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  1. No, you cannot pick. You won't find out what night you are assigned to until you board. They will leave printed instructions in your cabin, which will also list the date/time of your Chef's Dinner. It's 100% worth it! So delicious and a ton of fun.
  2. If you ever really look at the movie list from month to month, you'll see that they don't change a whole lot. Maybe a few drop off and a few new ones are added. But a lot of movies from one month are still played in the next month. And they never play all of the movies on the list, so you really have no way of knowing ahead of time what movies will be playing anyway; you can only get a rough idea.
  3. Yes, according to Carnival’s Facebook page their ships starting going back there today. There were two there today: the Elation and Pride.
  4. Yes, it was $25-$30 per person depending on what protein you ordered, but it was still a fixed price per person, and included all of the sides, dessert, etc (now it’s $32 per person). However, Bonsai Sushi is completely different, as in every item on the menu has it’s own price. Like at a restaurant on land. That is what I was referring to when I said “a la carte.”
  5. Bonsai Sushi has a la carte pricing. Bonsai Teppanyaki is a fixed price per person. It has always been this way. But they are two different restaurants (though right next to each other on ships that have both).
  6. From my experience, the lights have always interferes with being able to see anything good.
  7. The entire amount goes to the employees. It’s broken up between the different staff member categories (housekeeping, dining, and alternative services).
  8. Honestly, the best time to book is as soon as itineraries are released, under Early Saver. Then, either the prices go down and you apply for a price match, or prices go up and you have locked in the best price. In my experience, cruise prices rarely go lower than the prices when itineraries are released. Except for some guarantee rates, but with those you pay for what you get. Which is sometimes less-than-desirable rooms. Since you are looking at this December and that's no longer an option, I would say just go ahead and book what you want, under Early Saver if possible. That way you can still get price matches up to (I believe) 48 hours before sailing. If you wait until right before the sailing you risk it getting sold out or getting a type of room that you don't want, simply because it's all that is available.
  9. You can book online and then either call pr email Carnival with the booking #'s to ask to have them linked. Heck, you don't even need a PVP.
  10. Personally, I would never recommend anything earlier than the afternoon, no matter what port we are talking about. Too many things can happen that can cause you to miss your flight, including a delay in the ship getting cleared for disembarkation, traffic delays on the way to the airport, etc. With an afternoon flight you don't have to rush to get off the ship and to the airport. It's so much nicer ending a vacation by being able to take your time. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast in the MDR and be one of the last off the ship. The airport won't be as crazy, either, later in the day.
  11. Just as an FYI, you have selected a check-in time, not a boarding time. There is no way to predict what time you will board. It starts when it starts, and you board when your boarding zone is called. I've had cruises where boarding started 1 1/2 hours late due to one reason or another.
  12. The Panorama is going to have a Library Bar, not just a library. So it does get more use that the libraries on older ships. My husband and I love to play games while on cruises like the OP, and we were disappointed with the change from a library to a library bar when we were on the Horizon. It's, unfortunately, a different atmosphere than just a nice, quiet place to use for games.
  13. I'm only familiar with Carnival. As someone has already pointed out, the OP is talking about Carnival, and I know for the fact that all Carnival suites have balconies. They have some rooms at the front of some ships called Grand Scenic Ocean Views that have floor to ceiling windows, but they are classified as ocean views, not suites. I, personally, think they should be classified as suites, though.
  14. Yes, they definitely have balconies! Really nice ones that are close to the water. They are referred to as "coves" by Carnival, and they are my absolute favorite balcony type on any ship. :-)
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