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  1. Sorry for the delay. We are in quarantine at Lackland from the Grand Princess. I cannot stress enough how great Princess was while we were in quarantine on the ship in addition to a wonderful cruise. To answer your questions, the coupon book, as best as I can remember, were mostly for small discounts to stuff like couples messages. Mostly stuff we wouldn't use. I have gotten these coupon books from Princess since then, and they are similar. They say the coupon book is worth $700 or something, and there might be one of two coupons in the book that you would use, saving you a few bucks. As for the cruise issues: every port, disembarking was so poorly organized that people were cued up in the stairwells going up 5 flights. Tendering was worse. They would advertise an event, like dancing, then no one would show up. We would go the Guest Services for answers and they were either rude, ignored us, or told us they would get back to us, and they never did. But the worst issue happened on Thanksgiving Day: the formal dining rooms were so overwhelmed that there was a 3-hour wait for dinner, so we went up to the buffet. While they had all the food, the quality was poor. But the clincher was that they were serving pink turkey! I told a server and they blew it off. I had to track down the head chef to inform him that he was poisoning people. The physical ship had issues as well, but that is dependent on the individual ship, so not important. As I said, we will never go on a Norwegian cruise again, but would and plan to cruise with Princess even after being quarantined.
  2. Thanks for answering. Previously, the only experience with buying on board was with the one Norwegian cruise we took. At the beginning of the cruise, they offered a substantial coupon book of you put a $200 deposit on any future cruise. So we bought it. But the cruise was SO horrible that we made them refund our money, as we will NEVER go on another Norwegian cruise. But we love Princess, so that won't eat issue.
  3. Have you done this yet? This is exactly what my DH and I plan to do on the Grand next month. I was wondering that if he purchased the unlimited package pre-cruise, if I could use his 250 minutes. If I can't use his minutes, should he wait till Day 1 to buy package at slight discount?
  4. Excellent advice! I have never rebooked a cruise, so I would never have thought of it. This upcoming cruise I booked last February and kind of created a bidding war between Avoya, *****.com, and United Cruises. This time ***** won out, but 2 years ago Avoya did with the same $ but more on-board spending and a specialty dinner. United looked really good, until I found out that all those miles they give you don't show up until after you return, so it is possibly years till you see them.
  5. Thanks for replying. Yes, that is what I am doing now. I finally googled the right way and found Cruise Critic's article on this subject. They described perks for each company. It seems that on some lines, the perks are significant. Unfortunately, not on Princess. So now I am waiting for the big sales in February.
  6. We are heading out for a 15 day rt to Hawaii in 6 weeks (2/2020), but are planning on another 10 day cruise for June 2021 to Alaska. Based on things I have read in the distant past, the very best deal is when you book on board. Is this true? What kind of savings are we talking about? Even just a couple hundred a person would be good, as the 2021 cruise is for 4 of us.
  7. My husband and I love Princess. Our next cruise is in February and we are really looking forward to it. This will be our 7 th cruise with Princess, all in different ships. Every single trip has been wonderful. But the trip is also what you make it. ( In a spectacular 12 day cruise around the British Isles where we would have redone the trip immediately, we heard others in departation day saying it was horrible!) Food is such a huge part of a cruise and Princess has always been incredible, especially when dealing with special dietary requirements. We have found that eating in the restaurants (as opposed to the buffet) is a key factor to enjoying the cruise. You are less likely to overeat, the food is of amazing quality, and you get waited on! Unfortunately, we have not had this experience on Celebrity or Norwegian. In fact, the food in Norwegian was so bad that they were serving pink turkey on Thanksgiving day and they didn't even notice till I brought it to their attention! On Celebrity at out table of 12 (6 random couples. Dinner was the highlight of this Bermuda cruise despite the food) the plating ofwas inconsistent, where the same appetizer looked different from person to person, and at least one entree had to be sent back to the kitchen at each meal due to poor quality. And the trip was so boring because there wasn't enough to do onboard.
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