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  1. I think about $5 a large bottle of Pellegrino. We are normally on the Classic Drinks package but buy one upgrade to the Premium package for about $10 a day and can then enjoy premium waters at our meals and back in our cabin, as well as other perks for one of us.
  2. Before you spend your money have a tour of the facility to see if it meets your needs. We have had access through Aqua Class but I doubt I would pay for it.
  3. On recent Silhouette Caribbean cruise I saw 2 male passengers with M*G* baseball caps in the public areas on a number of occasions. Also at dinner in Blue one dinner wore a baseball cap throughout (albeit not political) the meal. I though Celebrity had rules around this?
  4. Does Celebrity ever reduce prices of upgrade drink packages or excursions etc for existing bookings in these sales. We are sailing on Dec 1 next and playing with the idea of upgrading classic to premium drinks.
  5. Hi Travelling from Ireland. When in the US I normally buy a SIM card, maybe $60 and it gives me plenty of data and local call for up to a month. This avoids expensive use of my Ireland registered phone. Going on South Caribbean cruise on Silhouette starting 1December next. Any advice appreciate on what SIM to buy in Miami? Do US cell phone companies cover the Caribbean?
  6. Hi Sorry if this has been covered before. I have received Guest Ticket Booklet but see no mention of the drinks package which was definitely included in the booking. Am I missing something? I would like some confirmation of this to avoid any confusion on board. Any advice appreciated.
  7. Very rude and unhygienic !!! Who are these people?
  8. Our last 2 Celebrity cruises were in Aqua Class and binoculars were provided. However, they were of poor quality - I would recommend you bring you own set if they are any good.
  9. Busaras where this facility is, is on the way down to the port. Maybe 3 km at most and a taxi would be very easy to pick up there, as Busaras is the main Dublin bus station with taxi rank outside. It's also on the Luas, which is the Dublin tram system and this is a direct line down to the Smithfield where the Guinesss Hop Store is. You could maybe take the Luas down there and them walk back up to Busaras along the banks of the Liffey (2 or 3 KM) all the way and get a favour of Dublin before boarding. Bon Voyage
  10. It's really hard to believe there are 4 pages of comments on the lack, or otherwise, of prime rib. If ever there was a First World problem this is a good example.
  11. Dublin native here. If you can get off the ship by 7 or even 7.30 you should not have any difficulty reaching city centre by 8.30. There is a tram (Luas) to city centre within a 10 or 15 minute walk from the port you can take if you have difficulty getting a taxi. The tram will not be impacted by traffic.
  12. Just in case you are not aware, you can download music to your device prior to leaving and listen to this without wifi on the cruise. I know you can do this for Apple Music and Spotify - not sure about the other providers you mention. The same goes for Netflix content.
  13. Thanks to everyone. I have contacted my TA
  14. I am booking a new cruise on the Celebrity website. I am Select tier in Captain's Club which, as I understand it, allows to be a cabin upgrade within a class. In the online booking process I have inputted my Captain's Club number when requested. I am trying to book Aqua Class A1 at A2 price as I understand I am entitled to. But prices remain the same as I go through the process at the A! cost? Any help here appreciated.
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