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  1. In other threads I’ve seen that the NOLA taxi drivers know how to navigate the confusing port situation, but the ride share drivers might not. I’m braced for a stressful time getting from the airport to the port, but I sure wish I could figure out which transport to use. Or that there were reliable shuttle services who know the port scene inside and out like in Miami and Port Canaveral.
  2. Sounds like they need to hire more butlers.
  3. Am I misremembering, or do you have to book the theater comedy shows on board on GA and/or Escape? I remember standing in line for something and not sure what else it would have been, I’m a staunch pre-booker.
  4. Grab any shows and dining you want that you can get online, especially if you want earlier time slots. Do it now!
  5. Yep. The bidding system does not change dynamically to reflect the real-world pricing, so it's not even necessarily a deal.
  6. Always check the real-world mock-booking prices, too. On an upcoming sailing I was able to call and upgrade at the listed rate of a higher category after a price drop. The new listed rate was exactly half of the minimum bid I would have needed to offer, had I used the bidding system.
  7. Bolded part--this is a pet peeve of mine, when people inevitably say: "Well, did you talk to the hotel director about your problems?' It's not my job to manage the staff while I'm on vacation.
  8. I booked online. Note that if you book online, they will assign you a cabin. https://www.virginvoyages.com/book/voyage-planner/find-a-voyage?sailors=2&cabins=1&fromDate=2020-04-01&toDate=2020-10-31&currencyCode=USD You can call directly to book, though, and request a specific cabin. 954 488 2955 I'm not sure if they are up and running with travel agents yet. I believe they are. I am totally sympathetic to those worrying about the 'demographic' issue, but it's hard for me to imagine the pax will look much different from, say, a newer NCL ship out of Miami, minus the kids. In other words, don't sweat it. 🙂 (Just my opinion, though.) (I'm booked for Oct 2020, myself. I'm older than a millennial but younger than Richard Branson. 🙂 )
  9. I've only popped into one onboard trivia game, and there were people gaming the system (one giant group as a team, for example). Obviously a team of eight people will possess more trivial knowledge than a team of two people. So, meh.
  10. I like good food, but I have a short attention span for sitting around in restaurants, or waiting on (cold) food delivery. 🙂 (In other words, I like being able to duck in and out of the buffet on a whim.) Not to say we won't be trying the Haven restaurant (we will). But I really just dug up this thread to post this video, in case anyone is looking for similar info: Not my video, just a good recent walkthrough of a haven aft penthouse.
  11. They tried to do this in ... 2015, or 2016, it didn't last long. It was around the same time that room service stopped being complimentary. Coincidentally enough. At the time, their excuse was that people were leaving plates in the hallways.
  12. OP here. I'm a frequent NCL cruiser so I have no problem understanding and disregarding complaints 1-5. As far as service quality, I definitely don't need crew members to pretend to be my friend, bring me special requests, greet me by name, etc. I only called out the unhappy/understaffed trend in BA reviews, because once staffing problems become bad enough, it spills into every aspect of the cruise. General remark regarding "self-fulfilling prophecies"; I understand why people say this, and I've definitely seen people who are obviously living to complain about everything. But it's not a one-size-fits-all dismissal of possible problems, any more than 'food is subjective' is a legit dismissal of declining food quality. To put another way, ideally you can acknowledge problems without automatically being referred to as a sad pessimist.
  13. I do understand the nature of online reviews generally, which is why I provided some minor comparison of Breakaway reviews to reviews coming off of GA, Escape, Bliss and Epic in the same time frame. Context and all that.
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