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  1. For $1500 for 2 if you can afford it would snap it up in heartbeat. The private brekkie and lunch. Priority boarding and disembarkation, butler service etc. worth every cent in my eyes
  2. Whilst I understand that tipping isn’t a big in the UK or here in AU shouldn’t make a difference. Cruising has always had tips and this culture. If you don’t like or want to do this maybe cruising isn’t the holiday for you. Just because you don’t tip back home does that mean you don’t tip when visiting the US? When I visit other countries or different holiday types. I like to read and understand what is expected of me. If I don’t like then move on. Pay the charge, if you can’t afford the $200 or so each. Go to an all inclusive
  3. I love the Epic, just booked another TA in 2020. Can’t wait
  4. Just off the Epic TA ina 2 bedroom suite. The haven restaurant and bar was awesome. Joesph in the haven bar was awesome as was the assistant Maitre’D Kaylan. The fans/exhausts were not unbearable and didn’t impact the pool/hot tub area. I like that you can order food to the pool and up in Posh (they were restricting the food to Haven guests only in Posh) we loved posh and the bartenders were great. The lift to the buffet was handy to bring up snacks if and when needed. You also have the cordless phone to call your butler which we did a few times to get food delivered - a great perk. Overall from reading many negative reviews the Epic Haven hit it out of the park. Everyone was heaps friendly, couldn’t do enough for us. You’ll love the haven hardly felt busy all but enough for a great atmosphere. Enjoy every moment of it!
  5. Of course you can be puzzled. However that doesn’t change the fact on how NCL allows guests get Vibe passes. Like any business they’re rewarding their loyal or highest paying passengers first. I agree with this, when I fly at the front of the aircraft and have paid thousands more than other I expect priority, same if I am in the Haven. You don’t to agree with it, nor is anyone forcing you to sail eith NCL or run for passes. Everyone has choices.
  6. Just off the Epic just under 90mins. Well worth seeing, great high energy show. Enjoy
  7. That guarantee doesn’t mean the operator will hold the ship. They’re saying that they will get you to the ship in time. If not they’re going to cover the costs to get to the next port. A win win for me. We used an operator in NZ. They were amazing and no issues at all.
  8. 12 days. I love longer cruises. I’m not rushing to see what the ship has to offer and love sea days. Looking forward to a 13 TA next week with many sea days. Can’t wait.
  9. I love a sit down lunch with a drink/cocktail and take it all in. The anticipation of exploring a new ship. Unpack as soon as the bags arrive to get that out the way. Then it’s up to the sail away for a few more drinks as you sail off to new adventures
  10. Drinking with others is the best. You’re welcome anytime 🍾🍸🍺
  11. That’s good. I wasn’t sure if they were upholding the cancellation fee. There was a lot of talk about it a while ago. Maybe they back tracked their decision.
  12. I believe if you cancel within 24hrs it’s a $15US per person fee. However from reading on here if someone has been sick etc they’ve waived it. Hope this helps
  13. Sea days are my favourite, for me it’s all about doing what I want when I want. It’s my time to seriously relax. My TA will be with my brother who lives overseas, his will be our time to catch up, have a drink ( or 10) and reconnect. When looking a cruise I only look at ones that give me at least 2-3 sea days. Have fun doing what YOU want to do.
  14. I was on the Gem last year and it was lovely. It had a dry dock a few years ago and the refresh looked good. Staff were amazing, heaps friendly across the whole ship. As other said the great outdoors is amazing for an arvo cocktail or 3 for sail away. Spinnaker lounge is great too. The Gem was a great size not too big and not too small. You’ll love it, enjoy the cruise
  15. Sounds like you have a great cruise! I always like giving the drinks ockage a good nudge, normally rein in back after a hard few days.......if I don’t remember it didn’t happen.....right? Lol
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