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  1. We are going on our first Princess cruise on the Sky Princess....We have the Ultimate Beverage Package is canned soda Included or Just Fountain? thank you in Advance...
  2. I live in Nova Scotia Canada... Fall colors are usually Mid October... Enjoy
  3. Are you allowed to carry on cans of soda? I assume they have coke products? We would rather Pepsi?
  4. We are booked in 7133.. did you find your location a good one? thk u
  5. Are you allowed to take can soda on the ship on embarkment day? Thank you everyone...
  6. First time sailing on Princess on the Sky Princess....we have the drink package and I am correct that you can use it on their private island? Thk you
  7. Hi first sailing with Holland we just booked an Inside room.. i notice a clear square over half of our room on deck 8...this would be a closet maybe? I am wondering about noise? also if I change my room location do I lose my perks.. we got the Explore 4 with it... thks for any help
  8. Well we as well are looking else where for 2020... being Canadian our prices have really gone crazy... if prices get more on the sane side will book with Celebrity again...... :)
  9. Never got one on any other Celebrity ship our past 5 cruises...
  10. So being a fellow Maitimer.... do you find you really save money having to pay the exchange rate booking with an american travel company? I
  11. So is the new way Celebrity is going to offer their cruises or is it just a promo.... I rather the one perk-two perk type of pricing... :)
  12. Yes the difference between the 10 am flight and the noon flight is the 10 am flight is direct to Halifax the noon flight get us there after midnight.... that is why it is a bit of struggle to decide.. thks for the info..... :)
  13. Yes that what i Thought it is a flight to Canada... so I am not sure of the choices.. i think I will take the later flight for noon... not direct but I am thinking I will be too stressed... thks everyone for the help.... :)
  14. Just wondering if this could be done I notice our ship will dock at 6:00 am...we would self disembark? THOUGHTS???
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