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  1. The simple answer is no. Gift card payments definitely will always go back to a new gift card. Only to be applied to a Carnival cruise or Fun Shop purchases. You might want to offer them at a discounted price on Ebay or to friends if you want to convert into cash.
  2. My TA can just see our new dates on our reservations but not the itinerary. Our Febr 11th cruise is now on Febr 4th. Our Febr 15th cruise is now on Febr 13th. Just great.
  3. Ok, now the new dates of our B2B in February are known. Well, it's not a B2B anymore as there are now 5 days between our 2 cruises.... Needless to say, this will not work. On the long hold with Carnival now, but I was wondering - since this is a change made by the cruise line, I assume there are no penalties to transfer our funds to another booking. But will there also be OBC for this switch?
  4. Ok folks, it was a glitch. Now on to other things.
  5. I'm with you on this. And how come the Capacity Rule only applies to certain ships???
  6. That was the plan. But now for Summer and Fall 2021 all sailings are 9+ days and there is one 12 day and a 14 day cruise scheduled. So, that's not the Inspiration/Imagination itineraries.
  7. Pure speculation, but Radiance sailings are now unavailable for booking between May 2 - Dec 10th 2021 and are all longer cruises. Might be a possibility that Carnival is sending Radiance to Europe!
  8. This morning not a single Alaska sailing available. Is it me? Is it a glitch? Please don't say it's a capacity control thing, cause I'll flip. 🤣
  9. Cruise lines have been protecting commissions but only on bookings paid in full. But I know of many agents who haven't been receiving these commission payments for a while.
  10. Now, where have I heard this before?? Oh right!!! Before every single cancelation round this year. This has been the go-to excuse and it's getting old.
  11. Oh no! He was planning all kinds of things for the Mardi Gras. What happened?
  12. Well, next available sailing to book on the Sunrise is now May 2nd 2022 (1 exception is the Sailabration cruise). Things are in motion!
  13. I'm actually not looking for a view at this point, but for Carnival's announcement as to what is happening with the Legend sailings.
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