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  1. We were there on February 26 and experienced no issues. Took a taxi to Almaplena.
  2. No, I wasn't aware of that. My flying experience has been limited and this was the first time I've ever had a flight changed. Thank you for this information.
  3. Sargassum conditions as of last week were good, at least at Almaplena. It's several miles south of Maya Chan. The beach there seems to be more wide open than at Maya Chan. Not sure if/how geography might affect water color as well.
  4. I got lucky on dessert day. Was just walking through as they'd finished putting things out. When I was finished eating and walked by again, it was still very neat, because passengers were served, rather than just going at it like marauding sugar fiends, but it was obvious that people were hungry. In general, the buffets were very well kept. Containers were swapped out before being two thirds empty, and things were wiped down constantly. Enjoy your cruise. Both the ship and her crew were great.
  5. Loved Almaplena. There were a handful of kids there who appeared to be somewhere between 8-12 years old. They seemed to be enjoying themselves. It is quiet, but the water is great and there's plenty of sand to dig in. If you'd like more than what I've posted below I can see what I can dig up. Just let me know. Here's a review I did on the Costa Maya port page.
  6. Sadly, it was almost a giant disaster. We always self disembark. That morning I found out our flight had been bumped up from 10:10am to 8:25am. We were in line by 6:20. The Compass stated self-debarkation started at 6:30. We were held until 7:40. I suspect it was Customs, taking their time getting in place, because the ship's staff was lined up and waiting with the passengers from foreign ports and those needing physical assistance. I can tell you that the airport is only 2.2 miles away and if you have a cab driver who is aware of your flight plight, he'll do his best to get you there. Ours did and we ran through the airport like a couple of wheezing geezers and did make our flight.
  7. Going to wind things up with a few shots from the Windjammer. Food is a very subjective subject. Loved breakfasts and lunch there, but have to say that I found the dinners to be very bland, even though there was a great variety.
  8. Our day at Cozumel wasn't quite what we had hoped for. The weather was overcast, cool and winds were up to 25 mph. They even had the giant inflatables lashed down to keep them from blowing away. Didn't keep us from enjoying Mr. Sancho's, but it wasn't a typical visit. This was our third visit there and we'll continue to go each time we're in Cozumel.
  9. Some random shots around the port area. It's very clean, but the vendors get a bit aggressive. A polite "no thanks" generally takes care of it.
  10. Wednesday's port was Costa Maya. We'd hoped to book at Maya Chan, but I was told ten months ago that the entire place was already reserved by a group. Found a hidden gem in Almaplena. It's further than MC, and the bar service isn't quite at the same level, but the atmosphere more than makes up for it. I'd highly recommend spending a day there. The first two shots were taken walking the pier, the remainder at Almaplena.
  11. CJDepew


    My guess is that there were twenty five people there. Still plenty of room for everyone to spread out.
  12. CJDepew


    There are beds with cover and palapas over chairs. Add in the palm trees and it's plenty shady. You have to move forward and get on the beach to get sun. I've had melanoma in the past and shade is always a big concern for me. I had no worries there whatsoever.
  13. CJDepew


    The driver did take a different route, but the road was actually much better. It was no more than twenty minutes. Maya Chan's service is fantastic for sure, but that water reminded me of the Monongahela River (Pittsburgh native here). Yuck!
  14. Thank you! That's our ship/itinerary for March, 2021.
  15. This was our favorite stateroom by far. Plenty of space, great location. Not sure if you'll still have Sheree for a room attendant but she was fantastic. Enjoy your b2b!
  16. Our Adventure cruise wasn't quite booked to capacity last week, but there were sure plenty of people on the ship. The hand-washing and sanitizing before entering the Windjammer appeared to be total cooperation, from what I could see.
  17. CJDepew


    That photo was taken from the deck, when we were waiting for our ride. I should have specified in my first post about the pool, it's on the right side of the deck, if your back is to the ocean. It sure does appear that seven years makes a huge difference. It may be a few years, since we have 2021 booked already and only do one cruise per year, but I can't wait to return there.
  18. We did the tour via Viatour in 2016 and it was great. Looks like they still offer it. https://www.viator.com/tours/Cayman-Islands/Cayman-Islands-Rum-Distillery-and-Brewery-Tour-plus-Seven-Mile-Beach/d31-8717P10
  19. Love the statues outside of the Tortuga Rum stores. This was the one at the port.
  20. Tuesday was Grand Cayman. This is one of our favorite ports to visit, even though it's a tender port. We did early tendering, which was between 7-8 am. Basically we just walked town and boarded...no lines. We rented a beach cabana at The Royal Palms Beach Club. Service was great and it was more comfortable than just chairs and an umbrella. Food was not included but I did have a burger and fries (seafood...yuck!), which were very generous in portion and tasty. The water was comfortably warm and clear, and beautiful shades of blue, the sand soft, and the temps were in the mid 80s. What a fantastic day!
  21. Crazy desserts on Tuesday. Guessing it was for Fat Tuesday.
  22. There are plenty of outdoor activities on this ship. If you're bored, something's wrong. I didn't get any shots of the couple playing paddle ball, but here are some of my other favorites.
  23. Here's some random shots of the art in the stairwells. It seems to be a very eclectic collection. The last one was in the hall outside our room. It was titled Love Handles. 😆
  24. The ship...great staff who genuinely seem happy to be interacting with passengers. Not sure I could keep up the good attitude working on the ship for the duration of a contract. Sheree, our room steward, Bienhur from the Windjammer and VIP from the upper deck bar really stand out in my mind. The pool deck was fairly crowded on our first sea day, from the splash pad all the way through the solarium. I had anticipated spending most of that day in the solarium, but to be honest, it's a little too quiet and boring. Chair hogs didn't seem to be much of an issue, which surprised me. Our last sea day was extremely windy, a high of 70, and mostly cloudy so the pool deck crowd was much more sparse. The hot tubs were in high demand that day. Attached are some random indoor ship shots. I love to take photos, to the point of making my hubby a little nutty.
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