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  1. Fact: A zero death rate is the lowest you can get. She's taking flak online on Twitter and article comment sections for her factually incorrect statement. Anyways, sorry to hear about all the issues folks are having with refunds. My May 10th sailing on the Sapphire was cancelled on Feb 15th and within 7 days I had full refund of the cruise, EZAir and prepaid excursions and gratuities. It would take a handful of application developers a week to automate this refund process if Princess really wanted to expedite refunds for their customers. Read into the situation whatever you'd like....
  2. And Yukon Territory. And NWT. And Nunavut. And since they said North America, and Greenland. 😉😉😉
  3. Lower than New Brunswick's 0 deaths? I'd double check the source of that info of the lowest death rate 😉
  4. I thought Alaska was requiring visitors to self-quarantine for 14 days. How can you have a cruise season with this requirement?
  5. This would really impact the overall cruise experience and if they do half of this, I'll cruise much less often and start going to All Inclusive resorts during the winter and do land tours in the summer. I hope this sort of thing doesn't happen but I fear cruising as we knew it is gone forever
  6. Error, replied to the wrong thread.
  7. https://www.marca.com/en/lifestyle/2020/04/18/5e9b14a8e2704ed5368b45f0.html
  8. 80 % of the passengers on the Diamond Princess were over 60
  9. Hmmmm So, the meaning of "indefinite" is the following lasting for an unknown or unstated length of time. And the article says this cruise season will be delayed until the resolution of the public health emergency. That's all, no stated date, no "cruise season will resume on the 1st of ___________" Indefinite indeed
  10. Mine said it has been applied to my May 10th sailing on the Sapphire which they cancelled Feb 15th. Not sure what is going on
  11. From what I've read by financial experts, it's unlikely that Carnival Corp would go under as they apparently are in a better cash/debt situation than RCCL and NCL. I would think it would be more likely that Carnival would dissolve the brand and distribute the ships within their other lines due to the significant brand damage that has occurred to the Princess name. But realistically, can anyone predict anything that may happen over the next 6 months? The world literally has been turned upside down and it only took 1 week to do it. Our lives have been fundamentally changed for the short term. Who knows if we'll even see the cruise lines return to operation this year if the situation gets much worse.
  12. Singapore is one degree north of the equator and is very hot year round. They had an outbreak so temperature doesn't seem to have much effect on it.
  13. The subject that I posted was taken from the article that the link refers to. Here is the text from the article, blame Global not me Incoming air travel will also be restricted to landing at certain airports and all cruise ships carrying over 500 passengers are barred from docking in Canada until later in the summer. Since we're giving each other advice...... Careful of posting incorrect information Canuker it does not apply to BC Ferries. 😉 From the link below While this measure does not apply to ferries or smaller vessels at this time, the Government of Canada is also developing an approach to ensure health measures are strengthened in all passenger vessels across Canada. https://www.canada.ca/en/transport-canada/news/2020/03/government-of-canada-announces-intention-to-defer-the-start-of-cruise-ship-season-in-canada-as-covid-19-response-measure.html
  14. dns65

    Vancouver port

    This will impact the all Alaska cruises until July as ships leaving from US cities uses port calls in Canada as their required "foreign" stop on the itinerary.
  15. Canada has banned large cruise ships until July 1st so this will disrupt the Alaska season as well as early season New England/Maritimes itineraries https://vancouverisland.ctvnews.ca/canada-to-ban-all-cruise-ships-over-500-people-until-july-1.4851940
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