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  1. I just snail-mailed mine in. It was simple and done and I was credited within a few days. (Two different cruises)
  2. There is, in fact, a roll call. Somebody started it in late August. I commented over there.
  3. We are. I looked but there is no roll call.
  4. We are on the Veendam for ten days about a week before sailing to South America. It was a Cuba cruise. It's not a Cuba cruise any more. And now this regarding the Volendam. Honestly, please, universe, no more surprises. Okay?
  5. Yeah, this is enough to get me antsy. We're on the Grand South America in January.
  6. I guess we're the outliers. We usually sail inside cabins and we're fine with that. OV is nice but only if it's cheap. We won't pay a whole lot of money for a window. Neither of us feel like we're in a "prison." One time I was feeling poorly (a cold), and I'll tell you this, there is nothing in the world like an inside cabin when you're sick and need a nap in the afternoon. I can sleep like a baby - because it's dark. Our very first cruise consisted of 4 back-to-backs, including a transatlantic, and we were in an inside guarantee. We were upgraded (for free) on the last leg to an OV which was nice of NCL to do, but we'd been fine in our little hidey-hole up til then. I was warned repeatedly about doing an inside for our first cruise, and about doing such a long cruise at first, but I knew it was all good within an hour of boarding.
  7. That is exactly what I said. 🙂 In fact, I got that stat about the whole 72 hour incubation period from. . . the CDC. I was not talking about norovirus or any other GI thing. (BTW, one of the things we like most about HAL is the don't-serve-yourself buffet.) I was talking about upper respiratory infections. They are very different. People sneeze and cough right in your face --- on the elevators. You're right up close and there is no place to go. I'll avoid them, thanks very much.
  8. And my point was that I noticed the music so little that I can barely even remember it, and wouldn't have if you hadn't mentioned it. I can't answer your question because I didn't notice it and don't remember it. Maybe it's all the years that I read while siblings did stuff around me (when I was young) or the years when my child played while I read (when I was a bit older). It just doesn't bother me if I'm not in anyone's way or if they aren't addressing me specifically.
  9. The incubation period for the common cold is 72 hours (not 7 days). You are contagious, though, the day before you develop symptoms (in other words, on day 2, when you don't know you have it). You remain contagious for a week or so. Transmission is almost entirely person-to-person, not person-to some surface-to other person. The second is of course possible, but you're most likely to catch a cold directly from the person who has it. All the hand wiping/surface wiping on earth won't stop those airborne droplets. This means that the most risky place to be on a cruise ship is the elevator. Everything else pales in comparison. A cold is no big deal except when it leads to a more serious respiratory situation (bronchitis, for example). However, even if it doesn't, I don't want one on a cruise.
  10. It seems that you and I have the same affliction and probably need an intervention. Add to that my library of audio books. . . and it's really bad. But at least they store easily.
  11. I wasn't hiding. I simply was reading. And it was fine. This might be something you don't want to do, but I'm not you. I prefer my Kindle to an actual book. Honestly, I find myself tapping the edge of a book's page to turn it, and literally long-pressing a word to get the definition, and then feeling stupid when I remember it's a real book. And for me, personally, a library is a waste of space. I get lost in books and my surroundings don't really matter as long as there is nothing loud around me and as long as I know I'm not disturbing anyone.
  12. I don't find the music "awful" and it doesn't bother me at all. Right now, I'm trying to figure out what you're talking about, frankly. I've spent quite a few hours in the Lincoln Center or BB King area (when they were not performing or rehearsing. Nobody bothered me at all. I just found a corner and curled up. 🙂 Occasionally, I did something astonishing. I read in my room, all by myself, curled up on the bed with some fruit as a snack. Husband went and did whatever it is they do without us.
  13. Uh, I was on the Kdam in the Med. The ship was totally full. I found plenty of places to sit quietly and read a book (and I do that a LOT, but they are all on my Kindle). It was never once a problem.
  14. LOL Of course, but we don't mention that. It sounds better without it.
  15. Clay, you're already down to about $38 per day pp, which is really low for HAL. I mean, CHEAP. That's about what Dave and I got the TA from Rome on the Norwegian Star for. We're on a 10-day cruise with HAL in December and I was happy to get it for less than $70 per day pp. If doing this would put you in an OV and net you an additional $100, well. . . I go through this angst with every cruise I book, especially when I'm doing what you're doing (cruise cheaper than AirBnB would be ). Right now, I've got two cruises with HAL booked. I've paid in full for both of them just because I got the best price I could and then said "screw it" and paid them off so I won't obsess over them any more. But I'm almost never right about anything, so don't listen to me.
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