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  1. We were told they will do evening turn down if we wanted it. We opted not to have it.
  2. Having done an excursion to an oyster farm in Ketchikan (excellent excursion, by the way!), it was explained that the market for fresh oysters came to a halt at the beginning of the pandemic. So, with no demand, what are they supposed to do? Luckily for them, they could control the oyster growth by dropping them deeper into colder water to force an almost hibernation, so they at least did nto lose their inventory. Demand is still not what it was before.
  3. Why should they risk their vaccinated staff to deal with the unvaccinated?!
  4. I looked at a free casino offer I received recently and it states: Offers are not transferable, apply to new bookings only and are not combinable with select offers including, but not limited to, complimentary beverage packages, Interline, other Casino offers, Travel Agent or Friends and Family rates, Shareholder benefits and Early Pay Offers.
  5. Jacqui, thank you for what you do. And thank you for listing me these years where our charters took us away from HAL but you kept me listed. I will be a little sad not seeing it, but hopefully the charters can return to HAL more frequently. But I guess in January I will sail away quietly. ❤️
  6. We were each charged $82.60 for the 7-day cruise: $10 per day plus 18% service charge. We had the SBP as part of the Have it All fare.
  7. What is "zero-proof"? I assume non-alcoholic but it does not explain it.
  8. Our process was not that easy on the NADM on the August 14 cruise! We asked a Lido Bar waiter to upgrade and eventually three others joined, one of them at a higher level. He took our cards and promised to get it done and try it in about 10 minutes (gave our cards back). When I checked my statement on the Navigator app, they had changed us for a full EBP! 😮 It took a while for someone at Guest Relations to sort it out. YMMV.
  9. It shows my statements since 2012, not the first ones from 2007-2010.
  10. Oh no! Hope they can find the issue an get you back up on your feet again soon!
  11. When someone makes things even worse. And brags about it.
  12. A few thoughts on the Pinnacle from our August 14th cruise. We had dinner the first sea day at 8pm and it was rather empty. We had a table by the window in the “back room” with very few others dining there. Service was prompt. The menu wasn’t thrilling but we found things of interest. My husband had the Braised Short Ribs with Mushroom Cavatappi and the pasta was tough. He politely returned it and he eventually got a replacement and it was better. The funny thing is that we apparently were on the radar of the crew for being onboard and having a connection to someone high up in the culinary department (not going to explain that). We got things that others did not and had the chef come out to greet us. And we still got a sub par dish.
  13. We did a 7-day charter on MSC and I won’t easily go back. Service was bad and food was 50-50: some great, some awful. The ship was nice, though, too bad the rest was so disappointing. Being stuck on that for months would be a nightmare.
  14. Dismissing an earnest question with "first world problem" is not helpful, in my opinion. By that attitude just about everything related to cruising can be dismissed as such.
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