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    A lot of us in the US were blindsided because we believed the low numbers of infected here, circa the time of the Diamond Princess drama. We didn’t know it was because the US was basically not testing anyone.
  2. There will be a vaccine, just not soon. And there may need to be seasonally updated vaccines like for influenza strains.
  3. http://archive.is/96WyG Cruise lines will be shut out of bailout money due to lack of US workers ...
  4. Urban/central North Carolina. Lockdown starts today. Duke hospitals are already having to figure out how to sterilize and re-use masks.
  5. Most of it is made in China. Factories are back up and making masks all over Asia, including China. They are just using them domestically or sending them to places like Italy and Spain. Maybe we could get more if our POTUS would stop calling it the 'Chinese Virus'. But anyway, we do have at least one 3M factory in South Dakota that is supposed to ramp up this week. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/03/22/masks-ppe-3m-coronavirus/
  6. The shortage of masks is so significant that there is a nationwide effort to hand-sew masks for healthcare workers. Please take a look at these links: https://www.deaconess.com/How-to-make-a-Face-Mask https://www.forbes.com/sites/tjmccue/2020/03/20/calling-all-people-who-sew-and-make-you-can-help-solve-2020-n95-type-mask-shortage/#ffcf9034e41d 1/8” elastic is also very hard to get ahold of right now.
  7. Has anyone gotten their bonus OBC from rebooking a canceled cruise?
  8. For clarity, I mean it’s insane that we don’t have PPE for first responders when we’ve known about this threat since January.
  9. I’m sure there’s some thread about this but I can’t find it. What’s going on with NCL’s INSANE pricing right now? Out or boredom, I looked at prices for some Bermuda sailings in the next few months. $2900 for 7 days in a STUDIO. I’ve never seen a 7 day studio that high for anything. It’s more than twice what I usually pay. Are they just screwing around with the pricing while they know those cruises probably won’t sail? Trying to stop people from booking and then taking advantage of cancellation offers?
  10. NY has actually had to stop testing people without serious symptoms not for lack of tests, but because they don’t have enough PPE for the people taking the swabs. Which is insane.
  11. Unfortunately 600+ people there have died in the last 24 hours and people are still flouting the quarantines. Signs of things to come in the US. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/italy/
  12. Things mostly look right now, but my OBC for rebooking hasn't appeared. As of right now there is no answer at VV's 954 number. Will try again later.
  13. It’s an easily-killed bug on surfaces, not nuclear waste.
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