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  1. Thanks CB, Got the email about 2 hours after I posted - WOHOO! getting really excited now...
  2. Gday guys, Staying in a GS and a week to go today & no concierge email as yet? Anyone else received the email? Or am I just being paranoid that the cruise may be cancelled? Craig
  3. As long as I can snorkel in Milford sound, Ill be happy. Craig
  4. I am also on 18 March Voyager South Pacific sailing. Will we have any prior notice to changes in itinerary, the day before would be great? Or do we only get told once onboard? Craig
  5. I agree... Have you ever seen crab or prawn mornay?? I haven't, they have to add the mornay sauce to give the lobster some flavor. I have had my share of just out of the water crayfish in NZ.... grilled on the boat's bbq = sweet as bro!!😎
  6. Yep, up to 6m seas as Radiance was a bit late leaving last night?
  7. @twangster Stunning photos as usual. Love the Bay of Islands, been there about 15 times! Waitangi is impressive & the bays are stunning. if you don't see dolphins in the bay that usually means you have your eyes shut!
  8. We were thinking about it, but we usually do most of the specialty restaurants anyway. would we be doubling up on dishes?
  9. you have done it now... only suites from now on.😎 enjoy!
  10. When I eventually get over to USA for a Caribbean cruise will definitely be in a suite! We were on Ovation & never went to MDR always ate at Coastal Kitchen. Oasis with 6,000 pax = 100% SUITE!
  11. $60 / kg for prawns!!! WOW! Sydney Fish market at Xmas & Easter top out a about $45/kg for cooked prawns & $35/kg green. Any other time of year $35/kg is the max for cooked. Craig
  12. give me a blue swimmer or a mud crab any day over a lobster/crayfish!
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