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  1. Looking forward to reading the rest!
  2. They would have needed passports to fly to the first port of call. I highly doubt, given that they were using birth certificates, that they have passports.
  3. bakersdozen12

    New York 2020 - 2 ships???

    Sailing out of NY year-round doesn’t really make much sense given the climate of the Northeast. Who would want to sailing out during a blizzard? That is, if the cruise didn’t get cancelled altogether.
  4. bakersdozen12

    Carnival Glory Help Requested

    If you want something shop or port specific, why not buy the prizes while on the ship or in port? Since you want to give out the prize at the end of the cruise, you have time. Or are you looking for us to tell you what to buy? If that’s the case, on the ship is easy. Just get something with the Carnival Glory on it. You can find memorabilia in the gift shop. In Roatan, I highly recommend chocolate from the Roatan Chocolate Factory. You can find them in the shops right at the port. The chocolate is delicious (the best I’ve ever had) and the chocolate does not melt in the heat. We were there on an extremely hot day and no melting whatsoever. For Cozumel, you can always get some vanilla extract. That’s a very popular item for that port. Just do a bit of research ahead of time so you know what to look for and don’t end up with imitation vanilla.
  5. bakersdozen12

    Strange call & e-mail from Carnival

    When he asked you if you wanted him to fill out the paperwork so that he would be your PVP again, why didn’t you just say “yes, please” if it bothers you that much?
  6. bakersdozen12

    Advise needed. Carnival.com or TA

    Travel agents are not necessary in my opinion. There’s nothing that they can do that you can’t do yourself. I prefer to do all the research so that I’m 100% informed. Then there’s no surprises due to relying on someone else that may not have communicated everything to you. Plus, you have complete control of your booking.
  7. bakersdozen12

    Ocean Medallion. What If

    What does being a retired teacher have to do with wearing an OM?
  8. bakersdozen12

    Trying to plan for Alaska 2020...which ship?

    The Glacier Bay spots are booked on a first-come, first-serves basis with seniority playing into who gets first choice. Meaning, the cruise lines who have been sailing in Alaska the longest get first choice. There must not have been any left for Carnival this year. It’s a shame. Thought I did see at least a couple cruises going to Icy Straight Point in 2020. Not someplace that a Carnival goes frequently, which is nice.
  9. bakersdozen12

    Vista any time dining for diamond

    Same as anyone else checking in for Your Time Dining (YTD). Your status gets you priority only when choosing your dining time (early, late or YTD). It doesn’t get you priority when checking in for dinner when you are on your cruise.
  10. bakersdozen12

    Final payment due before online check in?

    Yes, you can. It used to be that you could complete online checkin as soon as you booked. I’m not sure why they changed it to a set date. But no, final payment is not needed to complete the checkin process.
  11. bakersdozen12

    Cove Balcony, Pros and Cons

    Actually, coves are not always cheaper. There are times they are priced higher than regular balconies. It all depends on supply and demand. And as far as motion sickness is concerned, you would feel less motion on the 2nd deck compared to higher decks. To the OP: I honestly cannot think of one reason why a regular balcony is better than a cove. Coves are my absolute favorite balconies on ships that have them. Being that close to the water is fantastic, and having a balcony with shade makes it more useable in my opinion. And they are much more private.
  12. bakersdozen12

    anthem embarkation day

    Oh good grief. The dining rooms (notice I’m using the plural version of room) on any given ship are always referred to as main dining rooms (aka MDR). Doesn’t matter if there is more than one MDR on a ship. That’s just what they are called.
  13. I’m very sad about the Mac n cheese. I’ll live, but hopefully they will be slow to introduce this to the other ships so I can have it one last time next spring on the Conquest. The pancetta scrambled sounds into, though.
  14. bakersdozen12

    Magic or Horizon

    I love both ships. I think it depends what matters to you more. Technically, the Horizon has “more.” Jiji’s Asian, Bonsai Teppenyaki, Guy’s Pig and Achor, the skybikes, an IMAX theater, etc. But as far as itineraries are concerned, HMC is the better port over La Romania. So your decision should be based on that. Which is more important: a slightly better ship or a slightly better itinerary?
  15. bakersdozen12

    Is online check in required?

    Correct. A paper with your Global Entry and Passport numbers will do nothing. You have to have your Global Entry card and/or actual Passport in order to use these credentials in any given situation. To the OP: don’t wait until the last minute to complete your checkin and print your boarding passes. The cruise will disappear from your Cruise Manager the day of the cruise, so you must do it beforehand. Enjoy your cruise.