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  1. And that is exactly what we do. We book inside guarantee cabins. If we want a glass of wine, we buy it. Occasionally, we purchase a wine package. We've once (on a TA) booked the spa for that portion of the cruise. If I want a cocktail, I buy it. We've never eaten in a specialty restaurant and unless it's free, we never will. It's not about discipline. It's about the fact that neither of us need all those extra things, and we can cruise way more often and for way longer if we don't buy everything in sight and if we keep the dollar/per/day figure down. We're perfectly happy in an inside cabin. We've been upgraded twice to OV cabins and they're nice but neither of us is willing to pay any sort of big bucks for that, and certainly not for a balcony. We tend to DIY when it comes to ports, and have only ever taken one ship's tour, ever. We do private tours if it's warranted, but look for a way to DIY first. I suspect we're not alone.
  2. Ah, well, thank you for clarifying that. It's hard to judge stuff like that without knowing exactly what was said, since what offends some people is not offensive at all to others (and vice versa, sometimes). I suspect that some people would refer to me as "vulgar." 🙂
  3. I absolutely love PMJ. I'd be on the front row. It's just different stuff for different people. And I swear, a lot. So I wouldn't be offended in the slightest by swearing.
  4. I have walked around that promenade deck on the Kdam a whole lot (enough to rack up 15,000 steps on sea days) and it was fine. Yes, there are some narrow places and you have to sort of maneuver around people from time to time, and it's always nice when everyone walks in the same direction (!!), but you see plenty of ocean.
  5. Tim, your link doesn't work. I tried everything I could think of, including removing the space you have before the word "timmer". Still nothing. Okay, I tried this https://timmerseattletosydney2019.blogspot.com/ and it worked. 🙂
  6. Okay, I spent a bit of time on the phone with my TA who also was on the phone with HAL, and he managed to come up with a price revision that saves us very close to 25% of the original price (and I'm factoring in the extra OBC). Honestly, I think it's enough money to pretty much pay for any spending we'll do off the ship, and our OBC will more than cover gratuities. I fiddled around with the idea of txing to a different cruise (a little shorter and a good bit cheaper) but because of the dates involved, we'd have spent our savings on land killing time while waiting for embarkation on our second, bigger cruise. I think we can live with this. (12/18 sailing) At this point, I'm sort of tired of thinking about it. LOL
  7. Anytime dining is all we've ever done. You just walk up to the desk like you would in any restaurant anywhere on land. They'll ask for your card, and scan it, and then ask you if you'd like to share a table. Say either yes or no. Then you're shown to your table (or perhaps there is a brief wait, but we've never had to wait for long). As far as time is concerned, it's "anytime." 🙂 And we've never made a reservation so I really don't know how that works.
  8. That is exactly what we had to do with NCL. We kept our same cabin, didn't have to pack or move anything, but we had to leave the ship briefly. Frankly, it was a good feeling to do that. Everyone else was leaving (poor people!!) and we were the lucky few who were staying on board. LOL
  9. We did the same thing, awhcruiser. Lots of times cruises are offered as one long trip or broken into segments and can be booked that way. But I'm getting ready to book three B2B cruises, on the same ship, that are not segments but truly separate cruises. I assume when I do this that I will pay three separate down payments and have three different booking numbers. If that is the case, then I will assume that everything else, including wine bottles, will be treated as three different cruises. If not, I will be finding out why. 🙂 I don't know about HAL, as I've never done it, but when we've done this before (NCL) we got new key cards for each of the B2Bs (we did four of them).
  10. Yes. My husband drinks it and never has a problem getting it. I often get decaf tea as well. We use Splenda, so I know it's available.
  11. In addition, our local weather forecast is spot on most of the time. We live in farm country and raise cattle and we notice the weather a LOT. It matters to us. We pay attention to it. Weather forecasters do a fabulous job. But as Happy pointed out, weather is not climate.
  12. I don't see anyone trying to restrict anyone's religious expression at all. HAL is not a religious organization. It's a business. If they choose to assist you in your choice of religious expression, well, that's great. If they don't, well, it's their choice. Should they offer prayer mats and calls to prayer for Muslim passengers? The laws doesn't have anything to do with this.
  13. Well, that will do me in if they reduce the dividend. My broker does not want me to buy it in the first place. It's one thing to do so if it's $20/share. It's another thing at $50.
  14. We've flown Icelandair, from Copenhagen to Washington, DC. It was fine. I can't remember details because it's been several years ago, but just the fact that I don't remember much about it means that nothing was bad.
  15. I don't remember. It's been several years ago. It was one of those typical private tours, so my guess would be 8 or 10 people. What difference does that make?
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