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  1. You cannot fly home on a copy of a passport. So there’s no reason to bring a copy with you. You would have to go to the nearest embassy to get a new passport and they don’t need to know your passport number to find you in the system.
  2. bakersdozen12

    Changing the second passenger in a stateroom

    This is exactly how it works with Early Saver fares. The fine print of that fare (which it sounds like your husband didn’t read) states that name changes are not allowed under Early Saver. So, why your husband is doing is cancelling someone and rebooking another. Since Early Saver rates are also non-refundable, the person who is cancelling gets a future cruise credit in their name (less the $50 fee forfeited, also in the fine print). Then in order to book someone new in that room that person has to pay a new deposit.
  3. The Carnival website has been experiencing problems during the last week or so regarding itineraries that have disappeared for no reason. Try clearing your browser’s cookies and then search again. If that doesn’t work, you’ll just have to wait until they fix the problem. Or call to book.
  4. bakersdozen12


    FTTF used to be made available over a year out, but now it’s less. More like 6-9 months before. The reason being, there are more Platinums now, so they have to wait longer to get an idea of how many Plats will be onboard before they can determine how many FTTFs they can sell. Excursions are listed when contracts with the local vendors are renewed. Right now it’s early for Sept of 2020 cruises. I would say you will start seeing excursions listed later this year.
  5. bakersdozen12

    Horizon Boarding Time

    If you are referring to why the earliest time a lot available to choose is 12:30, it’s probably because there will be many Diamonds and Platinums onboard. Combine them with Suites and FTTF, and it would get very crowded if they also opened up 11:30 to everyone else. Also, just as an FYI, the time you choose is a check in time, not a boarding time. There’s never a guarantee as to what time you will board. I’ve been on several cruises where, even with FTTF and getting to port at about 10:30, we didn’t board until after 12:30 due to a delay.
  6. bakersdozen12

    Decision on ship

    I’ve been on the Conquest, Magic and the Horizon (same class as Vista). Yes, as you go up in class the ship does have more amenities. So if you choose your cruises based on the ship, I would go with the Vista. But personally, I book for itineraries because I cruise to go places. My husband and I are doing our second B2B on the Conquest a week from today. I love the ship. Also, if you really like comedy shows, you’ll enjoy them more on the Conquest or the Magic/Breeze, I think. The comedy venue on the Horizon sucked because it was way too small. I’m guessing the Vista’s is the same.
  7. bakersdozen12


    With all do respect, how would it be fair for all of the people that pay for insurance if Carnival were to start making exceptions for certain people? Insurance is sold for a reason. If you don’t purchase it, then you don’t get to benefit from what it provides.
  8. bakersdozen12


    I’m pretty sure gratuities will be refunded. You really do need to call Carnival though. If you wait until two weeks before the sail date, you will be forfeiting 100% of your cruise fare.
  9. bakersdozen12


    That’s all fine and dandy when you are NOT inside of the cancellation penalty period. The OP is, so unfortunately they will be forfeiting at minimum 75% of what they paid. The cancellation terms are clear.
  10. bakersdozen12

    Imagination vs Inspiration

    My husband and I did a 4-day on the Imagination over Labor Day weekend with a couple friends of ours last year and it was not a “booze cruise.” I absolutely hate it when I hear people use this term because it’s so unjustified.
  11. bakersdozen12

    Do they swap ships after reservations are open?

    Actually, this class is referred to as the Fantasy class. I have no idea where you are getting the term “Ation” from.
  12. bakersdozen12


    Uh, no, not if you cancel a few weeks prior to the sail date and don’t have insurance. The penalty is 75% of the cruise fare, so only 25% can be used towards another cruise.
  13. bakersdozen12


    Yes, the rope course should be open on embarkation day. The only reason they close it during the hours it’s supposed to be open is when it’s too windy. So if there’s wind, it could be closed. I don’t play basketball so I’ve never paid attention to the open times, but if it’s closed after 5:30 on the Horizon it’s because it’s right over Jiji’s and Cucina. The sound of the ball bouncing is incredibly loud from the deck below, so they must close it at that time because that’s when they start serving dinner. The same would be true for the Magic because the Steakhouse is right below it. When we did the Behind the Fun tour on the Dream we were in the Steakhouse during the day and heard the loud noise from the basketball court. I do remember our tour guide saying it’s not a problem for dinner because the court is closed by that time.
  14. bakersdozen12

    Bonsai Sushi

    Yes it’s open for lunch, but it’s not free. Btw, for future reference you can find this information on Carnival’s website. https://www.carnival.com/cruise-food/bonsai-sushi
  15. bakersdozen12

    Steakhouse reservation

    No idea. I sent in a request well over a month ago, maybe closer to two. Haven’t heard back so I sent in another request a week ago and haven’t heard back regarding that one either.