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  1. Also: I really liked the crowd and vibe the one time I sailed out of Manhattan rather than Florida.
  2. I think you’re confusing reality with Game of Thrones.
  3. I had to stop listening to cruise radio's daily briefings because they were so excited to be Team Anti-CDC! Because after all, this is a comic book and the CDC are the villains. /sigh
  4. And even sooner if people would stop foaming about the CDC and get vaccinated. For want of a shoe, the horse was lost and all that.
  5. It’s the opposite of all of this, actually. Suicides actually fell in 2020, but let’s not pretend that this is about anything but money and entitlement. Because it obviously isn’t about human lives.
  6. THIS. I want to get back to cruising, but I'll be watching these first mass cruises, whenever/wherever they get started, to see if we end up back in March/April 2020 and ships having problems docking due to outbreaks onboard. I'm guessing a lot of people who want to cruise right now are also the same people who don't want to get a vaccine or wear a mask, so putting a couple thousand of them on a ship at once should be an interesting scientific experiment. One I'll watch from a distance for the moment.
  7. Just because you don't like the science doesn't make him a politician. Besides, if he was a politician, it would have been much easier for mango mussolini to fire him.
  8. Believe me, I know every single rotten trick that every cruise line does, and I'm VERY familiar with NCL in particular. But you, in turn, know you're comparing apples to oranges with those examples above. I would much rather my first post-pandemic cruise be with VV (who is requiring vaccines). I'm just surprised to find that they're not being a little more flexible. They'd be more likely to get some money from me right now instead of what they will get, which is zero for the time being.
  9. It’s like 90% of this forum has completely forgotten about the Diamond Princess, and all the “plague ships” that weren’t allowed to dock in various countries. But it was “only“ 14 deaths on Diamond Princess, and they were “only” old people. Sigh.
  10. I’ll have my second vaccine in a few weeks, so finally starting to play with mock bookings. VV expects me to pay in full today for a sailing in July. I checked NCL for comparison—they’ll take a $125 deposit until May 09 for a July sailing. I get that these companies are cash starved, but I’m not giving them a couple of thousand dollars interest-free in these uncertain times.
  11. Very happy to see this. They will likely be my first cruise when things get going again. Got my dose 1 of Moderna last week.
  12. Words matter. The battle cry of the conspiracy theorist. "Dig deeper" means "find sources that agree with your internal belief system and biases, even if they are sketchy as hell".
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