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  1. Where in your acct can u see it’s refunded? I got email 10 days ago it’s coming back but last time I checked acct it wasn’t there
  2. yes but there are tons of different professions that fall under that
  3. Got 100 shares at 15.00
  4. We sail 3/28, our room category is sold out but hoping it opens up so maybe we can get some obc
  5. Now there’s airport, next sporting events, grocery store etc. a cruise isn’t more dangerous thjen anything else
  6. If they cancel cruises they need to shut down Disney world, sea world , march madness, airplanes, etc
  7. If all companies did that it would work but most companies won’t pay
  8. We also enjoy laying out in the sun so the only way I would do encore would be in haven
  9. She got obj but that wasn’t enough to make her happy
  10. You both have to be there to get passes and most likely be in boarding group 1. We have been in 1 before and not received it. Remember haven, handicapped, platinum and now priory abscess are before 1
  11. Ugh, I have 14130 booked, on my rsvp it clearly states have spa, h9 but if I pull up deck plans it says h1. Did they recently change these? I have emailed my rep but I assume they will honor what we bought, sailing end of march.
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