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  1. Hope it works out. I reprice mine all the time to check if it’s different. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not, but worth always checking.
  2. I’d certainly check and get them to reprice it and see. I’ve booked mine direct with X and they have said many times that they will reprice at anytime. good luck with the price adjustment
  3. 100% as long as you’re not after final payment, you can re-price as many times as you like. However you have to go with the new perks etc but in this case I’m ahead.
  4. I did a price comparison to my current held booking with 4 perks. With the 3 perks it’s $1470 cheaper. Even if I upgrade to the premium drinks package and add $300 it’s just under $500 cheaper. Always worth checking and redoing the costs.
  5. Thanks so much. I thought this would be the case. being in AU the perks are 2 x $300 OBC as the tips are included/roll into the base fare so the tips do not show separately as I believe this was done as tipping is not something we do here like the US.
  6. I hope you don’t mind me asking on this thread instead of starting a new one. I’m booked on an 18 day TransPac from Sydney to Hawaii in 2022. Celebrity are doing a 2 day cruise to nowhere before as it’s the Easter long weekend. my question is that with the 4 perks I would receive $600 OBC for the 2 days and $800 for the 18 days. I know I can’t roll it over as it’s 2 cruises but can I use the $600 to book restaurants and tours for the next leg as well? With no stops and only 2 days I was hoping to book a few speciality restaurants and tours for some of the stops for the 18 day leg. appreciate any help. I did a search but couldn’t find the answer, only that I can’t roll it over. thanks
  7. I did the Epic TA, the lifts I think it’s the end one certainly does accept your Haven card and give you priority service up and down from the Haven. We did it by mistake with a full lift of guests. the courtyard has a menu (different to the restaurant) as does Posh. We got our butler to deliver some food (pizza and wings) we had it by the pool and up in posh a few times. I’ve only ever had great experiences with butlers. I give them a letter outlining things I like etc. I give this on embarkation day it really helps. the Epic is a great ship and the Haven with access to Posh just amazing. You’ll have a great time. Have fun
  8. Do it! This guy was embarrassed, as were I with his lack of manners.
  9. People that seem to leave their manners at home. So many times where I see poles speaking to staff like they’re beneath them. On the gem this older fella demanded a gelato they served was so polite. This guy was so rude I tapped him on the shoulder and mate you forgot something he was baffled. I said forgot your manners! Ugh rude people like that shouldn’t travel. It costs nothing to be polite and a good human
  10. The platinum perks are only when you’re onboard. If your next cruise isn’t for awhile. I’d hold off it try calling them again?
  11. Having always stayed in the Haven, the butlers are extremely busy on embarkation day. I find a letter helpful and time efficient for the Butler. It’s all in the delivery and ensure I lost things I like and enjoy. I do not find this self entitled at all. If some folks can afford the Haven, first class, Private school or a nanny then let us enjoy it. The beauty of cruising has options for all budgets. Give your butler a note/letter or tell him/her what you like, this is part of their core role and enjoy the experience
  12. For $1500 for 2 if you can afford it would snap it up in heartbeat. The private brekkie and lunch. Priority boarding and disembarkation, butler service etc. worth every cent in my eyes
  13. Whilst I understand that tipping isn’t a big in the UK or here in AU shouldn’t make a difference. Cruising has always had tips and this culture. If you don’t like or want to do this maybe cruising isn’t the holiday for you. Just because you don’t tip back home does that mean you don’t tip when visiting the US? When I visit other countries or different holiday types. I like to read and understand what is expected of me. If I don’t like then move on. Pay the charge, if you can’t afford the $200 or so each. Go to an all inclusive
  14. I love the Epic, just booked another TA in 2020. Can’t wait
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