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  1. Radiance had a gluten free island at WJ. went there several times to beat the long lines for "normal food"
  2. following - great to hear an Aussie's perspective...😎
  3. G'day Guys, Always work to do on a ship, especially ones that sail 360 days a year! We had a water leak in our room on Radiance, we were out of our room for about 7 hours total over 2 x days. Got a letter in our GS the day after it was fixed - ended up getting $726 off next cruise. We didn't have to ask. 😎 Cheers
  4. Stayed in 1554 twice, mid ships hump great big balcony πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ
  5. G'day Guys, For every person that writes a bad review, there are literally thousands of people who had a great time on that same cruise. Craig
  6. Hi Twangster, thanks again for all the superb photos, any pics of CL or SL? I don't suppose WOW bands were added in the makeover? Craig
  7. Maybe XXXX island in QLD? Or one of he many other islands big enough for about 4,000 passengers to spend a day on? Craig
  8. agree with the above, had 6m seas around the bottom of NZ, hardly even noticed it, very stable ship.
  9. Hopefully something about Voyager - we are booked on her March 2020 they should have all of the bugs out by then...😎
  10. mandatory life vests??? they should be available if someone wants to rent one, but not mandatory.. blue line trevally Cheers Craig
  11. Thank you, I have everything crossed 😎
  12. Superb photos thank you. I am assuming that Voyager will get the same refresh later this year? Craig
  13. late night/early morning kebab shop... chiko rolls NO formal nights thongs & singlets compulsory...
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