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  1. Thanks HuliHuli. Your post is very thorough. Been to KL a couple times and visited the "must-see" spots. This time we'll stay in Port Klang at a spa and indulge in treatments all day long for a tiny fraction of the cost back home. Anything in PK that's a "must-see"? Lots of nice pics. Thanks for the time it took to post your report as you traveled. I saved it and look forward to reading more.
  2. @HuliHuli Thanks for the great post about Bangkok, lots of useful information that I saved for the future.
  3. nhtravels - Hi Cyndi, I have the same Bliss cruise booked as you. I hope you're still on that cruise? A few people have joined the Roll Call since you started it in May. Hope you'll jump back on the board!
  4. Jen & lepidoptera - Howdy neighbors! Come join us HERE on the Roll Call thread for Jan 3 G-way.
  5. I'm onboard, yes the ship is out of some items but there is still plenty of food. Far more than many groceries, based on news reports. There is nightly entertainment. Daytime activities. Stewards to clean cabins. Beautiful sunshine and most importantly we are in the safest place in the entire world in our uninfected bubble.
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