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  1. We sailed on her last August - pre-upgrade so it will be interesting to see what it looks like now.
  2. Thank you!! I need a vacation... and it can't come soon enough. We booked this cruise 16 months ago, the furthest out we have book a cruise. It is so nice to not have to worry about packing for a flight pre-cruise! Just pack the bags and call car service. We have only booked an excursion in Bar Harbor to go to Acadia National Park. And plan to eat lobster, even try the lobster ice cream. 😄 We have been to Saint John, New Brunswick, before and did the Reversing Falls crazy boat-ride adventure but that has gone out of business, so I am not sure what we will do. Maybe eat lobster. In Cape Cod a friend will meet us and then we'll spend the day Downcape with her - we have been to Ptown many times. And lobster.
  3. Thanks! We have been to Saint John before and have been to Provincetown and Cape Cod a couple of times (never by sea, though!)
  4. Thank you for the Bon Voyage wishes! I have been busy and have not had much time to be on Cruise Critic but it is nice to be remembered. It has be too long since our last cruise (October 2018) and we are looking forward to this first Vacaya charter cruise. We sail away from New York (OK, Bayonne NJ) next Sunday at 7 pm with a Statue of Liberty sail-by before heading north to Canada and New England.
  5. Oh how sad. Through the years I have communicated with him a few times and he was always so helpful.
  6. Understood, Roz. I admit I have not seen all the posts yet and I did not intend to single you out but used it as an example.
  7. There are times when I two entrees appeal to me and then I may order both instead of choosing. The entree portions are usually not all that big so it in not as if I get two piles of food. I do finish the food on my plate (as my mother taught me) unless it isn't good - but I have not encountered that on a dam ship yet. I have frequently been at tables where double entrees were ordered and I don' recall any going to waste; in most cases the people were enjoying their dinner and having a great time with the people at their table. I have noticed posts about people gorging on piles of food, and on a Facebook discussion of this same topic people who ordered two entrees were called pigs. This is uncalled for. Yes, there are people that waste food and that can happen anywhere: in the dining room, specialty restaurants, room service and the Lido (likely the place where most waste occurs). How often do we read here about all the extra lobster consumed on gala night yet nobody ever calls that out as being a waste, pigging out or gorging.
  8. But the they should be consistent and charge extra for double starters and desserts too, no? And do the same in the Lido, no?
  9. Oops, sorry! The dates have changed also: Nieuw Statendam: 09 February 2020 –16 February 2020 : RSVP 
  10. You can add this charter for 2020: 02 February 2020 – 09 February 2020 : RSVP
  11. Are you trying to find out who the cabin stewards would be on your cruise, some time in the "near future"? I don't know how often stewards rotate cabin areas (if they do) but the current stewards may also have gone home at the end of their contracts.
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