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  1. We love to cruise to Bermuda in early September. Kids are in school, ships are less crowded, and Bermuda is amazing. Early September is also a good time for Alaska. You may get some rain, but it's still warm and when we went two years ago, we saw the Northern Lights! The ship's captain made the announcement at 10 pm and he turned off as many lights as allowed and we had a nice show. We had hard rain in Juneau, but the weather was very good every other port of the cruise. Late September/early October is prime time for New England and Canada for the fall foliage cruises. Again
  2. I agree that two of the stops that are very walkable are Cobh (Cork) and St. Peter Port. In Cobh, you can make a right when exiting the ship and find plenty to see and do. Take the Cobh Road Train https://www.cobhroadtrain.ie for a little tour of Cobh, then see the Titanic Experience http://www.titanicexperiencecobh.ie. Check out some of the shops along the waterfront, and be sure to stop at Kelly's Bar for live music and a Guinness or Irish coffee. St. Peter Port is an ideal place for the walker. Check out https://www.visitguernsey.com/see-and-do/walking-routes/ . Taxis
  3. For renting a car in Anchorage, try https://www.rentalcounter.com. We have a mid-size SUV reserved for September for $532 with Enterprise.
  4. I see that some of you are thinking about flying to Iceland and renting a car and driving the Ring Road. We did this in 2016 and were very pleased with Nordic Visitor dot com. They pick you up at the airport, get you a rental car, make all hotel arrangements, and provide you with a detailed road map, GPS, and will prebook tickets for things such as whale watching, lava tube exploration, glacier hikes, etc. It was one of the best vacations we've ever done!
  5. We did the fall foliage cruise September 11- 22 of 2016. We thought we would see lots of fall colors on the trees, but we didn't. Because the ports of call have a maritime climate, the leaves turn color later than they do inland. I'd go in October.
  6. We booked the HOHO in Cartagena through their website, because it was cheaper than through the cruise line. When we arrived in Cartagena, the cruise lines had booked all HOHO buses and none were available independently until after 2 pm. We ended up getting a refund.
  7. We also stayed at the Anselmo Buenos Aires, Curio Collection by Hilton, but to be truthful, we never ventured out late because after our flight we toured all day and then conked out. We liked the hotel, its location, and we really liked our private guide Ceri (pronounced Kerry) from https://www.buenostours.com.
  8. We took the 5.5 hour National Park with hiking tour with https://www.tourguideushuaia.net/ushuaia-private-guide/ We beat all of the cruise line tours there and had many areas to ourselves. Afterwards, they gave us the option of dropping us off in town or to the pier. I thought it was well done. Unfortunately, we took this tour in March of 2020 and came down with COVID shortly after, but fully recovered! That's a whole other story... Sue
  9. The cruise ships are required to inform US Customs of passengers who have made purchases onboard that exceed the limit. When you swipe your card upon debarkation, you will be informed that you were randomly "tagged" to go fill out a customs card and meet with an agent. (This, of course, is a lie. There is nothing random about it. They already know you made the purchase.) So you better be honest and fill out the card denoting your purchase. They then take you to an agent who asks for the receipt and calculates the duty owed. Duty must be paid in cash or check, no credit cards. My son ex
  10. I would suggest that if you plan to make an early flight, you make sure that you do not purchase anything on the ship that would take you over the customs limit. When debarking the Celebrity Edge this past Sunday, my son got "tagged" as he swiped his sea pass card. He was told that it was a "random check", but that was really a lie. The cruise line is required to let customs know of anybody onboard that who should be declaring duty. Since he had purchased a couple Swiss made watches, he had gone over the limit and was asked to fill out a customs form. He declared the purchase and was led
  11. I have read that sometimes it takes quite a while to take care of the paperwork when renting a car near the port (because there are quite a few passengers with the same idea as you!) I would definitely get the car for additional time.
  12. We spent 10 days in Iceland a couple of years ago, driving the ring road. We did the whale watching out of Husavik Harbor using Nordursigling in a traditional oak boat, saw lots of mostly Minke whales, but altogether a great experience. From Akureyri, I would definitely see Godafoss, as it is only about a 30 minute drive away. It is breathtaking! I would also recommend the Hverir geothermal area. Myvatn is an experience I'll never forget! If you have any problems with nudity I'd probably opt for the Blue Lagoon near Reykyvik instead. Myvatn is less visited by tourists, so the larg
  13. The dock in Belfast is in an industrial area. You will want to take a taxi, under 10 GBP.
  14. We spent 10 days in Iceland and never needed ISK. Credit cards accepted everywhere. Took one tour based on tips and US dollars or euros were gladly accepted.
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