the body better when in that climate. The spicier the better! Hence hoping for onboard options too. But if not, it's not a big deal.
  4. In my experience with an upcoming Millenium cruise, it's more or less the same people on both.
  5. Thanks everyone. Mixed experiences - I guess I can only hope for the best! And eat as much as possible in port 😁
  6. Hello, I've never sailed far away from home on Celebrity before and am wondering if the menu options will reflect the itinerary. We're sailing Singapore to Mumbai and I'm hoping to see a daily Chinese, Malaysian and/or Indian etc. station in the buffet at least. I do love an Asian breakfast in particular! Based on your experiences do you think the dining choices will reflect where we are in the world? Thank you
  7. I would think that's a travel insurance issue @sfaaa.
  8. I am wondering about the $600 covid-cancellation OBC we had though, and whether we will get that back and how long we have to use it. I don't think there's any point trying to call Carnival at the moment though, will let the dust settle for awhile.
  9. We were on the December 2 sailing too. Impossible to postpone as we're coming from Australia and have locked in US city visits on either side. We're just finalising plans to fly to Puerto Vallarta instead. Very pleased with Carnival's decision to refund us so that could happen, instead of potentially coming all this way for a cruise full of sea days!
  10. I hope it all works out for you and your family @cj.cross.
  11. Yes I think so. I'm on a roll call for the Dec 2 cruise and it's full of people who live in or near LA and take the same cruise several times a year. They are more than happy to spend a week on the ship no matter where it goes. For me it's part of a trip of a lifetime - already postponed once as we were meant to go in 2021 - and I don't know if we'll ever be able to do it again. We chose a cruise as it was the best way to see a few different towns in a short space of time. If we know in advance we can't make them all, we'd rather take a refund/FCC and fly direct to the ones that appeal most (not Cabo!).
  12. Thank you, that's the first time I've heard a timeframe mentioned.
  13. I'm also on the December 2 cruise and we're flying halfway around the world to see Mexico for the first time, so it will be incredibly disappointing if the issue isn't fixed by then.
  14. In Victoria at least, to be registered as 'legal' (i.e. certificate issued) a marriage has to be conducted either by a celebrant licensed in Australia or a minister of religion. I haven't done a cruise wedding myself but was married overseas and since then have never been in a situation where I needed to show a certificate or prove I am married. Government agencies etc. just accepted that I am when I told them so. Some people I know are more keen on having that piece of paper (comes in handy if changing surname, and also when getting divorced!) so had a simple registry office marriage either before or after their 'destination wedding'. I did look into a vow renewal ceremony (on Celebrity I think?) and it was straightforward and inexpensive. They mentioned that any of the officers could show up to do it so I very much doubt they are accredited celebrants.
  15. Princess also has a port in San Pedro in LA, if you want to do Mexican Riviera but don't fancy an additional internal flight to San Diego.
  16. I'm reading all these comments about the candy straws turning to goo and thinking... either I drink my cocktails too fast or you're all drinking them too slow!
  17. We had a really good meal at Fahrenheit 555 a few weeks ago (though the ambience left a little to be desired) and I really rate Masala Tiger for lunch if you like Indian. MDR for sea day brunch (runs over breakfast and lunchtimes) in preference to the buffet. I found the rest of the food on board to be mediocre at best, to be honest. Especially dinner in the MDR, it was truly awful as was the service. For entertainment, the 2 comedians were a highlight, better than actual comedy cruises I've been on.
  18. I'm also on that sailing and hoping to catch the Passport bus from downtown to the Queen Mary on the Saturday morning. I definitely read about it on here, it was awhile ago though. The person who posted said the bus was pretty empty.
  19. I always take both earplugs and earbuds (to listen to an audiobook). But my last cruise neighbour was SO noisy, getting up at 5am to slam everything and yell down the phone, that I've added a white noise machine to my pack list in future.
  20. If you love French food my recommendations are the two creperies in Lemon Bay - La Gavotte right up the end near the road that goes to the aquarium, 2nd HOHO stop and La Pastaga which is closer to the first HOHO stop. Both do beautiful savoury galettes and sweet crepes with lovely views of the beach. Gavotte definitely has the option of menu in English, from memory Pastaga does too but if not their staff speak English well.
  21. I had to take painkillers to get a full night's sleep on Quantum of the Seas beds, they were so hard, but just got off Splendor and the bed was delightfully squishy. Hopefully that's the case across the Carnival fleet.
  22. Great news, I hope Carnival updates their systems in time for my Thursday departure!
  23. Thank you so much, that makes sense. 'Back on board' time is according to the ship clock not local time. And if we muck up somehow and our phones switch themselves to local time, we'll be an hour ahead so back to the ship early not late! It's also interesting to know that most are back on board for dinner. Hope you're having a wonderful day @csm5986142
  24. Hello, I did ask this question on the Mexican Riviera board but apparently the answer depends on the cruise line. We are doing a 7 day Mexico cruise and the itinerary has us in PV 9am-9pm. I have heard that Panorama leaves its clock set an hour behind local time. I'd like to confirm that if possible, and what last boarding time would be? For example if the itinerary says 9pm departure I assume that's local time, which is 8pm if we set our watches to ship time, so boarding around 7pm according to our watches? I find time changes quite difficult to get my head around so would like to be sure when organising tours and things for the day. Any advice most welcome!
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